Thursday, March 29, 2018

Preparing for Good Friday......It's all About Louis Dean!

We had our work cut out for us today!

We opted to do all our shopping at Walmart so we could do it in one fell swoop.
Or pretty much, anyway.
We filled two buggies and it was a real workout loading them all and then unloading them to check out, not to mention unloading them when we got home and then putting everything away!
I made two little stops on our way home.
One was for Mexican cookies at a bakery up on Irving Blvd. 
The other was at the Dollar Store for Marshmallow Easter Peeps.

I thought this would be a fun dessert to serve!

This gave us time to rest up a bit between the buying of the groceries and the dealing with the groceries.

We went right to work! 
Louis Dean trimmed up the brisket and put it on to cook in the roaster.
The fat was put in a bag in the freezer to take down to our grand dogs when we go back to the ranch next week.

The weather was beautiful today and promises to be so tomorrow, as well.

I baked a sour cream pound cake from Summer's recipe to be topped with sliced sweetened strawberries and whipped cream.

I set up the appetizer table and prepped the veggies.

The dining room and den tables have been set.
Louis Dean and I will be sitting outside at the table on the deck with the quads and Rayne on the bench table.

I will have cloths and place mats and pretty plates for outside as well as in.

I'm grateful for the good weather and will not complain about the mosquitoes that are already here! 
We will fog before everyone arrives!

The brisket is smelling so good!!!

Louis Dean decided we should sample a bite or two......
verdict was to turn the roaster down low and let it cook several more hours.

I thought today would be much harder than it actually was!
Step by step, task by task.....everything fell into place!
There won't be a whole lot I have to do tomorrow and that means I will be relaxed and can enjoy the dinner with all the friends and family who can share it with us.

I told Louis Dean how much I enjoy us doing things like this together.
It is wonderful that he feels the same way!

I have lingered a little while so I could close out this journey entry with a pic of the Easter Bread!

Finally! It is out of the oven and it smells heavenly!
We made two batches which means 24 Easter Nests.
Tomorrow night I will send each guest to our Good Friday Dinner home with one for their Easter morning breakfast.
I've been baking these for over 30 years but Louis Dean has taken up the task and he is a much better baker than I! That's why this post is.....

All about Louis Dean!!!!
He's my HERO!!!!


Kathy said...

He really is a hero. Louis Dean has worked hard today and deserves every bite of that delicious dinner you are having tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

Linda said...

Tomorrow should be a wonderful day, the fixings are there. You two apparently work very fast, real teamwork.

Bluebird49 said...

I do hope you all have a wonderful time and weekend! What a very meaningful time for we Christians!💗

Susie said...

Linda, LD is your wonderful hero. He does help with every family gathering. It all sounds and looks so good too.I know it will be a great time. Blessings to all of you this glorious Good Friday and always. xoxo,love you, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is wonderful that you two make such a great team and manage to get so much done. It is always better than doing it alone for sure ! Louis Dean is looking good and I'm so glad he is doing so well after that terrible flu bug. Hope you have a very Happy Good Friday ! It should definite be a good one at your house. Enjoy your GOOD day !

Changes in the wind said...

You have everything looking great and am fascinated with the Easter bread. I have never heard of it or seen it before. Can you tell us more about it?

Sandra said...

love that first photo of your HERO.. so cute resting by the baskets. i do all my shopping one stop at WM because i hate to shop. did you check the marshmallow peeps at WM, they are almost always cheaper than the dollar store.

Vee said...

🌷🌿💕 Love it all! 💕🌿🌷

A blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend to you!

Wanda said...

And why not? He is just the most special man. To you first and foremost, but how we love that you share him with us. Wonder how many women would like you to "clone" him and pass him around. HaHa. You make everything look so lovely and festive. No one has a bigger heart that you!!! Have a wonderful time at your Easter Party. Hugs.

Debbie said...

It was sooo nice to pop in and visit with you today! And YES I see that Louis Dean is still a treasure that you have been blessed with! Your dinner looks SOO good. Enjoy every little aspect of it. Happy Easter! He is risen!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

WalMart is one stop shopping but oh it wears me out! Love that you do all this and have a Good Friday Dinner! I'm having my daughter's family including my two Grands over for Easter dinner. I do a ham and have baskets for the Grands. I've never had that Easter Bread but have seen it several times. You are lucky to have such a great helper in Louis Dean! Happy Easter!

Carol Slater said...

It is amazing to me how much this man does. You are lucky to have him. My husband loves me but he is so wrapped in his work that I am a second thought.

Rain said...

Your food looks so good, and OMG...that dessert!!! I need to eat that NOW lol! ;) Happy Easter! Your table is lovely!!!

BeachGypsy said...

Stopping in to wish y 'all a happy happy Easter! Praise the Lord! your big Good Friday meal looked fantastic, what a pretty bundt cake!! How did the brisket turn out? Hope you made lots of pictures to share with us! Have a lovely Easter Sunday my friend.

Judy said...

What a team you are! Hope you had an amazing Easter...and looking forward to the re-cap. How did the 'peeps' dessert turn out?