Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Making Beds and Painting Boards.....Our Country Wednesday!

There's just something special about putting fresh sheets on a bed.
I changed the sheets on the Girl Bunk - where I sleep part of just about each and every night down here - from the red plaid flannels to a set of  gray dorm size T-shirt jersey knit sheets that we bought Amber when she was in the hospital for 52 days before the quads were born. They fit great on the camper bunks!

Clean sheets and a fresh pillow case!
Instead of lighting a candle, I gave it all a spritz of my favorite perfume - Red Door.
Louis Dean gifts this fragrance to me often as it is his favorite, too!
Except he calls it 'BARN Door!'
Last night, as I lay in bed saying my prayers, I looked out the open window and gazed up at the stars and a sliver of moon, and praised God for allowing us to spend time down here in the country.
I don't think the 'new' of being out here will ever wear off.
I've loved it ever since our very first visit several years ago.
I'm going to go back in my Country Diaries and see when that was and read my first impressions.
Sometimes what we remember deepens what we recorded about a special time.

This needlework hangs above the pillow in the Girl Bunk.
I stitched it over 30 years ago.
It is one of my favorite verses and remains my goal in how to live and love.

We don't have but a couple of days left here so we were up and at 'em!
Both Louis Dean and I had a set of goals we wanted to achieve for the day.

The very first thing he did - after coffee, stupor and our devotional time - was set up the new printer he bought for me.

While we have been here for two weeks, I have not written one single word on my book.
The first week was because I had left my book notes and some old photos from the time period I'm writing about at home. Dean and Sherry went by the house and picked them up and brought them back over the weekend. This week I've been busy doing 'things.' Sometimes I think I am putting off writing and yet I know I really do want to write this book. But I'm also thinking it may need to be two books. Life before and Life after.....
Tomorrow I have promised myself I will at least work on the changes and additions I need to make to the first five chapters. I read them out loud to my siblings on our way to Galveston last month. Out loud reading is important in going back and 'listening' to what I've written.

I'm grateful for the faith Louis Dean has in me writing this book.
It makes me love him even more.....

I was finally able to help Louis Dean in his work on the new room.
Alas, in the process, I killed my phone.
See that apron I'm wearing? I always wear one that has pockets so I can carry my phone.
Normally, I sew deep denim pockets but not so on this one.
I was painting along on the front of the house - where the truck parks - when I looked down in the big can of paint and saw something black. That would be my iPhone!
I freaked out as I plucked it out of can and I tracked streaks of paint behind me as I ran in to wash it off. I cleaned it and took the cover off and cleaned it some more and then put it in a bag of Jasmine rice from Trader Joe's and was glad I had it. Sadly, I think all hope is gone and I will have to replace it next week. Thank goodness, I still have my iPad!!

While I painted, Louis Dean worked on the sewer pipe he had accidentally cut ,and he had to go to Waco to get a part to repair it. Since I didn't  - and don't - have a phone - I insisted on going with him.
We will be together until I get a new one.
He often says the only reason he even HAS a phone is that I insisted he get one when we first started dating back in 2005. He has had a phone ever since.

We saw our first bluebonnets of the season on our way......

and Louis Dean made a point of stopping on our way back so I could take pictures.

You can tell these are new because there are no red spots at the bottom.....

And we saw these! Indian Paintbrushes go hand in hand with Texas Bluebonnets!

I love a man that will pull off the road for wildflowers!

We drove back country roads to the paved highways and then back again.
On the gravel back roads, we saw one car as we went towards town and four vehicles on our way home. There are lots of cars on the paved roads but nothing like the traffic you have in big cities!

So this is where I am blogging.
I meant it print off a copy of one of the critter photos I've taken while we have been down here as well as a pencil sketch of it using my edit program.
But the day has been long and we are tired so I aim to do this first thing in the morning.

Louis Dean bids you all a good night!!
And so do I!


Kathy said...

Country life certainly agrees with you. Hope you get a new phone soon. What would we do without our phones these days?

Tammi Cox said...

It must be break your phone week
I dropped mine from about 50 feet at work on Saturday. Was out of a phone untill Monday!!! Hope you get a phone soon.glad you have been enjoying your trip

Anonymous said...

I love a man that pulls off the road to take photos of wild flowers too lol,, my gosh I loved that sentence lol,, perfection!!

peggy said...

It is so good to see flowers, even if just a pic and far away from me in Texas. I love your blog background!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, it is wonderful to see those flowers blooming as it is cold and snow covered here. Hope you can get a new phone soon. I know I'd be lost without mine. Mean while you do have access to one and he is such a great man too. Not all would stop for wildflowers.

Susie said...

Linda, So sorry about your phone. I think LD is a romantic...stopping for you to get photos of flowers. :) Love that. I am always onto Ted about driving faster when I want to get pictures. LOL. Also I remind him of his phone's possibility of being lost out of his pockets. Love clean fresh sheets...they smell as sweet as when they are hung on a clothes line to dry. Blessings to you and LD, love you both, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

Not your phone! Well we all learn some lessons the hard way. Deep state = bad; Deep pockets = good. ☺️

The timing is off somehow for the book writing so trust the process for the right time is coming. Maybe today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the days. I sure do envy you the wildflowers!

Linda said...

If the paint was white just dip that phone is red and blue paint and you’ll start a new trend in country phones.

bj said...

awww, having such a great place to get away is truly a blessing. I love that YOU love it there so much.
and...I LOVE clean, good smelling sheets, too. :)
Linda, I thank you so so much for prayers for me. They are the greatest gift you can give me. I am doing ok...I have so many blessings I am thankful for. I miss him so much it actually hurts life will never be the same...his passing has affected every single thing about my life...but...I am happy and blessed to have such a loving family and friends that seem like family. We do things I stay as busy as an 80 yr old can. Busy helps with my grief so much. Love to you!

Lisa said...

Red Door is what my husband use to buy me. Now he is sinsitive to perfumes and therefor, He stopped buying it for me. It was not my favorite but it was his.
Love your little blogging spot.