Saturday, February 5, 2011

Out and About!!

This morning we woke up to the same Winter Wonderland we did on Friday morning!

I went out on the side deck and took a few last pics!

The sun has come out and the weather has warmed up a bit so hopefully this will all melt away!

Although as I write this on Saturday evening there is still a good little bit of snow and ice around the back side of our house! At least the sun and warmer temps today melted it all from the trees and sidewalks!
As I stood on my front porch in the early afternoon it sounded like all the waterfalls we have were running full blast! NOT! The back ones were still frozen and the only one in the front was unplugged. It was the musical sound of melting ice and snow dripping down the gutters. Beautiful music!

We waited until the streets were all clear.....then.....

This was our first time out in SEVEN days!
Can you tell I am excited?

We had a whole list of errands to do!
First stop: Post Office to mail an eBay package.
Second Stop: "The STINKY Store" Finley and Beltline.
It is 'TNL' and STINKS to high heaven! They have a fresh fish market inside and all
manner of international foods! They also have fresh and inexpensive produce so Louis Dean
braves the smell in order to have his veggies for salads!
(I refuse to go in there! The odor clings to your clothes!)

Next Stop.... Goodwill!!
I had  half  a trunk to unload!
THEN we went in and filled our cart with all sorts of treasures!
These place mats were still in their package and BRAND NEW!
16 of them for $4.99.
I can seat EXACTLY 16 people for dinner if I use all my dining areas.....dining room, kitchen, game table in den and table in sewing room. These will look great with my Pfaltzgraff Village Dishes of which I have OVER 16 place settings!

I could NOT pass up this fall wreath for $1.99!
Now I have something 'New' to add to my fall season's decorations!

This really good sized basket was $3.99 and STUFFED FULL of artificial flowers!
Most of them were trash. We sorted and emptied all but a few into the trash bin before putting it in the car.
I bet we looked funny out there in the parking lot!
I have enough 'debris' without bringing MORE in the house!

I picked this 'shower' curtain up for a couple of dollars.......
This will be hung in the gazebo to protect us from the showers that fall outside....
and keep them from blowing in on us!
A few other finds from the Goodwill:
A pair of comfy black velour pants from Talbot's
A pair of nice black casual pants
A nice black fitted shirt
A pair of oxblood  Bass loafers that fit PERFECTLY and were brand new!

We were off to the Home Depot next....

We really didn't buy much there but I was checking out options for my bathroom walls.
WHEN I GET bathroom walls!!
I have decided to do the stucco look which I can achieve with Texture paint or joint compound.
Since I usually wallpaper my walls and have never done THIS before....
 I shall have to consult my friend, Carla, who has perfected the technique!
Louis Dean also priced and looked over the small hot water heaters.
After being without hot water in our kitchen since Monday night due to freezing temperatures,
he thinks he will install a small one in the cabinet area below the sink.
This will be AFTER he finishes my bathroom!

Walmart was the next shopping adventure! I was never more excited to go there!
I needed a crib quilt batting as well as the odd assortment of groceries.
We got everything we needed in one place.
It was rather surprising to see so many empty shelves!
Louis Dean bought the next to the LAST package of eggs!
All they had left were FIVE DOZEN count cartons so we brought home 5 dozen eggs!!
He also picked up the very LAST bag of potatoes!

I bought a bag of glass 'pieces' to glue on a 'Lighted Wine Bottle.'
 Placed in a grape cluster pattern on the bottle and with a sprig of grape leaves at the top
 I think it will be pretty!
I could not resist a bottle of Lavender Vanilla Scent.....
I love a house that smells good!

The sun was setting and a sliver of moon appeared as we loaded our purchases
and headed to our last stop.....

Our favorite late night hamburger place!

Though THIS was an early evening DATE!
We have recently joined Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

We also joined a Home Team group and our first study with them is
'The creative Marriage.'
Our assignment was to go on a 'date.'
Since we have been housebound all week....and more bad weather is in the forecast....
and our next meeting is this coming Friday.....
WHATABURGER was our date night choice!
USUALLY we eat very healthy meals. Louis Dean had a heart attack 2 years ago.
But every once in awhile we yearn for greasy food!
Whataburgers, fries and onion rings!!
Last spring we were out late one evening watering the yard and sitting out in the gazebo.
We talked and talked and as we were very late going to bed we had managed to get hungry again!
It was 2 am and both of us had the same idea! WHATABURGER! I did a post titled...

SO that was the way we ended our Out and About Saurday adventure!

We will continue to enjoy a bit of it in the morning.
In spite of Louis Dean thinking we could eat all he ordered at dinner.....
we were stuffed!
(Just so you know.....I get  the Whataburger JR!)
We opted to bring our Strawberry Pies home with us!
We will enjoy these with a cup of coffee for breakfast!

Hope all of YOU had as much fun today as WE did!!


Texas Tales said...

Such a cute post about your day! Glad the pipes froze and yall finally got out. Bet those burgers tasted good. I totally meant to tell you about glueing those glass pieces to the wine bottles, glad you are trying it!

Texas Tales said...


Jenner said...

Totally cute photos!! I know what it's like to be trapped inside for so long. I've only been getting out once a week or so all winter!

Deb said...

wow...yall got a lot done...I always forget about the Goodwill got some great are brave going to Walmart on a saturday...I try to go during the week when it's not quite as crazy...we had Whataburger last night also...I got the grilled chicken salad..but hubby goes for the gusto...and a vanilla malt to boot...loved all the sun and melt down...hope we see some sun today...

Nita said...

Oh yes! we are so grateful for the ice melting. We went to Sam's then back home.
We didn't want to go another place. Made Potato Soup, took a nice nap and watched
movies Saturday evening. Life is good!