Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Catching Up! Sunday. Monday and Tuesday....

I cried Uncle on Sunday and stayed in bed.
I just can't keep on keeping on like I used to.
Louis Dean and I did extra Bible reading and prayer time since ewe didn't get to church.
I acted like Susie Homemaker and cleaned the den - but not before it needed it!
The last time I dusted and vacuumed it was the second week in September.
I used to be a spotless housekeeper - but I'm afraid that ship sailed 15 years ago.....
and I am certain Louis Dean is glad he didn't marry me before that!

We are both home together all the time - unless I'm not here for one reason or another.
He specifically said he wanted to spend some time with me on Sunday - knowing I was going to Rowlett to spend the night with Summer in order to take her to the surgical center early Monday morning. I asked him if cleaning the den while he was in it counted???
Fair question! He is such a good sport!
Of COURSE, that counts!!!

We did watch the Cowboys game and were sad they lost - but it's football and I am a Die Hard Cowboy Fan! Louis Dean? Not so much! More of a Fair Weather Fan.......

I meant to be in Rowlett before dark but I didn't make it
I can't see to drive at night so I wore my night driving glasses and stayed on the Toll Road..

Summer was putting the fall decorations up when I arrived.
Sherry was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.....
Summer had bought T-bone steaks for us and they were grilled to perfection!

It was the best meal I have eaten in ages!!!

I ate every single bite!

They supplied dinner and I brought a bottle of wine......

We retired to the den to visit over a glass and it was a wonderful evening.

Sherry is such a glamorous lady and I love to hear about her life.
She was a Neiman Marcus model at 14 years old and supported both herself and her mother.
I wish I could spend hours on end with her hearing about her fascinating life.
I hope to visit again soon. It's always good to talk to Sherry!

Summer and I went to bed knowing we would be getting up early to get t the surgical clinic for her injections. These are actually epidurals.....

Here we are at 8:45 Monday morning.
Summer was probably awake.....I wasn't.

On the way over, Summer had me stop at Starbucks.
She had ordered my very first Pumpkin Spice Latte - AND a Pumpkin Spice Scone!
I had decided to wait until true fall weather arrived before I had one and Monday morning when we woke up - it was in the 60's!!!!

Everything went according to plan.
The injections were right on schedule and Summer did well.
She fell last week and is banged up and bruised from that and it has nothing to do with her real medical condition. Still, it was concerning that the shots seemingly were not working quite like the last time
We went back to Sherry's and both if us took a little nap before her 2:00 appointment with her rheumatologist. We were finished and Summer was going back to bed to take a good long nap and I was heading home.....

And I came right in - surveyed the damage control and decided to leave that for later.
I went in the bedroom, changed clothes and took a good nap.

Later Louis Dean and I both tackled the back pond area and worked out there for a couple of hours.
We took showers and caught up with NCIS before going to bed a bit on the early side - before midnight!

Today was one of my most favorite kinds of day....
a Stay at HOME Day!
No make up. No pretty clothes. No visitors.
I love this!

I spent some time bottling up honey......

and some of the Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar.

Look at how cute these little bottles are!!

Since I had the vinegar at hand.....and I was fixing a mid morning snack......

I decided to add a drizzle to my peach slices.

They were delicious!
Next time I will add a drizzle of honey to go along with it!

My day was going according to plan.
I called and scheduled my complete left knee replacement for Monday, January 6th.
Then I made all my pre op appointments.

The next thing on my list was a good cleaning of the kitchen!
From one end to the other including the pantry!

I had piled up a lot of things in the floor and when I got them all out - I was dismayed to see the laundry detergent had 'spilled' all over the place!
I should have taken a pic BEFORE I started the clean up!
Now I am not accusing anyone......but it was NOT like this just a week ago.
We had two big Tide containers on the shelf - side by side.
Louis Dean has been doing laundry lately...... just saying.....
Still, I don't see how even HE could have managed to make this big a mess!
Perhaps the containers had got too hot and split a little.
Even if he had pushed the button to get detergent - and somehow left it on - the soap would have dripped to the floor. NOT the shelves and down the wall.

Thankfully, he was at Home Depot during this time and I was a bit more composed by the time he got home. I admit to tearing up when I saw the huge mess I had to deal with.

Then I went out to get the mail! Boy, did I cheer up FAST!!!
My sweet friend, Marie, who I have known since she was 18 months old, had sent me a beautiful package of goodies!!!

TWO mug rugs!! She was remembering Louis Dean as well!!!

Is this not the coolest thing???

I love the note she made and it is now displayed on my coffee cart.
Plus she sent a magazine full of all kinds of good things.
Her timing was perfect!

I meant to cook a beef stew in honor of our fall weather today....but that didn't happen!
I had to make do with a healthy salad and a hefty glass of white wine.
We watched a Bull while we ate and this ended this Tuesday.

We have the attic fan on and I do so love that!
Last night we slept with the AC off and the attic fan on!
Tomorrow will heat up a bit more but by Friday it will be be downright chilly!
I'll probably turn the bedroom AC on tonight.....but first we are going to go out and sit in the gazebo for a little while before heading to bed.

Thank you, everyone, for the prayers for my Summer Dee!

She may be 55 years old - but she's still my baby girl!!!


Bluebird49 said...

Another cool, breezy post with pretty pictures and good, honest girl-talk. I love it so much!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I sure hope summer's shots kick in real soon! OH, they are epidurals! The mug rugs are awesome!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hope Summer is having less pain. Keeping her in my prayers.
Thank you Linda for all the updates - you never stop working!

MimiG said...

Prayers for Summer, I really pray these shots give her some relief. And prayers for you - her mom - it's always hard to see your children in pain, but you are always there for her. Get your rest whenever you can!
We're getting ready for some cooler weather too - had rain over the weekend for the first time in 6 weeks. I love fall.
Oh, my nephew is coming up to see me in a few weeks - so happy he's been totally released!

Susie said...

Linda, I feel that all four of my daughters are always going to be my babies. I do pray Summer does well on the treatments. It would be wonderful for her to live her life as she did before all this started. Yes, I am thinking some body was in a hurry and made the mess by accident. :) You know body looking for something to cook while they we doing laundry, one of those multi taskers kind of guys, er did I say LD, so sorry, that slipped out. LOL I love those mug rugs. Good to get great gifts when you are kind of low. You are so well organized to get the surgery scheduled and start preparing. Blessings to all,xoxo, love you, Susie

Vee said...

Awww...I have wept over big messes, too.

Somehow I knew that there would come a reckoning after all that activity. Yet, you take your break, get up, and keep right on chugging. Can’t keep a good woman down for long.

May Summer’s injections help. Praying for healing.

Steak. I think I need some. ☺️

Sandra said...

i miss our attic fan like we had in our first house.. they are so good when the outside temps cool off. we are still waiting on a little cool air. glad summer got the shots, hope they start working better each day... i almost teared up reading about The Mess.. OMW!!! good thing he was out of the house when you found it... glad you took a day off

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope Summer does well and this helps her. She sure is a strong lady and I know you are proud of her. Love the cute things you got in the sweet package. Friends know just what we love! Hugs...sounds like you need some! I do too! heehee!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Hope Summer sees some improvement with each day. Oh My...I am sure that Tide was a mess. It was a good thing LD was out of the house when you found it.lol I am not the housekeeper I used to be either. We don't live in a pig sty but I used to be much more on the ball. I tell myself that I can relax and enjoy these days without guilt. So glad you are getting that knee replacement. You will be so glad.

Debby said...

I'm glad the shot went okay. Hope she gets some relief.
I love reading about your lovely life, mess and all. ❤️

Laurie said...

I think our children always remain our babies in our heart, your Summer has the best smile even though I know she suffers, I’m glad your weather is cooling,

Changes in the wind said...

I can't imagine having to clean up such a mess and am sure he doesn't mean to do that but oh how frustrating! So glad that the procedure went well for Summer and hope it brings relief for her.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm supposed to be in the kitchen cleaning today too, but there will be no surprises as I'm the only one here. Hope Louis Dean has a good explanation. Glad you did manage to fit in some down time from your busy days. We all need some rest now and then in order to keep going. I work a little and rest a lot here. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Chatty Crone said...

I love how you just talk - my kind of girl. Prayers for Summer for sure. She always has a great smile. Your food always looks wonderful too. So I am like you - I just can't seem to get my house clean - one thing after another seems to come up and now it seems like an overwhelming job! I have to get to it. Missed you. Sandie

Debbie said...

Our girls will be our little girls forever. I prayed for Summer, and hope she feels better real soon. Your post is delightful, Linda...I love how you keep yourself busy with everyday life, and find joy in every little thing. I didn't find laundry soap spilled today, I found pea soup splashed all over the butcher block, and on everything all around it this morning...dried...ugh. Jim wasn't home either. Oh well, I had dishes that needed to be put in the dishwasher, so I guess cleaning the soup up was just another chore added to the list. Have a blessed afternoon. Debbie xo

photowannabe said...

You have such a tender heart. I love your compassion and concern for everyone.
For your day not being busy...I would say it still wore me out just reading about it.
Oh how I hate messes like your soap one. How you ever clean that one up I'll never know.
Summer's smile would brighten any day. I'm glad you were there to help her.
Good for you for scheduling your knee replacement. That will definitely make you more of a "Busy Bee" for sure.
Love visiting your blog journal.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Praying for Summer!

I’m glad you rested and are able to slow down when you need to!

Carole said...

Having a quietish day too. Look after yourselves. Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Wow, Linda, when I started reading this post I foolishly thought it would be about you and Louis Dean relaxing a bit. How wrong that thought was when I continued. I hope that Summer does get relief from the treatments and, of course, she will always be your baby as parents feel that way about their children at all ages. Sorry about the detergent mess but fully understand as last week, I failed to tighten the cap and grabbed the container and it poured on the laundry room floor, so I had to grab a roll of paper towels and BOY was that floor cleaner than before...stuff happens. The honey and vinegar looked great and how nice to get a surprise in the mail!