Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bargain Matinees and Thrift Store Treasures...

were the makings of a nice time yesterday! My sister in law, Ruth Ann, and I swept into the local Starplex theater here in Irving at 12:30 for a showing of 'Crazy Heart' at the bargain price of fifty cents! That's one whole dollar for the two of us! Jeff Bridges reminds me of my brother, Lonnie. His wife, Michele, changed Lonnie's life...forever and for the better~~

After our movie we wandered through the local Goodwill Thrift Store up on Beltline and came away with a few Thrifty Treasures! Everything I found was a remarkable $1.99....and THEN they gave me a Senior Citizen's discount! My total was $12.70 tax included! And for THAT I got........

1 interesting and unique basket
1 Red plaid cushion for a gazebo chair
1 Green cushion for the front porch chair
1 Burgundy satin cushion....just because!
1 Fall Berry wreath
1 Fall wreath with 2 pumpkins, a wooden ghost and seed pkg
1 'spray' of fall folliage...$1.99 included all 3 pieces!
1 Christmas decoration with a really nice bow

It was a wonderful day!


Tennis Girl said...

What a fun afternoon. Great bargains, too!

Texas Tales from Scotland said...

Love that you photographed and posted about your finds - always so interesting to see what you're up to! I have been wanting to see Crazy Heart, you just can't beat 50 cents. I think I will have to rent a bunch of movies on Netflix when we return to Texas and catch up on the flicks I haven't seen. Just too expensive over here to go all the time!! Love you!