Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tuesday Treasures.....

I had many Tuesday Treasures today but not many pictures of them.
After our Stupor Time, Coffee and Bible Reading.....I went out and about to do my errands.
Goodwill - of course!
I found flannel sheets - good quality ones made in Portugal - and red canvas tab curtains to take to the ranch along with a heavy denim tab curtain to use between the bathroom and the front room. Privacy is everything - don't you agree?? Speaking of the ranch - I have not given up hopes of getting down there soon. We planned on leaving Thursday afternoon but rain is in the forecast for tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. I don't see us going before possibly Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
I do so wish myself to BE there!
Another treasure at Goodwill is a medium size wire basket which will be perfect for gathering eggs.
AND a green blouse that I will be wearing this week and - it brings out the green in my eyes - if I may say so! My sister, Lanita, thinks I have such pretty eyes......and I love her for that! Among so many other things! Nita turned 65 yesterday! 

Is she not simply beautiful???
The youngest 65 year old I know!!

After my Goodwill run and a trip to Walgreen's and the bank, I stopped at my Amber's Happy Place!

I walked in and smelled the fragrant Starbucks coffee and felt myself relax!

Amber always checks out the $ section and I found some Christmas tags!

This is how I used them!

Another treasure from Goodwill!
$0.75 and I added the fairy lights and hung it on the side of the upper bunk in the guest room.
Just enough Christmas to give me the 'umph' to keep going.

I worked for hours this afternoon taking fall down and bagging it up or storing it in tubs and hauling it out to the storage building. Louis Dean worked nearly all day on the roof and got so much done.
We are past the point of worrying about the coming rain! Praise God and thank Louis Dean!!

My friend, Virginia, visited this afternoon and just in the nick of time!
I was beyond exhausted and had promised myself I would keep plugging away at taking down fall until she arrived. I was so happy when I opened the door and there she was!
We had tea and conversation and I enjoyed every single minute!
Friends give us the energy to keep going.
We sipped our tea out on the driveway - it was rather warm in Texas this afternoon - and caught up with all that's happening in our lives. Virginia left me with some gifts to take to the nursing home this week. Pajamas and adult coloring books and so much more.
Her visit was a shot in the arm and I went on to take down the rest of fall and store it all away......

Except for some of the sunflowers!
I ran out of steam and will bag these up later.
I have four tubs and several bags of sunflowers ready to stow away.
They are in the hall and I am putting them away last as they are the first things I will get out after the 4th of July next year.

I meant to paint on my third Santa tonight but I am so tired I am simply going to bed. Louis Dean is just ahead of me. I feel like I'm a fairly energetic person but sometimes we all hit a brick wall.
I am there.
But I will be back.....tomorrow.


Carol Slater said...

I would say that you have done enough! Packing and carrying stuff out to store away is plenty of work. I just told my granddoll that we might start next week on getting some snowmen out and decorating. She has learned Santa Claus is coming to town, but still refers to him as HO HO most of the time.

Vee said...

Nita is lovely...a very happy birthday week to her...

And you! I am thinking you need a down day...and surely Louis Dean does. Yay for not having to worry about any rain. Relief!

Susie said...

Linda, I would say it's time for a break at the ranch. You two have been going non stop since you returned from your vacation. Tell Nita 65 is looking good. That is a great photo of her and Mike. Glad you had a relaxing tea with your friend Virginia. Blessings to all there today. Love , xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad you got to Target. It is my happy place.lol Like you I love the smell of the coffee when I walk in side the store. I don't like to drink Starbucks( much too strong for me) but I love to smell it. I am off today to the library to get some dvds to watch at Grimmwood. We have not been there in three weeks so I am excited. Hope you get to the ranch soon!

Changes in the wind said...

Another full and productive day and lots of good deals is the icing on the cake. And how nice that company arrived for a nice tea break.

Sandra said...

you find the most amazing things, I don't but then I don't look. who knows they might be here also.... happy belated birthday to Nita and yes she is beautiful and so young looking. there is a certain color green, it is somewhere between olive drab and true green that when I put that on my eyes glow green. sometimes my eyes are green and sometimes not. I own nothing gree so no way to tell. hope you get to the farm soon

Bluebird49 said...

I never tire of hearing about your busy days! You surely inspire me-both of you!
Nita is looking great as usual. 65 must be the new 45 with her! I wonder if she can keep up with y'all?! 😁
Hope you and LD are still sleeping as I write this, and I'm still mentioning the Santa painting. I never have figured if he's supposed to be mentioned in every comment, so....taking no chances!😏
Hope Weds.is another great day for you!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd say you got a whole lot done and no wonder you are tired. I would have been able to do one or the other ...errands and shopping or packing away fall. Not both in one day. Thank goodness for that shot in the arm with a wonderful visit with a good friend. They do make a difference! Hope today ends the fall clean out and you get a good start on your Christmas! Happy Wednesday!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love how you talk about your "stupor time"!! And this is true for me as well. I am sure now that our Goodwills just cannot compare to the ones in Texas! Of course, everything is bigger in Texas. I am leaving my fall things up till around Thanksgiving. I think I may love them the most of all the seasons, and want the sunflowers and crows to stay out. It gets harder each year for me to change decorations. But Phil is a huge help. Our Target has a Starbucks as well! Plus a tiny Pizza place and fresh popped corn. And my favorite is the dollar aisles!! I LOVE the clever way you have used your new tags!! It is perfect.

Carole said...

Here's hoping your weather lets you get down to the ranch soon. cheers

Rain said...

Linda, I hit a brick wall every November. I don't fight it anymore! Oh your sister is a cutie... :)

BeachGypsy said...

Goodness gracious Linda you never stop....you are always busy! Busy is good though, right? Wow, you are way way ahead of me on the Christmas decor. All our Fall decor is still up and I always leave it up til after Thanksgiving, I like to enjoy it as long as possible. I do love getting the Christmas trinkets out though, it's fun and exciting every single year to look at all the treasures and figure out what to use each year. We've cut down ON ALOT, downsized over the years. I had a Christmas tree in every front room when we lived in the big Victorian where we raised the kids, and every single window was all lit up with a bright sparkling tree every year. I loved it but cant do it on that scale anymore.....plus we dont have that many front windows like we did. Your sis Nita IS BEAUTIFUL but then again, SO ARE YOU my friend! Love seeing your thrift shop treasures, I posted some on my post today as well! Wouldn't we have a ball thrifting together!!? Thanks for always stopping by, for always leaving comments and for the kind comment this time, when things are so sad for me.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I sometimes hit the wall too! You’re smart to rest!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I enjoy Goodwill too - and you know which Goodwill you use - the items change. I love the smell of Starbucks too.