Saturday, April 24, 2010

My SPRING Tree....

I keep a tree decorated year round and have since the 80's when I discovered how cute a little foot and a half Christmas tree looked decorated with hearts for Vanlentine's Day! After years of using THAT tree, I graduated to a 3 foot one....and have replaced it a few times! I enjoy decorating for the seasons and have so much fun changing the theme out on my seasonal tree! It used to live in the foyer but a couple of years ago I moved it to the dining room and find I like it better there. Gives me more room to 'create'....

I usually use birds, nests and flowers for spring changing to patriotic in May or June and then to seashells for August. Fall is my favorite season so I try to have the house changed out by September 1st...that season last the longest! Finally the year ends with Christmas and then I get to start all over! When the kids were home I would decorate the tree for their birthdays and sometimes I still do! In June I am hosting MiMi Camp for my grandchildren....perhaps I will do a theme tree for each grandchild during THEIR week here at 'camp'!  The possibilities are endless!!


  1. Adorable, Linda. Love it. I would leave my Christmas tree up all year, but it might get alittle dry. lol

  2. I had my Dallas Cowboy tree up in our family room for over two years. Walter took it down one day when I was not home...I was VERY sad. I love the way you decorate...I need to get some pointers. I would also love to get some tips about making something new out of something old...Timothy's t-shirts from different events through the years.

  3. I'm sitting here this morning reading your blog and wishing I saw you more, but so grateful for our "daily" visits on FB!

    I helped serve breakfast this morning at church for 450 who had volunteered for our annual "Make a Difference Day" in our communities. So wonderful to see whole families there to volunteer!

    I'm actually writing this to Texas Library Lady! Cut the same size squares out of the event T-shirts and make a quilt. I met Linda through Synchro and my daughter has a synchro quilt my mom made from all her t-shirts. She's 34 now and her daughter plays on it and we can use it for picnics. I don't think it will ever wear out and it is full of memories, whenever we look at it.

    Love you lots, Linda!