Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tuesday Treasures and Wednesday's Joys!!

Tuesday I ventured out to three different thrift stores and only bought ONE thing at the last Goodwill which was in Dallas. I was over there so I could spend some time with the quads that evening as well as have dinner with Amber and Mike.

This is my naughty grand cat, Bandit!
 He got out of the house and was gone for three days.
I was concerned because the ranch isn't the only place there are coyotes!
Amber and Mike have a natural green belt behind their house and there is a lot of wildlife inside the city limits! Thankfully, the quads prayed for Bandit to come home and God answered those prayers.
I have said it before and I say it now again - never underestimate the power of a child's prayers.

I have to tell you about what happened when I rang the bell in Quadville.
I stood there with my bag as Amber opened the door and saw that Kailey had rushed up behind her mother.
She took one look at me and another look BEHIND me  and then shoved her little fists downwards and said, "NO Granddad!!!" I told her he had to stay home and plant onions. She did NOT think that the garden was more important than SHE was! And she was probably right.

They gave us a sweet Easter card when we were over there on Sunday and I left it on the counter.

It is now stapled into my Country Diary.
Another Treasure from Tuesday!

This book marker from Logan was a big bonus!

The one thing I bought at the Goodwill was a brand new Sight Word Bingo Game!
The girls and I played it while Amber prepared dinner and Harrison was at a play date.

Amber's such a good cook and she fixed what she called an 'easy' dinner.
Delicious grilled chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, cantaloupe and garlic bread that did not last long at all. Kailey happens to LOVE garlic toast and ate every bit of what was left in the bowl after everyone had one piece on their plate.
That reminded me of when Benjamin was little and would eat all the corn.......we learned to eat our corn first or he would ask for it right off our plate!
As a matter of fact - on Good Friday I made cream cheese corn and Ben waited until everyone had fixed their plates and then took what was left. All of it. I love that!

I did the bath/bedtime routine in Quadville while Amber and Mike took in a movie.
The kids love the way I do their lotion after they shower.
They dry off and then I drop lotion on them a drop at a time. I hold the container up high to drop it and they laugh and shiver since it's cold!
My favorite time was the reading before bed. Each child read a book and I loved hearing them read with their sweet little voices and each child seemed to hang on every word in all four books.
I tucked them into bed with my grandmother heart filled to the brim with such joy and gratitude for these precious 'babies.'
I decided to lie down with Trystan and then went promptly to sleep. 
I woke up just a few minutes before the parents came home!

It was actually cold when I went out to my car to drive home and I cranked the heater up full blast.
I had called Louis Dean to tell him I was on my way home and when I pulled up in the driveway, there he was sitting on the porch waiting for me. I'm telling you - there's not many things more romantic than THAT!
Summer, Louis Dean and I all sat together in the living room while we had a glass of wine before going off to bed. I don't know about you but I bet you will agree that there's something truly special about having an adult child back home in their old room for a visit.
It was first Summer's old bedroom and then Amber's old bedroom. Now it's a lovely guest room and I enjoy every visit from friends and family!

While I was away in Quadville, Summer was crafting some magic for my spring dining room table.
She and Sabrina had given me the beautiful tulips as a hostess gift on Good Friday.
I had taken the bunny napkin rings and put them away on Monday and Summer decided to make some new ones for me.

The rings are actually tiny little grapevine wreathes and she hot glued the pink flowers to them.
The extras she sprinkled around the wreath I had used as a centerpiece.

Thank you, Summer! 
They are beautiful and I love them!!

I am a sentimental lady and love these handmade tokens of love that my children give me.

Aren't these tulips beautiful??
I'm thinking I can plant the bulbs after they are spent.

The reason Summer was spending a few nights with us was because she had a flight out to Puerto Rico just two days after Sabrina and Rayne went home.
I have prayed and prayed that Summer would be able to go and spend some time in her Happy Place with her beloved daughter and Sabrina.
The injections she had for her pinched nerve damage took awhile to kick in. 
She was pretty much out of commission all the time Sabrina and Rayne were here but they have slowly.....very slowly started to kick in.

My alarm went off at 3:30 this morning and Summer was sitting in the living room all ready to go!
She was so excited about getting back down to Puerto Rico and spending a few weeks down there that she couldn't sleep at all last night! I dropped her off at DFW at 4:00 this morning!

You can see how excited she is!
Before I even got home, she called me to say that she had walked in right at Spirit and asked a representative about a wheelchair and had one immediately. Within 15 minutes she was at the gate!!

This is a happy Summer!!
The flight to Florida was smooth and the connection went great!
She went from one plane to the next and was on her way to San Juan!

Sabrina had sent a car for her and she was headed home!

My sweet Rayne and her Mummers!

After I dropped her off in the wee hours of this morning, 
I came home and went right back to bed and right back to sleep!
It was noon before I rallied around and left the bedroom.
Getting up so late has made the day seem rather short.

One of the things on my to-do list was our medicines.
I filled a complete month's worth of medication for each of us.
We are preparing to go back to the ranch and a full supply of medicine is important.
Not that we will stay a full month! More like nearly three weeks.

While I packed and cleaned and pulled weeds, Louis Dean planted a ton of onions in the garden.
Tomorrow he intends to buy some tomato plants and get them in the ground.
Last year he started our tomatoes as seeds but he was a little late this time around.

These are the weeds that I had been dreading.
They actually came up easily enough. I didn't get to all of them but at least I cleared them away from the rose bushes.

Another thing I accomplished was to pack up my art tub to take with me to the country.
It is now April and I have not painted one single thing this year!
I think this is the first time that has ever happened......or NOT happened!
I went through some of my photos and printed out some of the ones I want to paint.

Tonight I baked a big pan of corn bread and heated up some of the pinto beans I cooked on Monday for our dinner. Louis Dean sliced up a purple onion and declared it a really good meal!

I know I shared this photo from last Saturday.......

.......but I didn't share this one.
Mother's legs are so very swollen and she is not feeling well.
She hasn't been wearing those white support stockings like she should and apparently this is what happens. It may be that she has cellulitis and they have started her on antibiotics as well as water pills. My sisters and brother do an amazing job at checking in with the nursing home and visiting Mother as well as keeping up with her laundry and supplying her per personal needs. I am the only one that lives outside the area and I feel badly that they are left to do all the work of seeing after her.

My siblings and I keep a message thread going where we can communicate about what's going on.
She now has the support stockings on and the medication is being given.
I posted on Facebook and am so incredibly grateful for the prayers already being prayed for her.
Just so you know.....Mother's name is Pauline. That's one of the things she misses. Hearing her own name spoken out loud.

Well, it's after 10:00 and I am winding down.
Louis Dean is waiting for me in the den so we can watch a program before we go to bed.
Probably Madam Secretary or Bull......two of our favorites.

I want to close out on a happy note!
This is a photo Amber took of us and the quads on Easter afternoon.
My, oh my!!!
How they have grown!!

Now I am off to the den to join Louis Dean as we close out this Wednesday....
Sleep well.......I know we will!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your Easter Photo! I saw your Facebook post on your mom, and have already been praying. Is this Thumper? He is smiling! I take about 15 pills a day, I put them in one of these keepers. And now I came home from the hospital with a basket full of six more bottles! Your table is gorgeous!!! Summer has inherited your decorating gift! We have not celebrated Easter yet because I was in the hospital. We are looking for a day where we can all get together for the baskets, hunt, and fun!

Susie said...

Linda, I always love seeing your lets us see your life. The last photo was wonderful but I could almost cry seeing how the children have grown. That is a keeper picture. Glad Summer is better and with her sweet daughter. LD is a loving husband, so caring to be waiting for you. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you, Susie
p.s. I will remember your mom's name.Tell Pauline hello for me when you see her.

Vee said...

Yes, I will be praying for Pauline. Edema is serious and I am sure that she is not terribly comfortable. Praying that good health returns and that she wears those stockings, even though they are a discomfort all on their own.

So you’re back to the ranch for three weeks. Have fun down there!

That is a fabulous final photo. Somehow, I did not realize what a tall drink of water your Beloved is! The children are growing and have lost that little kid look. They’re just regular kids now! ☺️

Arlene Grimm said...

I am praying for Miss Pauline as well, Linda. I love your dining room table. As I have told you before, Desert Rose is my everyday dishware. I had admired a set that belonged to Marvin's cousin and to surprise me, he purchased a set for me. Summer's napkins and napkin rings are perfect with it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have been so busy it's no wonder you have not had time to paint. I could only wish to get half as much done as you do. Your sweet mama is definitely in my prayers. Hope she is much better soon. I have to say that meal of cornbread and beans with onions is one of my favorites and always hits the spot ! That Easter picture is a treasure as is the beautiful table setting. How nice to come home to a sight like that. Hope the rest of the week holds only good things for you and yours.

Changes in the wind said...

What a full couple of days you had. The time with the quads is so special and know how much you love them. Sorry that your Mom is not doing well but glad that she is getting good care. The Easter picture is indeed a keeper and having your hubby outside waiting for you is just the best.

Deanna Rabe said...

Your posts always draw me in. Hurray for time with the quads! They are getting so big! I'm thrilled for Summer to get to PR. Praying the injections will continue to work and that she will be able to manage her pain with them, and maybe be pain free?!

Have fun in the country!

Jan said...

Sounds like a beautiful time with the quads! My mother-in-law has the same problem with her legs-she will be 91 next month. One doctor told her to stop wearing the compression hose and the other told her to wear them-it doesn't help when the doctors can't get on the same page! Hope Pauline's infection clears up quickly-I'll be praying for her!

Curtains in My Tree said...

You have the most wonderful family stories.

Oh I'm so sorry your Mother's legs are so swollen

Judy said...

What a beautiful two and the quads! I always enjoy my time here on your blog...following your latest adventures. Enjoy your time in the country!

Sandra said...

i am wondering why they don't call your mother by her name. love the granddad stayed home and all the stories today, your moms leg look so painful, hope the meds kick in, glad Summer is in PR and did well... has Summer tired acupuncture? just wondering.

Carole said...

Great to hear about the quads. Am thinking of your mum and hoping that swelling goes away. I can't believe you only bought one thing! Cheers

BeachGypsy said...

Glad you had been "visiting" on my front porch my friend and thank you for your sweet comments! oh my goodness----how is your Mother doing, are her legs any better?? Sure hope the medicine has started working, please keep us posted. Also was wondering how Summer is doing and so glad she arrived safely, she looked so happy and excited to be going back. Hope she has little to no pain while there and can enjoy her time there! Love the pretty dining room table, it looked great. And the sound of a big pot of pinto beans with corn bread and onions sure sounds so DELICIOUS right now! Loved the Easter picture of y'all, everybody sure looked so nice. Have a real nice weekend!