Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is a word I have not thought a lot about in my lifetime.....but this IS where I am in my life!
I am SO surprised! I thought 'retirement' was what OTHER people did.....what OTHER people had at the end of a long career. I NEVER thought about it in reference to ME! But here I am at the age of 62 and......retired! I am LOVING it! I have no work schedules or social obligations. Every morning I wake up and the day belongs to ME! Now, how COOL is THAT?? We get up when we want, go to bed when we wish and eat when and what we like.

All this is not to say I have not done my share of work in my life. As a wife, mother, home educator and business partner......I have been busy! And busy is a good thing. I do not regret any of the 'work' I have done in life. I have four gifted and professional children I hold in high regard. They are the jewels in my crown. At the end of my life THEY are the reason for my being. However, they are all thriving in careers and families of their own. And I am SO blessed to live to see this! THEY were the purpose of my life.

Now they are all successful and on their own......and here I am. Enjoying 'retirement' with the man of my dreams. Someone who loves me with all his heart. He is the man I will love until my dying breath.

Louis Dean has had several careers in his lifetime. He was in the Army (a cook), worked for the county, was a professional baker at Rainbow Bread Company, put himself and his wife through college while working full time and then taught school for 25 years. He returned to work after we married by getting a job at Home Depot. He has been one busy man! He says retirement just means you get tired all over again! Perhaps he is right.

I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful man! We take care of each other and THAT is a full time job for BOTH of us!


  1. LInda, this was a great post. I am so happy for you and your man! What a blessing to be just where God wants you; I know you give HIM all glory. Continue to enjoy each and every day.

  2. Very happy for you and Louis Dean. Great post!

  3. such a nice post is good to see you enjoying are both lucky to have found each other...

  4. Now I understand why Louis Dean can bake so well. I knew he had been a teacher but didn't know he had been a baker. No wonder the cinnamon rolls are so awesome. Experience counts for something. LOL

  5. All those kids you spent your lifetime raising? Well, we're all happy that now YOU get to sit back and enjoy the ride. Happy retirement, mom! Love you!

  6. I totally agree with Amber - we are happy YOU can relax and enjoy life.

  7. Wonderful story of successful retirement.

    My husband worried about retirement, but he is very happy in it. Actually, he still works a few hours in our family drug store, so he's semi-retired.

    But he fully enjoys all the things which he didn't have enough time for, for years. All the hobbies, which he loves, loves, loves.

  8. What a great post. Happy for you and yours :) Enjoy your "free" days!

    Tks for your nice comments on my pillow!

  9. Perhaps I should explain my new Icon. -grin- It's a pic of Diana Rigg playing the part of "Mrs. Bradley" in "Mrs. Bradley Mysteries," a Brit series.

    Great fun! I love Diana Rigg and especially love this irreverent"Mrs. Bradley Mysteries" show [dvd's].