Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iced In!!

We are iced in here in the DFW area! This is our second day and it is looking like there may be another day or two before it warms up. I am so very grateful we are safe and snug inside. There are rolling blackouts from time to time across the state. We woke up to pitch darkness this morning but tonight we will sleep with a flashlight on either side of the bed! The power is usually out for 15-20 I am not complaining!
Watching the news and weather in other parts of the country only adds to my gratitude! We are NOT used to this kind of weather here in Texas and seldom see it THIS cold and icy! That's a GOOD thing!
We have spent our days reading and sitting by the fireplace.....watching TV and doing light housework. I am not making up the bed since we keep returning to it every few hours just to soak up the warmth form the heated blanket! The hot water pipes to the kitchen are frozen and have been since yesterday morning. I am heating water on the stove to wash dishes this afternoon. Louis Dean went out yesterday as soon as we got up and thawed the hose attachments with my hairdryer so he could unscrew them and then packed the faucets in towels and plastic. He tried to thaw the hot water pipe by the kitchen but it was a no go. He is now setting up an electric heater out there and will see if that works. The hot water in the bathroom is fine. In light of how difficult it is for others who MUST get out in this or those in an even COLDER part of the country...I am counting my blessings! And reading a book...working a puzzle....watching a little TV...sewing a baby quilt of denim squares....watching the birds at the feeder. THEY seem to be suffering as we see them huddle up on our front porch.

We are keeping all four bird feeders full. I refilled the one out front myself this morning but Louis Dean made me promise not to go out there again. It is solid ICE! One fall and I would be in trouble....even though I WAS wearing the snow boots I bought at  ASDA in Aberdeen! We are looking forward to warmer days soon and a trip down to Katy to spend a few days with Amber and Mike.
Until then......I have a few projects to finish before it thaws out!
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing.......try to

Stay WARM and count your blessings!


Jenner said...

We haven't had this much snow since I was a little kid, it is truly wild. Keep warm!!

Texas Tales said...

Sounds like you guys are snug and happy! Those little birdies do look cold, all puffed up. Probably enjoying the heat coming from your house. Nice of you guys to feed them. I need to get a bird feeder for our backyard or something so I can enjoy seeing them fly around from the kitchen and living room windows. Bet those Asda boots are keeping your toes warm! I just got home and will probably stay in all day tomorrow - we are expecting snow and/or ice overnight. Love you!

Blondie's Journal said...

Be careful, Linda. Ice is the worst. We had our blizzard and many were not as lucky as us...we were home, warm and dry in front of the fire. Hope you are feeling well!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Join the club, gal. We have been in an ice storm for 2 days. I had to chip away the ice, just to get out of the gate this morning. Suppose to be -5 tomorrow, but 30 by the weekend. Cross your fingers!

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Oh dear! I'm praying for you all in the snow and cold. I hope everything is restored soon. I am so glad that you are taking care of the birds, too. That is one thing I always try to do... especially the hummers that stay here year round. I rotate frozen feeders all day long.

Stay warm:) said...

Sounds like a great time to complete some projects. I don't recall any weather like that in the 5yrs we lived in the DFW area...just hot, hot, hot. Now in the NW I miss the hot :) Are we ever satisfied?!? :)

Stay warm and safe!

Gale said...

Ice is no fun. We got some nice fluffy snow down here though, so it wasn't wasted...our kids have been playing in it all day. :-)

Deb said...

I'm so happy its melting...what a week we have had...