Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday Treasures!

The pretty weather of yesterday vanished and the gray clouds and misty rains returned.
I woke up before Louis Dean did and started the coffee and got back in bed.
I'll be glad when we are sleeping in the same room again.
As it is, I find myself going in the guest room in the middle of the night and hovering at the side of his bed watching for the rise and fall of his breathing.
He's out of the woods and yet I would feel better if he were lying beside me and all I need do is to touch him and know that he's okay.
He's still coughing and hacking and sometimes I'm grateful to hear him - that way I know he's breathing. Is it wrong that I'm relieved and then I don't have to get up and check on him??
It will be two weeks on Friday night that he fell ill so I think he's doing pretty good.
He has eaten all the milkshakes I bought and has moved on to cleaning out the fridge on his own - eating whatever he can find so that's a good sign!

He's sleeping a lot - which is a good thing!
After our morning reading and prayers - and there are so many prayer needs - I got ready and got out of the house!!

Goodwill had some more awesome dinner plates and a beautiful basket of faux flowers!

Just because I could - I stopped at Whataburger and bought the smallest hamburger they have.
I lingered long over it and the small fries and Diet Coke .....

while I read the first chapter in Rosamond Pilcher's book.
I may have read it before but so far it reads new to me.

I found this review online and totally agree!!

"I am a Rosamunde Pilcher fan so I adore all her books. Once you have her collection, you will read and re-read them all. She is a typical British author and very descriptive in her writings. You will feel like you are in Cornwall, walking on the Moors, feeling the spray of the ocean mist on your face as you walk with her characters and visit quaint places."

I went on about my errands shopping at Aldi and stopping by Years to Your Health - our local herbal shop.

I have an appointment for my yearly check up in  April and thought I better try to help my liver out.
The cholesterol meds affected my liver years ago and, while the numbers haven't changed much in the last 5 years, it doesn't hurt to do what we can with the herbal remedies available to us.

I timed my visit with Reaoma so I could feed her dinner to her.
I was so thrilled to see that Reaoma was holding her head up and was having a good day.

The signs of her recent fall out of the wheelchair have faded and she was holding her head up and looking beautiful. She ate well at dinner and we went for a stroll through the halls before settling back down in her room again.

I told her Pam would be coming to see her tomorrow and I could tell she was excited about that.
I have posted on Facebook about my visits with her and tagged her so her friends could see.
Tonight I read her all the comments and she was unusually responsive and I could tell she knew and remembered her friends and her cousin.

Life can be hard and there are many loved ones suffering tonight.
Our dear family friend, Joni. lost her son yesterday. The funeral will be Friday and I will be there with my siblings. We all love Joni and her precious mother, Lily. 

Summer called me while I was with Reaoma and I could tell something was terribly wrong.
A dear friend of hers and Sabrina's lost her mother this afternoon.
There was a head on collision when the other driver had a heart attack.

My heart is heavy tonight as I write.


Terra said...

I am glad to hear Louis Dean is recovering nicely.

Deanna Rabe said...

My sweet Rachel has the flu. I’m so sorry for the losses of loved ones.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my. The world is truly beautiful, but it is also a veil of tears. Reaoma looks prettier and better than I have ever seen her! Now I want to know about your liver. Phil & I have been taking Statin drugs for many years. Did you stop them, but then what about your blood work numbers

Bluebird49 said...

Every day there is bad with the good, I know. I don't know whether the balance gets out of whack more as we get older, but it seems so. We have lost 4 classmates in less than a month! And, of course, lost friends, family and others in the community along with those.
I am so glad you got out to "thrift" and, get a moment to eat alone, and then see Reaoma! Your days are so full compared to mine. Just going out last Friday night for a few hours, and a wedding on Saturday really took a toll on me. But---at least I got out with my husband both days --- and that was good. Of course, we'd both just as soon be home!
I don't think it is odd that you watch and listen to hear Louis. I do the same thing when Ed is sleeping so quietly and deeply. I watch to see his chest move!! I can't remember when I started to do this..I kind of wonder!! Sometimes he wakes me if I seem to not hear him---or actually don't hear him because I haven't rested and have fallen into a deep sleep!!
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son and about Sabrina and Summer's friend! As I said, it seems every day brings heartaches, sometimes we must search for and recount the the good things.
(And I must listen to and heed my own words!!!)

Linda said...

Anyone who’s married to a heart patient can identify with your comments about checking to see if they’re breathing. It becomes an automatic part of the living of life forever after. I’ve done that so many times over the years.

Susie said...

Linda, I wish we all knew how very precious life is and fragile. To appreciate each day with loved ones. Glad LD is getting better. You could get a baby monitor to listen for him. :):) You need your rest also. Sending hugs to all of you. How's Ruth Ann doing? I know you miss going thrifting with her. Blessings,love you girl, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

It seems we always have the happy with the sad and sometimes it is hard to balance it all but prayer is the only answer. Your friend looked so much better and am sure she is very happy to see you and for your sweet care.

Vee said...

Some days are terribly difficult. Supporting those who are struggling or grieving is holy and righteous work. You do it so well just by being there. Praying for your family friends.

So glad that Louis Dean has his appetite back and that he is feeling stronger and better.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life is such a fragile thing. Much prayer is needed. A day out like that one was needed. I hope to get out soon. I've been limiting myself to the grocery store until my strength returns. I thought that basket of flowers was real. It is pretty! raining here too today.

Sandra said...

sleeping and eating is a great sign of recovery for LD, can't tell you how many times i have 'hovered' to check the breathing of Bob. that plate from goodwill would be beautiful hanging on a wall, of course i KNOW you have no space on your wall for it, but will use it otherwise


LD looks great dear friend, I'm so glad for both of you.
Don't worry I remember Summer today, so she can be in our prayers of healing.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So much loss, it's hard. Life is fragile!

Juju said...

Sounds like your keeping your head up high too no matter what. I'm sorry to here about your dear friend's son.

Carole said...

No need to send the book ... It's available at our library. Cheers

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you and Louis Dean are feeling good tonight. I know it's been tough. We've sure suffered a lot of loss this year...it's hard. Take care of each other! Sweet hugs to you both, Diane