Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Friday! The Country, Treasures From Virginia's and Buying Groceries at Read's!! It's All About Mart!

I woke up this morning and totally forgot where I was!
It was an exciting moment when I remembered I was in the COUNTRY!!

Louis Dean and I had a nice morning sipping our coffee and doing our reading.
It's nice to be back!

We ate a bowl of Cheerios and he went out to work on his projects and I made up the bed and did the few dishes we had used.

I wore my city clothes down here and today I wore country clothes.
Gray sweat pants, gray sweat shirt and a red plaid Christmas shirt as an overlay.
I love being here!

I drove the big white truck down County Line Road and paused to take this photo of the very field I picked cotton in last fall.
You can see I left a few bolls behind that have held on.

I love the beauty of the country.
Perhaps it's because I am a city girl.
Still, my heart flutters and stops at the scene of wildflowers!
The very first of the spring season of 2018!
And I get to see it!

I am hoping someone knows the name of this pretty flower....
I left my wildflower book at home.

And this one.....really more purple than blue.....

I was drawn to this country scene.......
see that barrel there?

Turns out it is home to a swarming beehive!
You may not see them in the photo but they were everywhere!
I hightailed it back to the truck without getting stung - but I  was happy I got to see this!

That would be Virginia's on Texas Street in Mart, Texas!
I scored well on this Friday!
She was having a super sale of 20% off everything!

Hello, Red Door!
Louis Dean and I call it Barn Door and it is his favorite!
Less than $5! Win! WIN!!!

A hand painted gourd birdhouse!
It is already hanging out on the front deck here at the camper!

I'm taking these home to polish up and use on Good Friday.

I love a good denim jacket!

Great brand and fits well.....

I got out of Irving without a denim shirt - of which I have many!
I like to have one to put on just when it gets a bit chilly - as in the mornings and evenings here on the ranch.

Another good score! I love all things Coldwater Creek!

Can you tell what is new here?
I think I have pretty much filled up all available wall space now!
In case you can't tell....the chicken cover on the tray sits on the gas stove.
Just about every square inch of the camper is DECORATED!!!

These two books came from the Dollar General Store.
I may have already bought the Earl's one.
You see, I shop faster than I read!

I love a full wall!
The BISTRO sign and the Vino by the Glass both came home with me from Virginia's!
I am so looking forward to the time when I have real walls in the new room!
Fresh space to decorate!!

This Tommy Hilfiger lunch bag was less than $1!

I had my eyes examined recently because I had noticed my vision had deteriorated.
A magnifying glass seemed like a good idea!

I brought all my treasures home including pork ribs, chicken breasts, smoked sausage, and other sale priced items from Read's Grocery! It pays to shop local!

Louis Dean has been working on the utility room as well as on getting the plumbing in for the bathroom. All I want is a toilet that flushes! In other words - a usable commode!
He says it will happen but I want it to happen TOMORROW!!

Guess who is coming to visit us this weekend?
Amber, Mike and the quads!
I am so excited!
They will arrive about lunch time and I have cooked the potatoes and eggs tonight for the potato salad.....keeping some egg free for Amber as she is allergic to the egg yolks. 
I will be baking a batch of brownies in the morning, brewing up a pitcher of tea, putting together a dish of baked beans,  and cutting up the vegetables for the hamburgers we will be grilling as well as some hot dogs. I also have a watermelon to cut open and am hoping it is a good one!
We have lots of fun plans for the weekend!
Aunt Sherry arranged for us to tour a peacock farm on Sunday afternoon.
(Do you think this will make up for me telling the kids Sherry's male peacock died??)
Amber has plans in Waco for Monday and I am going to tag along!

While I love being in the country - it is an extra special blessing to be able to share this country experience with my grandchildren! Thank you to Dean and Sherry for their wonderful hospitality!
This summer, Louis Dean and I are hoping to do MiMi Camps for the older three grands as well as MeeMaw Camps for the youngest four.
I'm so glad Rayne was able to visit us here earlier in January.
I'm sure she will be visiting again sometime this summer.

Louis Dean worked hard today and has been in bed for over an hour.
We brought pinto beans we had cooked at home when we came and tonight we finished them off along with a batch of fresh cornbread muffins and slices of sweet onion. I paid good $ for those sweet onions and I'm so glad they really WERE sweet!

I'm about to go out and turn off all the lights in the new room and close up the doors.
It is pleasant in the camper tonight.
I have the windows open and the fan on circulating the air.
I don't think I ever sleep any better than I do when we are down here at the camper.

Sleep well, my friends and family!


Blondie's Journal said...

Your posts are like a sweet slice of Texas life, city or country. I feel the same way at the lake. Open fields, wildflowers. I think the white flowers are lily of the valley, and the purple, mini hyacinths. The metal can looks like it might have been some sort of drainage pipesection. I guess you don't want to turn it over! Ha!

I also love hearing about your meal plans and prep. You go all out sometimes, and other times its simple and delish. Hubs would love a simple meal of cornbread and chili. I just never think that way.

Have a ball this weekend. I always look forward to the fam coming up to the lake. Oh---great finds at Virginia. Love Loft and Coldwater Creek. I also love old silver whenever I can find it!

Jane x

Wanda said...

What a wonderful Friday. I also think the white flower is Lily of the Valley as that is the flower for the Month of May which is my birthday.
Love all your finds at the Thrift Store...I need a new denim jacket, mind is just about at the end of it's life. I love it and hate to see it go. I think they are hard to find out here. I love Coldwater Creek too. Such cute clothes.
How fun to have your your quads for the country time.
Love and Hugs.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your purple flowers look to be Grape Hyacinth. And the little white ones...maybe Lily Of the Valley? Your new Jean jacket looks brand new! And Coldwater Creek is an excellent find. You have a wonderful country meal planned for the Quads. They will go nuts over the peacock farm. AND as it is spring, they might even be displaying. A new toilet tomorrow! I know you are FLUSH with excitement...

Sandra said...

enjoy your quad visit, i know they will love all that you love.. i would love to visit the farm and you and the quads and all the critters. really enjoyed your pics of the flowers and that bee hive. glad it is there and that you did not get in trouble while viewing it. i know we need our bees

Susie said...

Linda, I am glad you saw those bees and got out of their way. You found some good things to bring home. It will be fun for everyone to share time down there with you and LD. I told you that man would want to work like a borrowed mule.. :):) Blessings, love all of you, xoxo, Susie

jamarson1 said...

Have a great weekend with the kids! Can’t wait to hear about it.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You found some wonderful treasures! I love that hand painted gourd! And it's nice to be in the country when the wildflowers are blooming! ENJOY!!! Hugs!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Definitely sounds like you had a well spent day and will have a well spent weekend too! I can imagine how eager you are to decorate those new walls. How wonderful the quads will visit. City children need time in the country to appreciate what a wonderful world we live in. I had many happy visits to my grandparents farm when I was a child and will never forget them. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest !

Arlene Grimm said...

I love Coldwater Creek as well Linda. Have fun with the quads.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love to hear about your days in the country. You found some awesome deals at the thrift store!

Bluebird49 said...

Well, it won't be long before the Quad family will arrive! They will have such fun going to the peacock farm, and seeing the animals.
You got some nice things thrifting, as usual! It's been a long time since I've been. It's so exhausting to go and search for things---but I'd love to go. Thanks for letting us tag along and live vicariously through you!
Hoping the most important part of the bathroom will be ready today, and that Louis Dean will not wear himself down!
You do have a wonderful life! You give blessings and find blessings! 💗💗

Kathy said...

I have to go shopping with you. You always find the best things. The white flowers are Lily of the Valley and the blue/purple ones look like Grape Hyacinth otherwise known as Muscari. I had both in my yard for awhile. So glad you are in the country where you can relax. Have fun with Amber, Mike and the Quads.

Carole said...

Ooh, I guessed snowdrops for the white one but having checked out lily of the valley I agree with Kathy. Cheers

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You always find the best treasures! I have noticed patches of snow drops blooming here and there lately. Love those first blooms of spring!

NanaDiana said...

Love reading your posts...and I know how much you love being there and enjoying the country life. You always find the best deals, Linda....amazing finds. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

what great finds!!!! I love coldwater creek too!
Have the best weekend,

Jodi Walters said...

Lily of the valley Linda! Love them too. Be careful if you transplant them, they tend to take over...........:)

Angela said...

Wow, you got some great stuff at the thrift store!

BeachGypsy said...

You got some cool new treasures there!--I love denim shirts as well! They last forever and just get worn and better. Love the country pretty! Surely spring has sprung with all those pretty wildflowers! I don't think I know the Red Door perfume, but I did used to wear Georgio's "Red". Used to love it, haven't smelled that in years. So glad y'all are back in the peaceful pretty countryside!--you seem so content there.

Eva said...

Yes! Grape hyacinth (muscari), which I plant in my garden, and snowdrops! Love Texas wildflowers!

Carla said...

I would have driven away from that barrel fast. Me and bees are not friends. You haven't had the mimi camps in a while if I remember right. I love the saying about junk and room. LOL