Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Very Quiet Sunday.....

The weather warmed up today by about 30 degrees so Louis Dean was able to work on his projects.

This is the door that will lead into the new utility room.

It has a door knob and everything!
He also worked on the sewer/water/whatever.
I don't understand anything about what's he's doing but he likes to tell me all about it anyway.
There's always one little thing you need to finish the job and that's what we will get tomorrow when we go to town.

It's been a quiet day for me. I slept better last night than I have in the last several nights, but I still woke up this morning tired and with a headache and stiff neck.
We did the Critter Chores and came back up to do our Bible reading.

I read Melody Beattie's book The Language of Letting Go every morning.
It's divided up as a daily reading.
Today's reading really hit the target for me.
I have been feeling sick in heart. Worrying about Mother and not getting enough sleep.
I hate that 'at loose ends' feeling and was beginning to wonder if I really was coming down with something. I talked with my sisters on Messenger and they have been feeling the same way.
I told them we are all coping and Nita said, 'Coping is good.'

So after our reading and a breakfast of oatmeal and buttered toast, I went back to bed and stayed there the rest of the day. It was nearly 6:00 when I got up and I was finally feeling more like myself.
I did a few of the things that make me feel better. I cleaned. I turned the radio on and listened to music. I lit candles. I started reading a new book. I took a hot shower and washed my hair.
Self care is important.

Later I joined Louis Dean in the front room for a tea break.
Thanks to Carole at Carole's Chatter - that's what we are calling our 'new room.'
The front room - because that's what it is! In front of the camper!
Everything is so green down here! And we saw a couple of hummingbirds at the feeder today.

As we were about to go down and do the Critter Chores this evening, we found our chicken sitting on what Louis Dean calls his 'two wheel truck.'

While I was taking a nap this afternoon, I heard Louis Dean chasing the chicken out of the front room! She thinks she lives up here now!

And that's okay with us.
Just not in the house!!


Deanna Rabe said...

Prayers for your mother and for you all. I’m glad to see you taking care of yourself. So important!

The front room! Great name!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my gosh, you have acquired a stalker chicken!! He appears to be mesmerized by you. I think you did exactly the right thing today. You are overburdened with stress, so you must rest, do things you love, and take care of yourself.

Gert said...

Somsorry your not feeling well. But glad you were able to improve as the day went by.. I understand in some ways. But will keep you in my prayers. Love your chicken fun and quite entertaining I'd

Linda said...

I do love that red chicken. I believe, from the look on LD’s face, that perhaps she’s been spared the soup pot. She certainly is a people chicken.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Yes, please continue to take good care of YOU Linda. This is a stressful family time. Prayers continue for all of your family at this time.

Bluebird49 said...

Take care to take care! Worrying just does nothing, yet I do find myself doing it.
Looks like the red is making sure Louis Dean feels henpecked, anyway! I guess her peer-hens are pecking at her too much, poor thing.

Kathie said...

You have reminded me of a phrase my Mom used to use, that I haven't thought of for years. We had a "front room," which was really our living room. It was the room where we received company or visitors. They were not "invited" into the more private areas of our home, unless they were family. Hearing those words brought me back a few decades and reminded me of my Mom, who I lost when I was 26 years old. Sending prayers for your family as you deal with your Mother's health crisis.

Hootin' Anni said...

No, no! I certainly wouldn't want a chicken in MY house either!

NanaDiana said...

It's amazing how much anxiety and stress takes a toll on our sense of well-being. Once I am awake I am unable to go back and nap or even rest for a while. I envy that you are able to do that. Praying for your mom and you and your sisters. xo Diana

Susie said...

Linda, I have always called stress the real brings on so many other bad health issues. You and your sibling have stress due to your mother's condition and life in general...but honestly you have all done your best to care for her and put her at ease. Things are happening to your mother that you can't control. Please be kind to yourself. We moms try to carry the weight of the world at times. Take care of yourself and LD and I think he will do the same. Chickens wont use the litterbox, so out they go !! LOL
Hope you enjoy your ranch time. It's going to get some crazy weather later , so be aware, please. Love all of you there in Texas.Blessings, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do believe that if you want to be good for others you first have to be good to yourself. Glad you got a quiet day to rest up. Worrying can make us tireder than a hard days work. You front room is going to be wonderful! Even if you do have a chicken for company.

Vee said...

Sleep is healing. Sometimes my feathers get ruffled and I need smoothing. Sleep helps with that, prayer, chamomile tea, companionship...all good. Sending love...

Rain said...

Hi Linda! :) Your chicken is adorable...I love all critters, always wonder what's going on in their heads! LOL...I loved that video! I played it really loud a few times and all of my dogs turned their heads trying to figure out what they were hearing, very cute! My grandma used to call her front room the front room too! Haven't heard that in a long time and thanks for that memory :) I'm sorry you're feeling sick at heart :((
This is the second time this week that someone I know through blogging has mentioned that book, The Language of Letting Go. I am taking this as a sign and I just bought the Ebook and I'm going to read this daily as well. I do a lot of self-therapy and healing from the past, it's an ongoing way to improve my life and make me feel so grateful for everything I have. Wishing you a good day Linda. Oh how I envy your green field!!! :)

Sandra said...

you now have a pet chicken in your 'front room'. laughing now. loved the video. bob does the same as LD, when he is doing anything involved i listen to how before and how after it is done, IN DETAIL...

Carole said...

I'm enjoying your front room virtually... Nice choice - and thanks for the shout out. worry is exhausting - looking forward to an update about your mother. Cheers