Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another Beautiful Country Day...and My Magnolia Buys!

Since I have more of a Goodwill budget, I did not expect to find any bargains at Magnolia!
While I am blessed with thrift store treasures, Amber is gifted at finding clearance and sales and can sniff them out anywhere! Magnolia was no exception!

I saw Trystan carrying a pretty little heavy glass vase and asked to see the price. $12!

I went off to find one for myself!
Then Amber found a table loaded with some really good buys!

I grabbed one of these!

So many ways to use it......

But for now, I turned it upside down and set my little forever up tree on it.

One thing led to another and I like the way it turned out.

I decorated the tree with bolls of cotton I picked last fall along with burlap wired ribbon and a package of jute from the Dollar Store in Mart.

Today was a beautiful day!
However I spent much of it inside the camper resting and napping.
In between rests, I did a little housework - but not much.
I cleaned the teeny tiny bathroom from top to bottom and hung up a shower rod across the middle of the area above the teeny tiny bathtub to hang my clothes on. The tub area has been what I use for my 'closet' when we are down here. When we were at the RV park in Katy, back in the Baby Quad Days, we were steps away from the nice big shower house. Then when we first came down here, we used the shower house they had built for the karate camps they had. Of late, we have been using the shower in their house. Well, Monday night I hauled all my clothes out of the tub, gave it a good scrub and Amber gave the kids baths in it! It's a tiny little thing - Louis Dean says it's like taking a bath in a thimble - but it did the job! Amber took one, too and after they went to bed in the tent - I took one, too! But tonight, I went up to the house while Dean and Sherry were teaching their Karate class in Waco and took a good long hot shower!

I stopped to feed the chickens on my way back to the camper.

They are entertaining!

The coyotes got into the duck pen last night and they got about four ducks.
I noticed this evening they had put them in a tall sturdy chicken coop until they can figure out how to better keep them secure at night. I can hear the coyotes howling as I am writing.....

This tree has bedded out practically right before our very eyes!

My favorite time of day is the short few minutes when the daylight is starting to slip away and the night is quietly tip toeing in.
I sat up on the deck painting my nails and watched Louis Dean work.

He's had a tough time of it the last few weeks.
He is over the flu but still trying to regain his stamina. It frustrates him that he can't do everything he wants to and his asthma really has kept him down. The wind on Sunday did a number on him!
He has been working on the bathroom - the toilet! Still a work in progress and he needed a part so he went to Waco this afternoon and got turned around when he came out of Home Depot. He said he like to never have figured out where he was! Neither one of us has any sense of direction but together we do better than on our own. I wished I had gone with him but I was so tired all I wanted to do was take a nap.

I was happy he perked up some tonight and made a good fire.
The wind is returning tomorrow! I'm hoping to keep Louis Dean inside the camper with the doors and windows shut so his asthma won't flare up again. It's just now getting under control.
He can play his music and perhaps we will watch some old movies.

I've been having fun seeing all the things people are doing on Spring Break this week!

 My sister, Deanie, always takes her Andie somewhere.
They just got home this afternoon and I love all the photos she took.
My siblings and I keep a message thread going and it has been silent while all of us were busy doing adventures. 

Deanie started the thread up again tonight and I asked if I could share the pics on my blog tonight. She and Andie have such a special relationship. I've learned a lot about being a grandmother from Deanie!

Isn't Andie adorable??

They stayed pretty close to home this time.
I LOVE this pic! It's my favorite!

They did a day in Granbury and then headed to Sun Dance Square where they stayed in a brand new hotel!

I'm sure Deanie loved being in a CLEAN one after staying in a not so nice one in Galveston on our sibling trip! I bet that won't ever happen again!

Andie is a Cuitie Pie and loaded with Personality!!

Andie always asked her MiMi - "Did you ask for two beds and a room with a nice view?"
Deanie always does!
This was Andie's view.
They are safely back home tonight.
I'm glad when my loved ones go and return safe.

It was two hours ago when I took this pic of my blogging spot tonight.
I have gone out to sit by the fire and chat with Louis Dean a few times.
That's where I'm going now....
Goodnight from the Country!!


bj said...

I am just about to flat jump thru myself to go to Magnolia...daughter and a friend went last year and bought some gorgeous Joanna Gains style pendent lights...we are going sometime this summer. They have a lake house at PK and I think it's not too far from Waco....

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You both need to rest awhile in the country - and not try to do as much as you usually do. Asthma is an energy stealer. Hugs.

Ginny Hartzler said...

On your last post, I asked you to show us your buys from Magnolia, and voila! Here they are! I just love what you did with the moss basket. You can take anything, and make it look beautiful in some way. You know just where to put things. The cotton and burlap on the tree is a real stroke of genius...a real country tree!! Hearing those coyotes must be rather creepy! It is amazing that Louis Dean has been able to do so much so soon after the flu!

Susie said...

Linda, I like that versatile basket. The little vase will be sweet with some flowers. Glad your sister is up to having fun with her g.daughter. Please sit on LD if you have too., It may take him a while to get his stamina back in full. Take care of each other. Blessings for a great day, xoxo, love, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

One day I hope to visit Magnolia. Thanks for sharing your experience. Love your blogging spot. It looks so cozy.

Vee said...

Good morning from the North Pole. ⛄️

Oh my! That closing photo is so golden and welcoming and charming.

So sad for the poor ducks. Life in the country can be hard sometimes. Do not tell Kailey!

Praying for Louis Dean to continue to recover and that the asthma will sit down and shut up!

It’s wonderful that Deanie and Andie have such fun times together. Andie is a sweetheart wanting to spend time with her MiMi and smart, too.

More fun and relaxation today...

NanaDiana said...

I am glad that LD is feeling better and sorry he suffers from asthma. I know how bad that can be for some people. I got a kick of his comment about taking a bath in a thimble.

Andie is a cutie pie! Looks like she has fun and a sweet disposition.

Hope you have a great upcoming weekend. xoDiana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like your forever tree and it looks delightful. It will be so nice when that plumbing is in and done and you can enjoy a good hot shower right where you are. The coyotes seem to be a problem for many, even right here in Ohio. We hear about them on the news all the time. Nice you could enjoy the campfire while you have good weather for it. Windy days are not so good. We have plenty of them here and I keep hoping that soon they blow spring our way !

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts so much, I truly do,, that forever up tree is amazing, I love it ,,

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm so happy you got to go to the Silos. I'd love to go! I'm sorry about the ducks. It sounds like things are coming along, slowly and surely, with your addition. I love what you did with your tree.

Prayers for LD's asthma and regaining his strength and stamina!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your posts always share so much of your life and I really love it. Glad you are both doing well, but it does take a good while to get that stamina back after an illness. Enjoy that fire.

Sandra said...

I have taken showers my whole 73 years. We did have a tub in some of the houses but I don't like sitting in a tub and never have and always dreaded taking a bath at my grandmother's house because she had a tub but we had to heat the water to pour in the tub on her stove and I really hated taking tub baths. I could not sit in the tub now and get out of it. Love the chickens hope you get a bigger bathroom soon and hope your turn this goes away and LD can pick up his stamina. Bob is fine now but he doesn't have the stamina he did have

Bluebird49 said...

I know Louis hasn't yet gotten his strength back, he wants to but he's not yet up to it. Poor thing, it's scary getting turned around!! I love what you did with your kids basket!!

Carla said...

It's always fun to see what you get into in the country.
That's the one problem with chickens and ducks they make yummy dinner for the coyotes. And we have plenty of coyotes around our farm and I want chickens darn it.