Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday is DONE!!

We had a Saturday filled to the brim with activity! Pretty much ALL our days are that way though!

My first order of business - AFTER our morning coffee - was to spruce up the gazebo in anticipation of my grandchildren (and their parents!) coming to visit tomorrow.
The checker table is set up with the Legos on the other side on a low tub. 
Grand kids have nimble joints. Grandparents must use the chairs!
It felt good to be outside!
It was SPRING all day long and into the night as I write this! I picked a section of liriope to trim, cut back the mums, raked up dry leaves and discovered some ground cover all bright green and thriving!

This is how it looks tonight. I strung up all new lights. Louis Dean loves the colored ones and we keep them up year round. My NEW computer sits on my desk just inside the French doors which are open to this beautiful Texas night. I walked Lucy and a BRISK walk it was! She gets so excited! It is her most favorite thing to do and when she sees me get my shoes on she goes crazy! Her tail knocks into stuff and gets her in trouble as I snap her leash on. She was SO ready for bed when we got back. Louis Dean is out there in the gazebo waiting for me. He has poured us each a glass of wine. White for me. Red for him.
What a perfect ending to this Saturday night!


Deb said...

I love your gazebo...enjoy that family...hope the sun comes out today....

Luann said...

Looks really nice. Even my garage is full of leaves and we don't even have large tree's in the front yard. LOL It turned a lot cooler here yesterday but we are SO ready for spring. I am waiting for time to go to church. Hope your day is amazing. Love ya Sis.

Texas Tales said...

a great saturday! enjoy the grandkids.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh that is magical! Both day and night. But since I love ambiance lighting, I have to say the night view is doubly magical!

'Mrs. Bradley' ,-)