Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemon Bars!

No need to use a boxed mix for delicious lemon bars! These are always a hit on any spring menu!

As you can tell....this is and has been a well used recipe! It has never failed to turn out DELICIOUS! Amber will get a kick out of seeing where she signed the page back in 1992!

My home burned in 1983 while we were visiting friends in Colorado. The fire gutted the house and we lost nearly everything! When we rebuilt, my friend sent me this recipe book and I have used it often! Thankfully I was able to save some of my old recipe books that were stored away in a cupboard that received smoke damage but was NOT burned!

I recently made these bars for a church fellowship lunch and have promised to make another batch for a baby shower this Saturday. It is a great recipe since I generally have all the ingredients on hand! Amber, you may want to make these after you return home from Scotland! Powdered sugar was hard to find in Aberdeen when we were there in December!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I am going to try them!!! Your posts are just wonderful, my friend! I can't believe you don't have more followers, but then again I feel like I have found such a genuine, wonderful blog to follow, I can keep your blog to myself :) You are so special of a person.

Linda said...

Thank you, Robin!! I am not sure if you can tell if I respond to a comment or not....

Amber said...

Mom- that is so funny! I love how big my signature is and how it takes up half the page. That's great. So cool that you dated the recipe every time you made it. A memory of mine when we made sugar plums every year. Keep the blogs keeping, you've got some devoted readers!!

Marie LeJeune said...

I love reading your posts! The lemon bars look really yummy! Its a great idea to date the page everytime you make it. That's a great tradition I want to do with Lana when she gets older!