Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Sunday Dinner!

Today was absolutely lovely! Start to finish!!! My two oldest- Summer and Jesse- came to Sunday dinner with their families today. We had the BEST time!

No fancy dinner party! Simple white plates and paper place mats, plastic cups and a fork!
All very kid friendly! Plain home cooking.
Meat loaf.....with a topping of ketchup, mustard, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce
Company mashed potatoes....potatoes mixed with cream cheese, sour cream, butter and seasonings.
Topped with grated cheese and garnished with parsley flakes or cilantro.
Green beans...cooked with some ham pieces and minced garlic.
Candied carrots.
Home made rolls.....made by Louis Dean, of course!

If you have had dinner with children lately you may have noticed they do NOT linger at the table!
It is all about eating and then getting on with the program!
The kids loved my menu and made me feel good by asking for seconds!

Dessert was Peach Cobbler which Faith made all by herself! (nearly!)

The afternoon activity was LEGO'S!
The weather was perfect for hanging out in the gazebo.

I still have my son, Benjamin's, entire Lego collection!
A BIG plastic tub filled completely!
He and the neighborhood boys would play for hours and hours on top of his fort in the backyard.
The grand kids all enjoy playing with well as of my favorite young neighbors.
I am keeping these for the day Benjamin has HIS children
 and they can play with the same blocks HE played with!

After the kids tired of those we turned to the tried and true game of Checkers!
Faith takes this game very seriously!

I had a great time with the GRANDS today!
Nothing fancy and no electronics.
A good meal, toys, games and we ended with a walk in the neighborhood.
I don't try to compete with all the modern technology.
When the grand kids come it is people and relationship building time.
My daughter in law, Leigh Ann, gave me a book--
'The Grandmother Principles'
back in 2004.
It has some sound advice and good information in it.
I tried hard to be a good mother.
I should try just as hard to be a good GRAND mother!
Of course the GRAND kids are so wonderful it makes all effort so easy!!

Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.

Lois Wyse


  1. nothing better than spending the day with the ones you love...your grands are adorable..

  2. love your post! so glad you are my Mom and Abby's grandmother. Glad to have our life's all connected. The day was wonderful - thanks for hosting!

  3. Dinner looks positively delicious. Your grands are totally adorable!

  4. Love the quote! You have a beautiful family. I love that Faith loves checkers so much. My daughter Anika is a very serious checker playter too. Your menu sounded yummy. Meatloaf is one of my favorite dishes. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Linda,
    What a nice day for you! I love it all. Your Grands are so cute! Remind me who they all belong to?

  6. Hey Linda,
    I had my grandkiddos yesterday. AND I cooked a meatloaf, too!! Fun.....

  7. What a great day! I love your checker board and chips, You don't need glasses to see this game do you!

  8. What lovely photos, of a lovely day!

    And no electronics! Perfect! Did their parents tell them to leave the electronics home? 'Cause they all must have them, other than the wee little baby. And if they have them at hand, it's hard for them to not pick them up and .......... Off to *Electronics Land* they go. -sigh-

    The peeks are your home, are intriguing. It looks so pretty around there. I'll have to see if you have a link to other posts, which show peeks into your home. :-)

    Yes, I just love such!!!! :-)

    'Mrs. Bradley' ,-)

  9. the perfect kind of sunday! you are a wonderful mom and a terrific grandmother, it's good to see you so happy and enjoying life! can't wait to see you on friday, i'm dying for a little time with my mom!!

  10. Looks like an awesome time. Baby David found the right button to push to call me all by himself again last night. What fun to blow kisses and hear the giggles. I love being grandma too because we can just have fun instead of feeling responsible for their outcome. What freedom!

  11. ahhh, my very favorite kind of day. I can see that you had a fabulous time with loved ones. Nothing in this world any better !!
    xoxo bj