Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Salads!

That is what was on our luncheon menu this CHILLY April afternoon! Louis Dean had invited one of his favorite people, Shannon, over for lunch! I notice she seldoms eats very much so I thought salads would be perfect! And they were!

The pretty spring dishes are from Shannon! We actually won them at a recent financial seminar she hosted ! This cute set was the door prize!
Strawberry Garden Salad from a recipe given to me by a friend and co worker of my son in law, Mike. The dressing is what absolutley MAKES it! Today I put in diced avocadoes, tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, a handful of grapes, several cheese sticks sliced up, various garden greens and of course STRAWBERRIES!

The other salad I served is actually a coleslaw. Caty Morgan at church gave me this recipe and it is super easy and super GOOD!! I used a bag of ready cut coleslaw and added some sliced grapes and 1 1/2 diced avocado. Then I tossed the whole thing with a bottle of poppyseed dressing. Caty got this recipe from a Helen Corbitt cookbook.....and of course Caty shreds her own cabbage for the slaw and makes the dressing from scratch. I may do that someday....
Louis Dean and I enjoyed our lunch with Shannon out in the gazebo....even though it was a bit chilly! In the low 60's today! Now we are about to light a fire in the outdoor fireplace while we sip our evening glass of wine.  Wish you were here to join us!


Texas Tales from Scotland said...

I LOVE those dishes! And lunch looked yummy too. Wish I was there as well! Great pictures!

Tennis Girl said...

Looks wonderful, Linda :) You and your hubby always looks so sweet and happy together :)