Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Cozy Kind of Day!

It has been another COLD winter's day here in North Texas!! Tonight will probably see the coldest temp of the year.....12 degrees! Now THAT is cold anywhere but REALLY cold for TEXAS!!! I did not get dressed until late this afternoon....I stay warm and cozy in my HUGE flannel robe (it was meant for Louis Dean but the sleeves weren't long enough so I got to keep it!) and warm sox!

Louis Dean had plenty of wood cut for the fireplace so we stayed snug out in the den all morning and a good part of the afternoon. He LOVES John Wayne and has seen EVERY single one of his movies. Many times over and over! True Grit is one of his all time favorites. We saw the new version on Christmas Day with Amber and Mike. I was very impressed with it and I think LD was as well. HOWEVER today was a good day to watch the original. Kim Darby was absolutely wonderful. We googled her to see what has happened in her life since she starred in this great film with John Wayne. She is 63 years old year older than I am! She teaches acting at UCLA and has for the last 17 years. She has been in other movies but I have only seen her in True Grit. It took a long time for us to watch this movie because we kept pausing it for phone calls or bathroom breaks or to make snacks. I LOVE that 'pause' button!!

We also watch an episode of The Closer everyday....catching up on earlier seasons.
This is one of our very favorite TV programs!

I snapped a pic of these birds sitting outside Louis Dean's music room.
They look so cold!

By late afternoon when other people are winding down we are just starting to gear up!
Louis Dean worked some on my bathroom. This is my OLD cupboard that we hauled back from the curb yesterday. It will fit perfectly above my bathroom door.

This is one super sweet guy who can do absolutely ANYTHING!!
After we met and started dating I told my daughter, Amber, "He is such a DORK!"
She replied, "Well, Mom! So are YOU!"
He and I are very happy together.
Do you notice he is wearing TWO pair of glasses?
Like I said......

I was working this afternoon too!

I finished the crib quilt!

Will pack it up and mail it off tomorrow.

I even used some of the quilt backing scraps (a piece of a white sheet) for a couple of crafted roses.
I don't think I have the technique down yet but I will keep on practicing.
I am drawn to WHITE things of late. I have NEVER liked white before. I guess my tastes are changing.
Louis Dean LOVES white. He bought a new WHITE refrigerator and a WHITE dishwasher for us last year. On his own. Without me seeing them first. He also bought me a car year before last. On his own. Without me seeing it first. I love it. AND I am glad it was not WHITE!

"Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between."
Karl Heiner


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an awesome day. My parents have been wanting to go see True Grit for a week or so now but havent made it yet. That Louis Dean looks like one handy man! I can see why you brag on him all the time. Love the quilt you made. So cute! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Every husband has a little "dork" in them, lol Anyway, I named my son after John Wayne's character,in the movie "Big Jake." His middle name is my Dad's first name, Edwin, so his name is Jacob Edwin. I have always said, if he turns out to be half the man of either of these two, he will do great.

Deb said...

sometimes you just need 2 pairs of glasses...hubby and I have to do that sometimes too...we love John Wayne also....sounds like you had a great day...

Texas Tales said...

a productive warm and cozy day! there's nothing better. here's hoping i do the same today, along with a trip to the library. i'm out of books to read, having a hard time finding some to measure up to stuart macbride!!