Thursday, February 22, 2018

Louis Dean WILL Get Well.......It Just Might Take Awhile!

I'm so happy that Louis Dean felt better today!
While he is still sick, at least he could get dressed and walk to the car and then sit up long enough to get to the doctor and walk to the office.
It all took a good bit of energy and he was wiped out when we got up there.

He is the best sport in the world about me taking his picture!
You can't tell it here but he even shaved this morning!
Yesterday he could not have made it to an appointment.

He's lost 10 pounds since last Friday.

The doctor checked him out and decided to give him a breathing treatment.
That just about did him in! He couldn't quite finish it. The nurse came in about that time and he told her he felt like he was about to pass out. He had been sitting in a chair so she helped him up on the table so he could lie down and caught him by his belt and pulled him on over when he nearly toppled off. Praise God for strong nurses who do what needs to be done!
She let him rest a good long while and she even stayed in there and kept us company.
She said she didn't need the room - she had two others.
Perhaps it was a slow day but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
Louis Dean told her some of his stories about working in the bakery and his Shep Woolie story about 'diving off deeper and coming up drier!'
Most doctor visits are short and impersonal. Not so with Louis Dean's visits!
You think it's his charm? I think maybe so.
She called in a Rx for steroids and said to get that man a milkshake!
We will go back in one week for a follow up.

I took him home and settled him back in bed before I went out to do the errands.
I went to the grocery store for some protein shakes, fruits and such. Then I went to the pharmacy and picked up his Rx's. She advised him to use his inhaler as often as needed as this whole respiratory thing has kicked his asthma up several notches.

My last stop was Braums where I got him not ONE milkshake but FOUR!
He drank the first one and I put the others in the freezer where I can add a protein drink and mix it up in the blender tomorrow.
When I came in the door, I could hear Gunsmoke on TV!
Music to my ears!

I lit the fireplace and we sat in there - less than an hour - while he finished Gundsmoke.
Boy! Miss Kitty was really upset about something in that episode!

He went back to bed in the guest room while I did some housework.
First I picked up the 'clean rooms' and lit the candles before going to the dining room.

After I dusted and cleaned, I picked out two drawers in this small buffet and cleaned them out.
I found some old photos and a myriad amount of odds and ends. Lots of handmade book markers - from Amber and Benjamin and my niece, Sarah, and some I made on watercolor paper.
I have enough business size envelopes to last the rest of my lifetime and that of my children's!

This is the arrangement I made with the flowers from Goodwill.

I now pronounce the dining room CLEAN and the candle is lit!

I saw all over Facebook that today is National Margarita Day!
I crave salt so a good margarita is a favorite drink for me when we go out to eat.
No way that's happening tonight so I bought the ingredients to make my own.
I'll let you know how it turns out!

I told Louis Dean I would watch this movie with him so I threw another log on the fire and tuned up the VCR.

 Now I'm going to see about making that margarita!
I bought limes!


Vee said...

“Buy that man a milkshake!” Good advice. Even I can see the weight loss...that’s doing it the hard way. You’re taking good care of your man, Linda. Each day should restore him more and more to good health. Joining you in prayer for health. How are Amber and the children doing?

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so happy for a good report!! Praise GOD!! He looks so thin and sick on the doctor's table, but totally better at home drinking his shake!! Hopefully, the steroid will make him feel considerably better. You really know how to arrange flowers! And I don't. The doctor said I have diverticulitis again, but no abscessed colon.

Terra said...

It is good to hear that Louis Dean is on the mend and gaining strength.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Each day LD is a bit better - but how exhausting to go to see the Doctor - nice nurse and kind too. Milk shake - 1 down, more to go (adding protein is a great idea). Hugs Linda.

Linda said...

LD does look like he’s wrestled a bear. Good to see him improving but I suspect it’s going to be several weeks before he gets his strength back. I do hope you don’t take it. We’re having snow this week. Fortunately the streets have been clear so that’s been good since we’re in the process of getting Bob set up on hospice. Oxygen was delivered today. We’re now beginning to have visits from the different members of his care team. I had a caregiver meltdown in the middle of it all. Thank goodness Susan will be here through next week.

Blondie's Journal said...

I didn't know LD was ill. I wish him well. I have asthma--it puts us at risk for all sorts bugs.

You are a loving, caring person, and I can see you are taking very good care of your man! Take good care of yourself!

Jane x

Bluebird49 said...

I know this has been a very hard time for both of you. I am just thankful for Louis's natural strength that may have kept him stronger longer.
Good to know he has enough strength to go to the doctor and to watch Gunsmoke, and you two can visit. He is so blessed to have you as his nurse.
(Tell him next time he wants you to come homs, he doesn't have to go to the trouble to get the flu!!)
Now that was bad of me--you know I am teasing!

Susie said...

Linda, LD looks like a little boy wearing his bid brother's clothes. So good to know he sat up for some refreshment and a western. I know that LD and you are strong hard working people, that certainly helps when you become ill...but LD will need time to get over this flu, then he can slowly get his strength back. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

he looks good minus the 10 pounds, but no way to lose it. he is such a great sport. the steroids should perk him up, they are a wonder drug for breathing problems. prayers and well wishes for his healing and you staying healthy. this flu takes a long time to kick i have heard. i hope you are not in the flooding area. the stilly news keeps saying major flooding in TEXAS without sayin WHERE, like we should all just KNOW.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know about the margarita but the limes sure sound good. Very refreshing. Glad Louis Dean is doing good. Yes it takes awhile to get better. Still working at it here. Take care you stay healthy.

Tina said...

So glad to see Louis Dean up and about! You know he must be feeling like more of his old self if he wants to watch "Gunsmoke"! Milkshakes are a great idea, even better with protein powder! And margaritas for his nurse sound like just what the doctor ordered too! ;-) You guys are such a great team, so glad he's on the mend! Just remind him to rest and not do too much too soon. I always do that and set myself back a day or two! Have a great weekend and I'll be praying for the both of you!

Changes in the wind said...

So happy for all the good news and that is was a successful day for all.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm glad he got to the Dr and is improving. This flu is no joke. Take care and enjoy that margarita!

Cheapchick said...

I hope you enjoyed your Margarita! Glad LD made it to the DR and is on the mend. Tell him a chicken fried steak is just around the corner if only he will get well!


I'm so glad LD is getting better, slowly but surely.
Blessings and prayers are going his way.
Enjoy your weekend.

Estelle's said...

Poor dear..he must feel awful...just worn out! Some of your TLC will get him back on his your new arrangement! You have a beautiful eye for making things beautiful!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! What a lot he's been through. I hope he continues to improve and feel stronger! That's a lot of weight to lose all at once. Take care...both of you! You're in my prayers. Hugs, Diane

Lisa said...

Louis looks great! Your lucky to have a great man with a great heart and a good sport! My husband has a fit if I try to take a photo of him.
The Margarita sounds like a good idea.

Carole said...

Fancy losing so much weight! Those protein shakes will sort him out. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Cheers

NanaDiana said...

That is a lot of weight to lose in a week! Poor man and I know he will soon be champing at the bit to get back to doing something as soon as he feels better. You are a good nursemaid/companion, Linda. God bless both of you- xo Diana

BeachGypsy said...

Stopped in to see how Louis Dean is feeling today. Hopefully the meds have kicked in and he's feeling better.

Nonnie said...

I'm sorry to see that your Louis Dean has been so under the weather. I need to go back a few days and see what's going on. Bless your hearts. I'm glad now that he is beginning to feel better, but gee whiz, I'm so happy he has you for a nurse. Take care of yourself, caregiver.

Wanda said...

This has really been a tough one for Louis Dean. I love the stories of the charmer he is at the doctor's office, even when he's not feeling good. What a special man. You take such good care of him. Will continue to hold you both in my heart.