Monday, April 9, 2018

Our Country Monday.....

Would you believe we woke up - and GOT UP - at 6:30 this morning??
I find it hard to believe myself!
By 10:00 we had done our reading, had breakfast, taken care of the Critter Chores and were heading to town. We by passed Mart by going the back way. It's more scenic and the roads aren't quite as bumpy.

This owl was sitting smack dab in the center of the road and didn't even budge as we drove right up to him. I got out to take his picture before he flew off......

but we think he was injured by the way he fairly limped away.

He settled in the field next to the road and then flew on off across the way.
You never know what you're going to see in the country!

The wildflowers are starting to bloom.

I do so love buttercups!

All colors!

Louis Dean is really good about stopping so I can take pictures!

We hit up all four Goodwills in Waco but I didn't get as much as you would think!
Mostly movies. Louis Dean got a chair with no arms to use when he plays the guitar.
I needed a few art supplies so he took me to Michael's for that and then Home Depot for 'stuff.'

We ate at Golden Corral because it was his turn to choose.
I would have picked a place where I could have Mexican food and a margarita!
He said it was his last time to go to Golden Corral.
Nothing tasted good and that wasn't such a bad thing since his choices were so NOT healthy ones.
He's still insisting that the dentist murdered his taste buds so that may account for why nothing tasted good to him. My food was fine.

I love driving the country roads!

Somehow it makes your heart a little bit lighter.

This was cotton fields last year.

We got back to the ranch around 4:00 and went down to the meadow to look for some firewood.

This is my most favorite place here on the ranch!

The ducks were enjoying it too!

I sit on that bench and visit with my friend, Linda in Oregon, on the phone.

Dean and Sherry came home while we were down there.

The duck pic and videos are out of order.....we took the five new goslings out of the brooder and put them in this portable pen before we went to the meadow.

This is where Dean was over the weekend.....up at a Karate event in Oklahoma.
He's the third one from the right on the first row.
His teacher from when he was a child is the first one from the right on the end.

We came back up to the camper and I arranged my bouquet of wildflowers.

Sherry brought us up some wood on her four wheeler so we could have a campfire. 
We sat outside for a good long while seeing the day end and the night fall before coming inside.

I have a bouquet of lights on the tree!

Update on our mother......
Deanie and Charlie went to the hospital early this morning so they could speak to the doctor.
Mother's sodium is now up to 130 - from a low of 113 on Friday morning.
She is very weak and still rather out of it.
They were moving her to another room today since she is doing better.
It may be too early to tell if there will be any lasting effects from this situation.
She has seemed more frail these last few months and remains frail and confused now.
We are praying she will improve as she grows stronger.
Time will tell.
Deanie has taken the brunt of the burden by going to the hospital and checking in with the doctors and nursing staff. It has taken a toll on her. She is still trying to recover from her own health issues and I feel badly that she must carry this load with Mother.

Louis Dean is already in bed sound asleep!
I don't think this 6:30 wake up time is going to be a regular thing!
I'm yawning now and about to go to sleep myself.

Goodnight from the country!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your owl really does look more like a small hawk. The juveniles will sit in the road like that because they don't know any better. The wildflowers there are all so beautiful!! The Golden Corrals around here are not so good, and they leave food out till it is hard and a crust forms. So I bet Louis Dean ordered the worst of the lot. You really have to pick and choose. Still praying for your mom!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hugs Linda and continuing to pray for your Mom and your family.

Bluebird49 said...

I hope Louis gets his sense of taste back. I don't know that he could have lost any actual taste buds, but I know anything can happen to anyone at any time!
Enjoy all that greenery! It is so beautiful!!
Oh, I thought the owl looked like a juvenile hawk, too, but I'm up here in VA, so we could have different birds! 💗

Sandra said...

the owl is not an owl, i think it is a hawk. but totally cool to see one in the middle of the road. i have often wondered if i lost my sense of taste would it make me stop over eating. glad your Mom's sodium is up and prayers for her to get better and go home to her new home. priceless pic of LD on the picnic table, and you already know i love the critters.

Susie said...

Linda, I love that meadow just looks so peaceful. Those flowers are beautiful, glad you got a bouquet of them. LD makes me laugh about his taste buds being murdered. LOL. Love that guy. Some times things do not taste the same...different cooks, our meds, our health, heck even our age messes with our taste buds. There's times where I wish I loved hot sauce, I'd carry it for flavor. :):) I will hold your mom and Deanie in my prayers. I try to always remember to ask God to bless each and everyone of my blog friends and their families. I feel like you are my family. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie
p.s. Are there snakes there...I always thought Texas had rattle snakes.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like those baby ducks are really growing fast. And I love seeing all the blooming wildflowers. Glad you had such a nice day and that your mom is better too.

Changes in the wind said...

Love the picture of your favorite place and think it would be mine too. It is hard to truly enjoy where you are when your heart is pulled to where your Mom is, hope she is able to get stronger.

Deanna Rabe said...

I was going to say I think the owl is a young hawk, too.

The meadow is beautiful, no wonder its your favorite place!

Prayers once more for your mother, and today for Deanie especially.

Debbie said...

i love country roads, back roads...the one less traveled. as you proved there is much beautify there!!

ld's taste buds must be damaged because that fried chicken looks pretty darn good to me!!

i don't think that is an owl...but i think you heard that from others. still, a cool sighting!!!

thinking of your mom, i have been keeping up on Facebook but i can't comment as i then get overloaded with private know, when your friends know you are there!!!

Rain said...

Hi Linda :) Great photos of the owl...I hope the poor critter is okay! Those wildflowers...oh! And believe it or not, at 3:30pm on Tuesday it is SNOWING AGAIN here!!! AAAACK! Will it never end??? :) Your ranch looks so comforting and wonderful...what a piece of heaven you have there! I love the videos!!! Those are some adorable little birds! :) Thank you for sharing! I hope your mom recovers well and soon. xx

Zaa said...

Hi Linda .. Thanks for your sweet visit... I added the "Lemon Potato" recipe for you ..It’s so easy and quick... Nice pictures of the owl ..I hope he’s not too badly hurt... and I love the wild lucky you are to have such a great climate... I too love driving the country roads... Everyone says ..why do you take the long way’s simple I love seeing the animals and the beautiful nature. ..Sorry to hear about your mother... I will be sending healing prayers your way... Take care and ENJOY your week....HUGS

Arlene Grimm said...

There is always something interesting to do or see in the country. I cant wait to see what you come up with for your dough bowl, Linda. I am working on some patriotic stitches now so I will be ready for Memorial Day until July 4th.

Carole said...

i've learned something - that buttercups are not always yellow like I thought! Glad your mother is recuperating - once she is back in familiar surroundings she'll probably be less confused. Cheers