Sunday, April 29, 2018

Our Weekend with Mother and Quadville!

Louis Dean and I loaded up the Goodie Baskets, packed a cooler bag with a shrimp ring, cocktail sauce and a sleeve of crackers, picked a bouquet of honeysuckle and roses and drove west to Fort Worth.

Since we are NOT morning people, it was about 2:00 when we arrived.
They had not eaten much of a lunch - "It wasn't good!" Lillian said.
But they did chow down on the shrimp and cocktail sauce. Between the three of us - we finished it off. Mother especially liked the crackers and was glad when I twisted up the top and left them on her table. Louis Dean isn't fond of any fish that isn't fried, so we stopped at In N Out Burgers to get him something to eat on the way over.

They loved their baskets!!
Mother immediately found a Nutrigrain Bar and started munching away.
It was soft and her eyes lit up!

Lillian was precious! They sorted through the baskets like kids do on Easter.
Lillian ate a Lemon Crumb Cake.
When Mother saw that, she looked for hers and ate it.
I was smart in making their baskets identical.
Same items and same number!

Mother let me know that she is ready to go.
She held up the photo of her sister and brother with Mother on the right.
I told her I understood but it wasn't up to me.

Both of them were happy when I told them I'll be back next Friday with another treat to eat and more snacks. Oops! As I write, I realize I will be in Quadville this Friday. I'll be sure and call Lillian and let her know I will come the NEXT Friday! Their baskets should be empty by then.

The traffic to and from Fort Worth was awful. So many wreckers hauling off cars coming and going.
We got home and regrouped and waited until after 6:00 to drive east this time - to Dallas and Quadville!

It was Friday Popcorn/Movie and Coke Night!!

While Amber was getting the pizzas on to cook, Trystan gave us a piano concert.
She can't really play but she did make pretty music.
She doesn't bang on the piano as most children do.
She told me she likes soft songs.

Kailey played her guitar and sang her original songs.

Logan is just about to lose a tooth!!
This photo is courtesy of Logan.....I discovered lots of pictures on my iPad when I got home!

The movie was great and so was the food!
Lots of pizzas, salad, fruit, veggie tray and after wards......
Cokes in tiny cans and - instead of popcorn - we had Mexican bakery cookies that I had brought!
Win! WIN!!

Granddad and I spent the night.
Now the rule at OUR house is - You do NOT wake up MeeMaw!!
I leave snacks and drinks in their room and they may play quietly and then go to the den when Granddad gets up. But they CAN'T wake ME up!!

We have fun with this because at THEIR house, I tell them they CAN wake me up.
Sure enough, at 7:30 I was solid asleep when Trystan said, "Good morning, MeeMaw!!"

She likes getting up early so we can have some one on one time.
Back when they came over every week, she was usually the first one up at nap time.
We both treasure those extra minutes together in the gazebo while the others were still asleep.
Saturday morning I made coffee and gave her a real cup with coffee flavored milk in it!

It was a quick morning as the girls are playing softball.
By 9:30 we were off to their game.

Kailey held my hand all the way there.

While they were getting ready to play, the other set of grandparents arrived prompting Kailey to shrill with excitement - "Now our whole family is here!!"

Can you guess who this is??

After the game, 
we went out to eat lunch at Chipolte before going home and taking much needed naps!

Kailey was extra tired so she slept with me in the guest room.
She and I slept nearly 3 hours!

Amber and Mike had a date afternoon/night so when Kailey and I got up, the other three quads were in the living room with Granddad.

We had more activities to do than we had time for!
First, we made Dilly Bits!

They LOVE these!!

Then we went out in the front yard to do crafts.

They had been given stepping stones for Easter and this was a perfect craft for us to do together.
Talk about involved! They worked for nearly two hours on these! Every once in a while, one or the other would get up and run around the yard but then they would settle back down to paint some more.
It was rather involved as you had to paint carefully to not get the background on the other parts.
We didn't quite finish but we will be back over there this week and can paint the rest. Plus Granddad bought some clear acrylic spray to make them more weather proof.

He was feeling much better but Kailey still noticed his eye was slightly swollen.
She was alarmed when I showed her the pictures I had taken of him when he was first stung.

We had a great time with the kids and with Amber and Mike.

We all went to church together this morning and we will be going back over there tomorrow afternoon to help out with game practice and do dinner.
We are really eating up getting to see so much of them.
They have already grown up so much since Easter!

Look what I got when we came home!!!

My Blog Friend, Michele F. sent me this Happy Camper flag!
Even more precious to me was the sweet note that came with it!

We will take it to the camper next month - but for now it will fly in our herb garden!

It's nearly 10:00 on Sunday night and I must fly out of here and get to the airport!

Summer is arriving in 45 minutes and I want to be on time to pick her up.
She's going to spend the night with us and I can't wait to hear all about her time in Puerto Rico!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful time you have been having! I was a bit worried that you hadn't posted in awhile, but now I see why!! This time with the quads is so good, because I know they miss you when you are in the country. It is such fun watching the kids play softball! Summer is looking especially good, and her top is beautiful! The flag is prefect for the camper...which is now really a house!!

Kim Standard said...

You do have a wonderful family, in photos. So glad you spend time with your mom. It is the best to go to church with your family in my opinion.

Linda said...

You are clearly back in city mode, every second is scheduled for something. No idle time. You’ll have to go back to the country to rest up. The quads really are growing fast. I hope Summer has lots of good things to tell you.

Susie said...

Linda, I know why you take naps, you are on the run most times. But what a fun filled weekend. So good to see the kids still loving their crafts. Movie time is a great time with little ones. Bless your mom and Lillian's hearts, they seem so appreciative. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend, Linda. So glad the baskets were a hit! And I enjoyed catching up with the quads!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a busy busy and wonderful weekend. I hope you got to sleep in a bit this morning with having to make the run to the airport I'm sure it was late before settling in for the night. I enjoyed all the pictures and that cute garden flag too. I'd say you all are some very happy campers no matter where you are.

Estelle's said...

Lillian is just a beautiful wonderful to see them delight in a basket of goodies! Precious time spent with the children....just a happy post Linda!

Sandra said...

glad summer is back home safe and sound and your visit to quadville was super fun for them and you... like those stepping stones PLUS 2 hours of fun entertainment to... glad LD eye is better. that was really scary

Vee said...

Busy life! I enjoyed catching up with you and yours.

Changes in the wind said...

The baskets were such a blessing, it is so good you thought of them. Glad you could spend time with your kids and grandkids and now Summer.

Judy said...

Love the 'happy camper' flag! You are always 'flying' from one activity to the next...sharing with and caring for your loved ones. Nice to see the girls playing ball already (my favorite sport for many years!).

Nonnie said...

In 'n Out burgers would also be my DH's choice. I love the baskets and what joy they brought. Those early morning moments are what I always loved the most.

Pondside said...

You are as busy and active as ever, Linda! Like you, I am spending time with mother in her care home. Yesterday she told me that she wants 'to see Mama'. I told her that Mama is waiting to see her, and so is (my) Daddy. It's a precious time.

Carole said...

My your grandbaby quads are shooting up! Have a lovely visit with Summer. Cheers

BeachGypsy said...

Did Summer get in okay? Hopefully so and I think of her all the time and hope she's feeling better. I just love that camper flag....that is adorable! Glad Louis Dean's eye is better, those wasps and bees and hornets and yellowjackets etc....are all bad to get in their path for sure. I'm so glad your Mother liked her basket, and Lillian hers as well. Oh---and I hope you post pictures of the stepping stones!