Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Good Thursday!

It's been a good Thursday!
I had my annual Medicare Physical this morning with Dr. Suma Abraham.

I have been going to her for maybe a little over 20 years and am so grateful to have such a good doctor. I like 'history' and I have enjoyed seeing her through the years as she went on to have four children and shared some highlights from her personal life and vacations.
She knows all about my history and difficulties in life and helped me cope through some tough times.
I like doctors that are real people and treat their patients like real people, too!
I had a good check up although the questionnaires Medicare requires you to fill out would make you feel elderly if you weren't already. Louis Dean was quite offended when he had to fill his out last year. I just felt good that I don't have any of the problems they asked me about - yet.
Of course, it's not a good check up until the bloodwork comes
 back so I am trusting it will be good, too!
My friend, Jutta from Finland, is a doctor herself and she suggested I tell Dr. Abraham about Louis Dean's wasp stings around his eye - since I was there! I did and she said if he was allegic we would have known it shortly after being stung. The swelling continues to go down a little at a time so he's going to be fine!

I waltzed out of the medical building feeling relieved that was done!
AND I hadn't gained weight!! I actually lost 2 pounds. Win! WIN!!!

From there I drove just down the street to Big Lots and I hit the jack pot on snacks and goodies for Mother and Lillian!

My friend Christi said on Facebook:
It kinda looks like a teenager who's parents went on vacation and left them $100 for grocery shopping! 
 Pretty much!!
What I didn't find there, I picked up at Aldi.
We needed a few things ourselves so now we are stocked up here at home and for at leeast three weeks of snacks to fill those baskets.
I'm not sending everything at one time. I intend to take a basket every Friday for the next several weeks and figure out what they like best and what didn't go over so well.

My next stop was to see my friend, Reaoma.
Amber did Facetime with us and I put the phone up where Reaoma could hear it and Amber reminded her about all the happy memorie
s she has of spending time with her and Doug at Rainbow's End.
I could tell Reaoma enjoyed hearing Amber's voice.

I had quite a bit to unload when I got home.
 I had taken refrigerator bags to put the perishable stuff in.
Louis Dean met me on the driveway and we got it all in the house before leaving to get our nails done.

I had a pedicure but Louis Dean went all out and had a manicure, too!
He was so cute! It wasn't the first time he's been there and they love it when he comes in.
He only wants a lady to do his all the ladies fuss over him!
He had the whole shop laughing and talking like we were all old friends.
They loved hearing his stories about teaching school, building the front room at the camper, how he can dive off deeper and come up drier! That's a Shep Woolie story. They couldn't believe he was what he called 'almost 80!" I squacked and said, "more like 82!"
He ate up all that attention.

He was wanting to go out for Chinese food and I had talked him out of it.
Well, he got to telling everybody about it and they suggested Uno China Super Buffet just down the street.

That was a lot closer than North Richland Hills where he was wanting to go.
He was a happy camper!

We were full and tired when we got home.
The joys of being retired where you can take a nap at 6:00!

I fixed up two baskets to take to Fort Worth in the morning.

They both have exactly the same things in them.

We are enjoying being home. I miss the sunsets at the ranch. 
We can't see them from our house so I just watch the clouds change color.

In the morning I will cut a bouquet of  roses and honeysuckle and take it to the nursing home.

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts for my sister.
Her Facebook post this morning:

Monte Rodgers Moved to heaven this morning.Can you hear the Marine Corp Anthem? Love you Sweetheart

Luann is an amazing lady and was such a blessing to her husband.
I hope he knew how blessed he was to have her.
If he didn't.....he knows it now.


Linda said...

I’m with Louis Dean. I was more than disgusted by those forms, I was incensed! I squawked loud and long about them. I’m still mad about them but it sounds like I’m going to have them to look forward to again this year.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I will say a prayer for Luann,for peace. You did good with the snacks!! I bet you lost that weight in the country, walking around so much. I'm glad you have both been pronounced well! I bet those ladies just love him, he must bring excitement and fun to their shop. We have been known to nap at 6:00!

Small Kucing said...

Manicure? LOL. He is one brave man , that I can say.

Vee said...

Thank Louis Dean for the tip. I’m going to start saying I’m almost 60. Ha!

You take good care of your mom and Lillian and Reaoma...Everyone needs a friend like you. Glad that all went well at your doctor visit.

My prayers are with Luann this morning. There is great peace in knowing, after a battle, that our Beloved is safely home. Still this represents a huge loss on this side of Glory. Many blessings and much comfort in The Lord.

Susie said...

Linda, So sorry for your sister's loss. Your Mom and Lillian will be so tickled to have all those goodies. At least if they are served a bland lunch, they will have something they will like to eat. Hoping your blood work comes back great. L.D. is a charmer. I can see the lady laughing at the salon. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I am sorry to hear of your brother in law's passing but it sounds as if he was ready. I know it will be hard on Luann to adjust to life without him. Good job on the baskets for your mom and Lillian. I am sure they will enjoy them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope they enjoy those baskets, you have a little bit of everything in them so they are sure to find something they like. The bouquet of fresh flowers should cheer them up too. Your sister was a very devoted wife and I'm sure she will be missing him. My prayers will be for her comfort as she'l have some difficult days coming.

Changes in the wind said...

I am impressed with the baskets (be sure to put in several spoons)and hooray for your health check up. LD's eye looks so much better and continue to pray for your sister, it is a hard time.

Sandra said...

so sorry to hear about our sisters hubby. those baskets are super great and i love that you take TWO... LD and Bob are both hard to see that they are almost 82.. I remember when i thought 65 was ancient.

Sandra said...

forgot to say i wish i had a doctor for 20 years or even 5 years

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, great check up!! always good news, I'm glad the bee stings are healing, thats scary for sure. You found some great snacks and what lovely baskets, they will enjoy them a lot,,I think thats so nice that you both get your nails done,, I love a man that has no hang ups about stuff, good for him!!!

Bluebird49 said...

You have a good doctor! I think my doctor is retiring, and it’s gonna happen I know! He doesn’t work but 3 days a wk.! He’s 70, and has been my doctor for at least 35 years. �� I love the baskets! I know you had fun doing them. ❤️ Have a great wknd! You’re so busy, my head spins.

Deanna Rabe said...

Its good to have such a good relationship with your doctor. I can imagine the fun you had with LD getting a mani/pedi!

Those baskets look good and I hope they provide some good nurishment for your mother and Lillian.

I’m so sorry about your brother in law. Prayers for your sister.

Nancy Chan said...

Good to know all went well with the checkup. You and LD are such great people to have around.

Kim Standard said...

It is great to have a good dr that long. I feel lucky to have a good dr for a long time also. He looks good and fun at 82...

Lisa said...

Thats cute that LD gets a mani/pedi. I can imagine those ladies haveing fun with him.

DUTA said...

Looks like a good day indeed: OK with the check up,great shopping, mani-pedi for you and LD. Great pictures too!