Sunday, April 25, 2010

Redeeming Things!

There is a scripture I love about redeeming the time.....and I do so love redeeming THINGS as well! This week I made a crib quilt for a friend's baby shower. It took 96 five inch blocks I cut from discarded denim jeans, shirts, skirts or WHATEVER! The quilt measured 45 X 60 inches and is just perfect for using in the park or as a cover even as the 'baby' grows older.  The mother to be (Megan) LOVES the Dallas Cowboys!

I think she liked it! From other denim squares I made Payton a set of Bean Bags for tossing! Makes me feel good to give a second life to the sturdy denim.
I remember a book I read years ago by Rev. Jack Hyles. The title was 'Blue Denim and Lace.' The lesson he outlined Christians we are to be as TOUGH and DURABLE as blue denim....and as TENDER and SOFT as lace. I still think that's true! I am getting ready to make another quilt this week for a shower on Saturday. This one is for a tiny baby girl born prematurely at 2 lb 10 oz. She is now up to 3 lbs and doing well. Think I will use some acid washed denim and some satin ribbons....perhaps a touch of lace?

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Amber said...

you are up to 9 followers!!

i love that you still make those quilts, i was just wrapped up in the one you made mike last night. our texas quilt and the one you made for me from my sheep sheets are safely packed away in storage back home (though it would have been appropriate to have a sheep quilt here, huh?). we can't wait to have all 3 back together again. it's first come, first serve for the one we brought to scotland!! ok, sometimes we share...

the cowboys quilt looks awesome, i bet megan loved it. so glad you got to be there for her shower. don't forget about mark's quilt!! he would be so surprised! maybe you should just start taking "quilt orders".

i love you!