Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Love My Life!!!

We zipped up the gazebo, took out the trash, cleaned out the fridge and closed up the house!
When I woke up this morning I had in my mind we would leave by 1:00. We pulled out of the driveway at 1:15.

First stop - Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen which has THE best margaritas and really good food.
The service was not all that great, unfortunately.

Still, we were relaxed and not in a big hurry and enjoyed this first bit of our trip to the country!

We shopped HEB in Waco for important supplies like milk, diet drinks and wine.

County Line Road!!

We are back!!!
Even the cows greeted us!

I'm already having a good time!!

And we are here!

Back in the country!!

We are through the gate!

Louis Dean unloaded the truck and I put things away.
We make a good team.
We sat out by the campfire with our wine and savored the moment.

We are happy to be here!!

I bet we both sleep like babies tonight!


  1. About time! You really need some rest and relaxation time. And just plain quiet and peace to refresh yourself. Louis Dean looks better than ever! It is so good to see he is back to his old self. Now, get a good long night's sleep, and listen to the country.

  2. I knew you were there when I saw that red, white, and blue paint on the mailbox and gate. Hide the paint brush from LD!

  3. I've never been the Cheddar's before, but my brother and his wife love it. They said the food was great!

  4. Linda, After LD's illness and all the running you have been doing, it's going to feel good in the country. Fresh air and relaxation. I bet the animals have missed your treats. :) Blessings for a fun time. xoxo,love you, Susie

  5. Oh I think you are sleeping yet. Be sure to tell us! Happy Days are Here Again...

  6. Glad you are back and we'll. Enjoy.

  7. Hoping you have so much fun and get lots of rest...
    I am on my way to Possum Kingdom lake this morning...daughter and fam have a beautiful lake house and we get to stay for 3 whole days...I love to fish so plan to get some of that in...however, Mr. Sweet always baited my line and took my fish off for me..I am going to miss that...and I sooo miss him. Have fun, Art Lady.

  8. I can tell you love your life! every moment of it ! I hope now you are in the country your way of life will change to a slower pace, but I doubt it. I could only wish to have just a little of your energy. Life is great here and I love it too, but much slower for sure ! Enjoy your days in the country ! I'm sure you will !

  9. Have a good time! Tell LD I finally looked up my Chapman ancestress...Malinda Catherine Chapman born in Murray County GA in the 1800s. Maybe we are kin folks!

  10. We don’t go out and dine much anymore, but bad service can ruin a good meal!
    You and Louis do make a great team—- when one can only give 10%, the other gives 90%, and vice versa. Marriage isn’t 50/50.. it’s about being willing to do what it takes to have the happiness of 100%, knowing each partner will do the same for the other. Y’all have got it down, sister’ Now rest and enjoy. Breathe in that country air!

  11. i would be to excited to sleep thinking of reaching the farm with all those animals. i would like to have a home away from home on a farm

  12. Have a super time. I love living in the country and don't think I would last long if I ever had to move to the city.