Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wednesday With Amber and Thursday With Mother......

Amber and I share a love for all things 'Movie!' 
Summer shares this same love and we have a family tradition of quoting lines and guessing the movie they came from. 
Some of our favorites......
'Watch yer top knot. Yep. Watch yourn."   Jeremiah Johnson (My all time favorite movie.)
"Get off my plane." Harrison Ford in Air Force One.
"Not yet." The Gladiator
"You call him Mister Jones!" 
You get the idea.
The only movie line Louis Dean can think of if I try to play this game with him is a grunt and growl.....from Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

I spent all of Wednesday in Dallas with Amber.

This photo is from 3 years ago when we three went to the movies to see Spectre.

But our movie of choice yesterday was A Star is Born.
Bradley Cooper did a great job acting and directing this film.
I noticed Lucas Nelson (Willie Nelson's son) played a major role in the music used in this movie.
I had seen the 1976 version with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. This new version was even better in my opinion.

Amber and I both needed a break from all that's been going on.
She had a deadline coming up on a huge feature she's doing for a major magazine and I am in a dead heat to get fall down and stored away and the house cleaned in preparation for the coming holidays and a very special guest. A movie is a place we can lose ourselves and totally forget about all the rest of life - for 2 hours and 15 minutes on that Wednesday.

We both came out feeling more relaxed.
I took this one and only pic that day at Hobby Lobby.
I meant to take more but I guess I forgot.
Anyway, Amber and I did some errands and shopping.
We picked the kids up at school and I love hearing them all get excited and yell. "MeeMaw is HERE!"
We went back to Quadville and I listened to the kids read - 20 minutes each so that was 80 minutes of reading. I was impressed in how the others listen to who is reading and they seem to hang on every word of the story. All four read with expression and that right there makes it very entertaining.

Amber fixed from scratch pancakes with bacon, eggs and cantaloupe for a breakfast dinner.
I drove home after wards in much better shape for having spent the day with my daughter.

Today we spent the entire afternoon in Fort Worth at the nursing home.
I did stop at Tuesday Morning to browse a bit after I called in the strawberry milkshakes and chocolate malts order to Braums. It was ready when I arrived.

Louis Dean was the star of the show today.

Last week he didn't bring his guitar so he was a popular man when he walked in with it.

I love how he gets emotional over his music.
He has his beloved Ellen waiting in heaven for him....
and I pray every day that God will keep Louis Dean healthy and strong.
We still have a lot of life to live together.

He is a man among men.....

He wanted more pictures of us together!
Today he got them!

Louis Dean 'headquarters' - that's his word - in Lillian's room.
I leave him there while I go down to sit with Mother.
Today she was asleep even though the hospice nurse was there with her.
She wasn't unconscious......just asleep.
Her name is Kathy and we visited a little while and then I woke Mother up since I had her malt.
I fed her a slice of the crack cake I had brought and she sipped a bit of the malt - and then went back to sleep. I left her room and went to see Roberta.

This is Roberta on her 50th wedding anniversary.
She was 71 in this photo.

Here she is with her doctor on her 100th birthday.
She's an amazing, beautiful and gracious lady.

Mother woke up again at dinner although all she ate was the ice cream.
Louis Dean sang for her and she enjoyed that.

Before I left, Mother and I had prayer together.
Visits are not easy. It's hard to see Mother so frail.
But it's important to be there and that's what we do.

It was raining again on our way home and there were lots of accidents.
Thankfully, we were not one of them!

All of fall is now bagged or in tubs.
The fall textiles are all washed, dried and folded in a tub until next year.
Louis Dean and I will take the rest of it out to the storage building tomorrow.
The rain has continued to fall as I sit in here in the sewing room writing.
Alas, I heard a dripping.....

We can't do anything about it tonight.
Louis Dean has put on a new roof.
All he can do next is tear out that part of ceiling and see what's he's dealing with.
For now I have a pan under the hole in the Sheetrock to catch the water.
I am going to take my book and go to bed.....although I was hoping to paint.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A wonderful day with Amber and your visit with the darling grands. You and your family and so kind and loving. LD is the best ! You both make life brighter for the staff and ladies at the care home.
Hope that water leak is a fixable one - could it be that water is running along a board and coming out in your sewing room?

Small Kucing said...

what a wonderful day for you and Amber.

Nice to see your mom is still healthy despite a tad frail .

May you have a fruitful weekend, Be careful ya when fixing the ceiling

Bluebird49 said...

I know seeing Amber,the quads, and a movie made Weds. a great day!My mother, my daughter and I went so often! It was so much fun, and I miss it, and them much more! Praying you have many, many more movies to see together in the future.
Yikes. That ceiling thing is getting to be more than an aggravation now. Hope all that is found tomorrow as it's raining. Maybe that will say more about where leak is. I feel for you both.
God bless you!!

Vee said...

Those tiimes when you get to enjoy a movie and read with the grands are the “normal” days and how we need them to balance the others. Yes, Louis Dean, “Beyond the Sunset” is a tearjerker, especially when it is done so well and there is time to process the message. “Should you go first and I remain...”

It is wonderful how you are there for so many. You folks are a blessing.

Hope the cause of the leak is easily discovered. Water is such a pain when it’s acting like a drip.

Brenda Burke said...

Love this blog and this song-thank you both!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am sorry about the roof. And after all of Louis Dean's hard work! He looks so handsome today! I love him in the yellow overalls and shirt, it is so fall-like and pretty, while still being masculine. It is raining here, too. And we have to go over Afton Mountain to Phil's cancer doctor. I am praying for no fog! We saw the original "Star Is Born", too. This one must be really good! Roberta's pictures are amazing! I did not know your mom has hospice now, I am sorry. My mom did as well, and they are wonderful! They just know and do things that regular nurses don't.

Susie said...

Linda, So good for you and Amber to have time together. My girls love quoting movie lines too. Some times I will join in. I can only imagine the pain of seeing your mother becoming more frail. I remember how you would take her to get her hair fixed and she loved it. You are a loving daughter. All the ladies love LD. :):) You are right he is a man among men. He loves working. I need to think of putting my fall things I woke up to a skiff of snow this morning. Bummer. Blessings to all, Love you, xoxo, Susie

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I'm sorry about the leak!

But I am happy you had a good day with Amber and a movie! Good for the quads for being such great readers! I always say, "If you can read well, you can teach yourself anything!"

Your visits are such a wonderful ministry to the folks at your mothers' nursing home, and to her.

Louis Dean was quite the catch Linda, and so were you! Perfect match!

Changes in the wind said...

The movie break is a real treat and you are so faithful to visit your Mom, I know it must be hard. Leaks are awful to deal with. Cute pictures of the two of you together.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have heard that movie is really good. So glad you and daughter could spend time together. You needed a break from packing away fall. Louis Dean and you are both blessings visiting your mom and others and sharing your gifts of love. So sad to hear the leak is still there. All the roof work for nothing would be very frustrating. Hope your own sweet home inspector can discover where it's coming from and you have a happy Friday!

Luann said...

I loved a Star is born and agree this second one is even better than the original. I hope to see Bohemian Rhapsody this weekend. I love you and appreciate the updates on Mother.

Arlene Grimm said...

Hope you find the leak! Those things are so frustrating!

Sandra said...

it might be time for a professional to come in and diagnose your problem with the leak. I can't even remember the name of a movie that I saw yesterday much less the lines from them. the only line I know from any movie is Go Ahead, make my Day. I know others who do what you do with the lines from movies and envy them the ability to remember the lines. yay for autumn packed away and guess wht is coming out next. AFTER the leak of course. she is beautiful at 70 and 100

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your daughter, My daughter and I love to go to the movies too. Lady Gaga just got engaged. I will have to look up and see who it is too. What a wonderful time. sandie

Carole said...

Those leaks are tricky little critters. I'm sure LD will track it down. Cheers

Jodi Walters said...

I love that one on one time with the kids as much as you do! It's sooooo important. I feel for you with your Mom situation. I'm going through the same thing here in Ohio. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July and now is in the nursing home with Hospice care. So hard to watch the steady decline! I keep telling myself God will get us through this too.........
Sending lots of Hugs.....

Debbie said...

your days are so full linda, so beautiful!! i LOVED a star is born, all my friends said they cried through most of it, i didn't get that, i viewed the movie as a love story, happy, until the end!!

louis dean is amazing, i really enjoyed his song and sentiment. how lucky he was to find 2 amazing, loving woman in his lifetime!! i always tell chuck, he must let me go first!!!

Wanda said...

Mother daughter time is so special. I was able to be with my daughter Michel, Friday as we clean out a room she has used for storage, and made it a little sitting room for her, so she can have some silence and solitude. Sorry your mom is so frail, but how precious you can be with her. Enjoyed the music of Louis Dean.

BeachGypsy said...

"GET OFF MY PLANE!!" oh my gosh, YES!!---one of my all time favorites!! I just loved that part!! LOL LOL Also "There's no place like home"--Wizard of Oz. And "my, people come and go so quickly here!" also from the Wizard of Oz. LOL Oh!!--and "hello, drafty old house!" from It's a Wonderful LIfe. Love all the pictures and wow those milkshakes sure sound good, now I'm craving one!! so glad y'all had a nice visit. The time with your Mother is a treasure for sure, one you'll look back on. Happy Sunday, my friend