Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tuesday Treasures and an Update on Louis Dean

The house feels strange without Louis Dean up and about.
 The TV is silent and the den is empty as he has pretty much stayed in the guest room since Friday night. He only gets up to go to the bathroom or take a bath. Yesterday I stripped his sheets and sprayed everything down in there with Lysol. I put clean sheets back on the bed and sprayed the blanket and spread with Lysol. 

I hover around listening for him in case he needs something. He says it hurts to drink or eat. Not that his throat is sore - he says once he swallows, his chest hurts.
Since they gave him a chest X-ray and EKG at the Emergency Room, we aren't worried that it is his heart. I guess it's just another sign of the flu. He's barely eaten anything and I keep his water glass full.
 So far today he has had: 
one bite of scrambled eggs
less than half of one of those small cups of applesauce
one piece of bacon
about one fourth a cup of grits with butter and sugar

Normally he has such a healthy appetite that it is concerning he is eating so little.
I think he is shrinking right in front of my eyes!

I went to Goodwill and Irving Thrift this afternoon while Louis Dean was sleeping.
Both stores were really quiet. I guess the rainy day kept people in - but I needed to get out!

These are not your average faux flowers!
I made them up into a gorgeous bouquet this evening.

Amber and Summer both love the Melissa Doug play things.
I picked this one up for the quads' little kitchen. They already have a couple of sets but with four kids you need more!

Nice Wilton mini muffin pans.

This beautiful plate made in Italy will be perfect for cheese and crackers.

Nita and I could have used this wine carrier last weekend!
Brand new!

I scored big on these little candles!!

Someone must have used these in a wedding because there were lots of them at the Goodwill today.
The bottle was inside the glass vase and then both were in the wooden one.

I just put one of my big jar candles inside.

Today I have just puttered around the house doing some extra cleaning.
Yesterday I cleaned out a couple of drawer spaces in the den in addition to the normal Windex and dusting and vacuuming.

Today I worked in the kitchen organizing the coffee cabinet and the spice cupboard.
I am going room by room doing one each day with a couple of special cleaning jobs in each.
By the middle of next week our house should be pretty clean.
The it will be time to go back to the ranch.

Late this afternoon the temps started falling from 72 degrees to 39!
I have the fireplace all ready  to light in the morning if Louis Dean feels like getting up any.
It feels rather odd to be bumbling around the house all by myself.
I'm definitely getting some 'alone' time and I am missing Louis Dean.
I can't even hug him! We can't hold hands and I miss that. I didn't realize how often we just sit on the couch holding hands.
He is still weak. I have to help him by spreading the covers over him so tonight I massaged his right arm. Today was Day #4 of the flu. We have an appointment with his primary care doctor on Thursday afternoon.

I've been staying up late to make sure he gets his medicine but I think I will go on to bed and just set my alarm. Wonder why I didn't think of doing that two nights ago??


Susie said...

Linda, I am praying for LD and you. I can imagine it is quiet with LD sick...he such a bright happy person normally. Praying for him to get well quick , and for you to stay well. That was a big temperature drop...we had this morning . Blessings, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

The Feminine Energy said...

I'm so sorry that Louis Dean is so sick, Linda. :-( He's just starting, I'm afraid, so the weakness and "icky" feeling will last at least a couple more weeks yet. It took me 3 weeks before I could take a shower without needing to lay down immediately afterward... wet hair and all. This flu just really takes a person down. I don't recall ever being so sick. So tell LD to rest and just let the process run its course. He can listen to his body and lay around until his body tells him otherwise. It will be weeks, more than likely and if his flu is anything like mine. Prayers coming your way~ Andrea xxx PS~ GREAT scores at the thrift stores!! I love shopping at them too. :)

Vee said...

Question: Were they able to prescribe Tamiflu? Praying that the days flow on with lots of healing rest for you both. I am recently over two weeks of sickness (not flu) and my motto was to sleep through it. I would guess that the ranch trip may be delayed and that’s okay. You’re free as birds once Louis Dean is feeling well. Until then, prayer, good nutrition, warm beds, and love will get you through. Sending two of those things across the miles. (When I went to visit my little great-nephew back along, his parents were using a Marty Robbins album as lullabies. It was working pretty well, too. Perhaps that would be something Louis Dean would enjoy.)

Arlene Grimm said...

Flu is brutal. A young friend of ours lost ten pounds in one week. Hoping Louis Dean turns the corner soon and starts to feel better.

Sandra said...

i am sitting here with tears in my eyes reading about LD and how you feel. not just for you and him but for me and bob. i know excactly how you feel because LD and Bob are the same age, and when they are not normal, we are not either. i hope he feels better soon, this flu is hard to kick. prayers and hugs for both of you.... home is not home without healthy hubbies.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hopefully Louis Dean will begin to feel better soon. it took me almost a week but now am pretty much back to normal just a little weak. It is bad stuff.

Debby said...

Prayers for LD. I hope he shows signs of improvement soon. You are taking good care of him. ❤️

Anonymous said...

oh I am sorry to hear he's still sick, I was hoping he was feeling better,, I know exactly what you mean about missing him ,, I was the same way when my husband was sick,, its such a shocking change,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I hope he is feeling better soon! This flu is no joke for sure. I love your Goodwill finds. My Grands love those Melissa & Doug wooden food sets also!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am praying for him! He is a strong man, though!! I am so glad he will be seeing the doctor soon, please give us a full report! You are doing exactly what you should be! Keeping things disinfected, staying away from him, yet at the same time being a good nurse. He must be so miserable, but I know how glad he is that you are home now. You are the best nurse there is for him. I love the little heart holder made from bark, and the candle is perfect for it, it lights it up! Also the plate is beautiful; I think I would hang it up. You are quite an artist!

Wanda said...

Linda dear, we are praying for Louis Dean. How it hurts us as wives when our honey is sick. You are such a good wife and nurse to him.
For some reason our thrift stores just haven't been the same...can hardly find anything. Guess I will have to find some new ones to try.
Your goodies are wonderful. I love dishes from Italy.

Your home lights up the world and so do you.

Tina said...

So sorry that Louis Dean is so sick. Hopefully he will be able to drink some even though his chest hurts. I always feel like warm liquids feel better going down to me when I feel that way. We are all praying for him to be back to his normal energetic self soon! It's no fun to be sick and so hard to watch our loved ones suffer so praying for you too! Take good care of yourself as well! Give us all an update when you can.

Carole said...

thinking of you both Linda .... is LD lying with his head and shoulders a little bit elevated? I think this can sometimes help with phlegm... Tamiflu is a good idea but I think it really works best if you take it really early on... not that I'm any expert... Cheers

Nonnie said...

Man, I so sympathize with your Louis Dean. I had the flu three years ago and It. Was. Horrible. I pray that he is on the road to recovery now and will be getting back to his old self soon. I am so sorry. I know it grieves you to see him feeling so bad.