Tuesday, March 6, 2018

More About Amber, Fort Worth Visits and Tuesday Treasures!

I thought I would brag a little more about Amber tonight.
I realized that I haven't said a lot about Amber's professional career - at least not since her quad pregnancy. She may be most famous as a Quad Mom but she has an amazing career as a free lance writer, as well. Her recent featured article in Fort Worth Home is just one of the many she has written.

Amber has been a writer all her life!
She's always loved words - even before she could read them.
She liked the way they looked on the pages of books and the way they were formed into paragraphs.

She excelled in every part of language arts and says that Greek and Latin studies were one of her favorites back in our home schooling days.

None of us were surprised when she graduated from Texas State at the age of 20 with her four year degree. She has a major in Journalism with a minor in Criminal Justice. Amber started college when she was 15 and was home schooled before that.

After graduation, she went to work for a local start-up magazine in Houston and became their executive editor within a year. She was involved with everything from distribution to design to the printing process. From there she went to work for Houston Modern Luxury magazine as an associate editor and was later promoted to senior editor.

She then served as editor in chief for Houston Brides, a biannual sister publication which she launched for them. The above photo is of her very first Editor's Notes of the premier issue.

Louis Dean and I went down to Houston to the Launch Party and it was spectacular!
It was a night to remember!
She often invited me to join her as she attended galas and events as part of her job.
I met some fascinating people and it was a lot of fun.
She interviewed famous designers and influential people such as Joanne HerringKing.
I met her at one of the galas one night in 2008. She and my Aunt Geneva Gilbraith knew each other.
Isn't it a small world? Of course they were both in the same circles there in Houston.

In 2009, Amber and Mike went to Scotland to live for a year.
While there she wrote for a travel magazine, publishing two of her own trip experiences.
She consulted and wrote for a bridal guide publication and also worked part time for a local  marketing company. Amber has always been an over achiever!

She began her own free lance writing business when they returned to the states from Scotland and has worked for both Houston Brides as well as Dallas Brides among other magazines.

She's never stopped writing and is nearly always pushing to meet a deadline and working into the night and around the quads schedule.

I tend to focus on what a good mother she is that I forget to sing her praises on her writing career!
I guess I fixed that now, haven't I?


Moving on to my Tuesday......

I was up and at 'em and on the road to Fort Worth shortly after 11:00 this morning!
I stopped at Boston Market to pick up lunch for Mother and Lillian and myself and then stopped to get a couple of chocolate milkshakes for good measure!
I was so glad I did as that was all they wanted. Not the chicken pot pie or the vegetable plate or the mac and cheese. Just the shakes, thank you!
I took my laptop with me and did a slide show of all the photos from January to now.
 I showed them pictures of the country and the critters, of Summer and pics of Logan - Logan takes lots of selfies when she gets my phone or iPad so I have lots of pictures of Logan! - and some of Louis Dean.
I showed her all our Galveston pictures and the recent ones of us last week.
I guess I stayed a couple of hours and then packed up and let them take their naps.
With all the showing of the pictures - I forgot to TAKE any!

I went to see Deanie before coming home and we had a nice visit and chat.

Deanie and Charlie have so many interesting things in their home.
Charlie bought this safe years ago.
It had been painted an ugly orange.
He had it sand blasted.....

....and this was under all that paint.
I can't read it well myself tonight and I can't make out the date but Charlie said it was 18 something!

Pretty neat thing to have in your living!

Not only do that have that one......

they have ANOTHER one!!!

I love looking at their 'stuff!'

I have debris! My sisters have valuable antique pieces!

Deanie and Charlie have long collected elephants.

I need to ask her why they chose elephants - or did she simply like them?

She has such nice things.

Charlie just brought these in yesterday.
His Aunt Freddie painted the rose on the ceramic piece.

After seeing all that historical stuff - I decided to hit up a Goodwill when I got back to Irving!

These are my Tuesday Treasures!!
Two Susan Winget Halloween plates, a heavy lead glass pitcher, a makeup bag from Clinque and 2 green plates to finish out a table setting.

AND a grey London Fog purse - brand new and a little over $10!!
It was a Win! WIN!! for today!

Louis Dean went over to Quadville this afternoon to see the kids.
He needed a bit of cheer up and they sure gave it to him.
He's feeling so much better and is slowly getting back to his normal self.
I fixed a month's work of medicine in our pill boxes tonight.
I picked up prescriptions on my way home and there was a glitch in their computer system.
Louis Dean's blood thinner rang up at $400.27!!!
I had to wait half an hour for them to figure how to fix his account.
I told them he has insurance!! They finally found it!

Louis Dean will be loading the truck up tomorrow and I will be cleaning the rest of the house including the fridge! There are some mystery bowls in there!
We will start packing up our food tubs and clothes and hopefully be ready to leave Thursday for the country!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A good day. Hugs.

Blondie's Journal said...

You wear me out Linda! Especially the day you visited your mother and everyone else on the earth, bringing lunch and milkshakes...I would have picked up my phone and ordered from my fave place, Foxes. Milkshakes included!

Amber is an incredibly talented lady, with a future ahead of her that I hope matches her successes in the past. I know how proud you are!

Have a good trip! :)


Ginny Hartzler said...

I just love all those elephants!! Amber is truly amazing!! She has it ALL. She is gorgeous smart,talented, and creative. Not to mention being such a good mom.

Bluebird49 said...

Why am I not surprised to hear Amber is an”over achiever”!! She has achieved so much already and I think you had given her a strong base from which to do that! It’s so good to see families thrive and support one another. :) Hope soon we will see a post from the country!!

Susie said...

Linda, I am impressed with Amber achievements. I am very impressed with the home schooling you gave your children. Amazing and wonderful. You also raised her to be a good mother. Oh what fun for your mother and her friend to have milk shakes. Maybe the facility where they are staying should serve them once in awhile. Please be safe on your country trip. I know you and LD are anxious to have some time there. Blessings,love you both, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

loved reading about Amber....talented in many areas! have fun in the country.

Sandra said...

yay for another trip to the country. i am blown away by your daughters life and all the accomplishments before and after become super mom to the quads. i had not idea of any of this. she is truly a blessing to you and to her own family. You go girl to Amber. standing ovation to her. wildly clapping

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful to have a celebrity in the family. She is very accomplished and you are right to boast about her achievements What a wonderful young woman! Your Tuesday was certainly packed with visits and then shopping. I love seeing your finds. I am appreciative of your reminder about cleaning out the fridge. I need to do that too. So glad you can get back to country living.

Estelle's said...

I so loved reading about Amber and her accomplishments. Very impressive!!! Y'all have a wonderful time at the ranch...safe travels!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I enjoyed reading about Amber too and I know you are so proud of her. Hope you get packed for the country. I know you are ready for a break! Hugs!

Deanna Rabe said...

I love that Amber has been able to keep up her writing while mothering the quads! Have a great time in the country!

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing about your talented Amber. She is mini you.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You have every right to be proud of your talented daughter! How she has managed to continue to write while mothering the quads is beyond me. A lovely gal, all around. Enjoy your country-time!

Vee said...

It’s wonderful to have mothers brag on their children. Hope that Amber catches you doing it! She is a woman of many talents and a devoted mother herself.

Hmmm...chocolate shakes sound so good. How fun that both ladies opted for those.

It was funny that looking at Deanie and her husband’s treasures triggered an urge for shopping. And didn’t you ever score! I never, and I mean nEveR do so well.

Happy trails down to the Ranch. You made it! Hope that you both get lots of good country rest there!

Carole said...

Way to go Amber! Love those safes. Cheers

Carla said...

Amber has always amazed me. She's talented like her Momma