Sunday, February 25, 2018

Blah Days and a Sunny Sunday!

I have had a couple of blah days. We all have them from time to time.
 They remind me of that saying -
"It's perfectly okay to have a Pity Party! Just do NOT invite any guests!"
While I have not had anything close to a pity party, Friday and Saturday were a bit blue.
Partly the weather, I'm sure. I love rainy days but even I was thinking 'Enough, already!'

Louis Dean proclaims loudly and often that he 'HATES PASTA!'
It's a running family joke that we tell him we are having PASTA!
Now, he loves spaghetti. Weird, right?? Isn't it the same thing as noodles and such?
Anyway, Friday evening I made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.
I would share the recipe but I made it up as I went along.
It was seriously good, though!

Good enough that Louis Dean at his whole bowl full!
I also made him a big batch of banana pudding.
I used to make it homemade but it was really more trouble that it was worth.
The instant mixes taste just as good as my homemade and are a lot easier and faster to make.
As I write this - there is one tiny bowl's worth of pudding left and I haven't had any!
I do believe Louis Dean's appetite is coming back!

Between the rains I walked around the back yard and spied some signs of spring.
This time last year, we were already knee deep in mulch and potting soil getting the yard in shape.
So far I have managed to clip one small rose bed. 
Perhaps next week I can get some serious yard work done.

This is Louis Dean on Saturday!
We switched places in the fact that he got dressed and I stayed in my pajamas.
He still stayed on the couch most of the day when he wasn't in the guest room.
He's been having some terrible asthma attacks.
I'm thinking the steroids are supposed to be helping that.
He's finished his Tamiflu and is still taking his antibiotics and steroids.
At least he felt like watching back to back Gunsmokes and lots of news.

What did I do Saturday?
I mostly stayed in bed and read.
Oh, I would get up and run the dishwasher and  a load of laundry.
I tidied up the clean rooms and sorted through a drawer of old papers.
I wasn't sick but I didn't feel like doing much of anything.
Normally, I keep a running list in my head of things to do and, normally, I am DOING  them.
Not Saturday. I was a little concerned about myself. I don't remember the last time I felt that lethargic. I could not WAIT to go to bed!
I think I tucked myself in at 8:30 and left Louis Dean to sleep in his recliner in the den.
He had come to me Friday and said he thought he was allergic to something in the guest room because he was fine in the den and then would get in bed and start coughing.
Silly man! I told him it was because he was lying down. He needs to stay in a reclined position - at least until he gets better. Even the doctor told him that.

So - there I was in bed blissfully asleep - when what does he do but come in and take off all the pillows I still had propped up on his side of the bed. He proceeded to pull the covers back and crawled into bed.......and then has a huge hacking, choking, strangling, spitting, spewing asthma attack. After he finally got settled down - he went back to the den - leaving me wide awake!
And I STAYED awake for over 3 more hours!

This morning I asked him what he was thinking???
He said, "I just thought I was so much better I would come in here and sleep with my beautiful wife." He gets points for his wording but not enough to clear the balance!

Fortunately, I woke up this morning feeling so much better - as in NO BLAHS!
I dressed, put on makeup and fixed my hair.
The list was once again running through my mind and I was knocking things out!
Not big things but stuff like having coffee, starting more laundry and doing some cleaning.
I knew Louis Dean wouldn't be up to going to church so I was happy when he suggested we watch Ed Young, Sr on Winning Walk. He had recorded several of them and we watched three of them back to back.

I am now convinced that I am not carrying the flu around with me so I went out in the world today.

I walked Centennial Park and it was nice to see so many families out there.

No one's in my photos but there were lots of people around so I walked the whole trail twice.

Then I stopped at McDonald's to get a small chocolate shake and went to visit Reaoma.

She loves chocolate shakes but this may be the last one I get for her.
Reaoma has a brain condition that is causing her body to shut down.
It started with her eyesight. And I believe she was falling often. She would laugh and say she tripped on a blade of grass. Next was her speech. It got slower and slower. Now I think she can only say 'yeah.' She will never get any better and it is heartbreaking.
Her daughter, Pam, sees that her mother is taken care of but she herself just had a major back surgery and will be recovering for awhile. I haven't visited Reaoma this past week because I was afraid I might have the flu germs on me and that would be fatal to her. She is on hospice as it is.

The milkshake was hard for her to swallow this evening even though I had let it melt down some.
She ate a good dinner. I like to arrive around suppertime so I can feed her.
The aid chopped up her salad for me and Reaoma ate just about all of it. There was mashed sweet potatoes, ham and jello and she ate a good amount. After dinner, I wheeled her up and down all the halls and all around the nursing home. When the aids came around, we talked and I told them about us being next door neighbors for 17 years. When Reaoma turned 40, she bought herself a bright red jeep! She loves the summer heat and sunshine and I told them how she would be outside in the hot sun painting her house - while wearing a yellow bikini! And, yes, she looked GOOD in it, too!
I  would take Amber and Benjamin down to visit them every August after she and Doug had moved to their land in Grapeland, Texas where they build a log house. Doug would take the kids fishing and boating and they would ride horses, shoot guns and climb trees. Doug taught Amber how to drive my van! He meant the world to my children and they loved him and he loved them.
Doug passed away in April of 2012 on the same day Amber was admitted to the hospital where she stayed for 51 days before the quads were born.
She mourned for Doug and mourned not being able to see him during that last year when he was so sick.

I am very grateful that I can be here for Reaoma. I had a friend - also a neighbor - who I loved and who had cancer. While I cooked and baked and visited and all.....when it was obvious to her that she was dying....and when she needed someone to talk to....I let her down. I have never got over that and I hope to never do that again.

I came home this evening and Louis Dean had been in the kitchen cooking pancakes.
That's a good sign he is getting better!
I went out in the front and cut back some things in the next flower bed. I intend to do the big rose bed tomorrow. Louis Dean had put the blower out there for me and I cleaned off the front porch while he went in the back yard and burned some papers.
I'm cleaning out drawers and closets and I have found more papers than I ever knew I had! My desk drawer was FULL and oh, so heavy! I threw all of it out except for the old eHarmony papers that I will keep forever! I smile every time I look at them!

Louis Dean just got out of a hot bath and I think we will watch a little something on TV.
NOT a Gunsmoke or the news!
And before I go to bed tonight, I am going to remind him that he must keep his head elevated - so that means he will be sleeping in the den!

He can save that 'beautiful wife' line for another day - when he isn't coughing and choking!!


Blondie's Journal said...

I am a terrible asthmatic, and keeping elevated at night is the most powerful thing you can do. Prednisone definitely should help--maybe he needs a higher dose.

I feel for your friend. She sounds like she was so lively. It's like watching a light fade. I love you for being there. You are an angel right now taking care of your people, home, yard, papers...I pray you keep that energy going, yet know when to rest.

Jane xxx

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Linda thank you for sharing your last couple of days. Rest when you should. Good to see LD up a bit and eating again. Prayers for Ramona.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am SO glad that Louis Dean is so much better! And your soup looks delicious. I know why you were so tired. Both the mental and physical stress of worrying about Louis Dean. Bad stress can wear you out. I am so sorry about Reaoma; I know your heart is breaking. What wild and wonderful memories you both have!! We have jonquils and crocus here!!

Bluebird49 said...

So glad Louis Dean is rallying and will hopefully be completely recovered in a few days. Only a man! Wishing to sleep beside his beautiful wife-- while threatening to expose her to the flu even more!
I am so glad you and Realma had more time together today. I know she needs you and you need her, too. What a wonderful couple to have had as neighbors.
Glad you feel back to your old self!!

The Feminine Energy said...

I love your blog entries, Linda. You make a wonderful story out of any ordinary day! :) What a wonderful friend you are, to Reaoma. You are truly beautiful both inside and out. Yes... "into every life a little must fall". It sounds like the "rain" was falling for you on Friday and Saturday and that's ok. You're allowed to be blue. The Bible says we'll have those days as much as the "sunny" ones. Lovingly~ Andrea xxx

Arlene Grimm said...

so glad you are both feeling better.

Susie said...

Linda, Good to read that LD is doing better. Yes, you were probably wore out and needed to rest. We are to have a nice day here, the sun shined yesterday afternoon and I loved it. :) I need that bright shiny boost every now and then. :):) You are a great friend to your neighbor, her children surely appreciate your visits. The walk path is so nice. IT's good for us to get fresh air too. Stay strong dear friend, love you. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh the story of Reamoma broke my heart yet made me happy at the same time,, what an amazing wonderful woman! You are such an inspiration you are Linda, I'm so glad we have become blog friends,, you truly do inspire me,, I'm so glad your hubby is feeling better!!

Sandra said...

so sad for Reaoma.. glad LD is better, since he ate all that food he must be on the mend. better than he was. i am surpised he survived the bed visit. LOL LOL...

NanaDiana said...

I am glad LD is doing better but he sounds a long way from being "well". I am taking my hubby in this morning because I think he has the flu. He is around it all the time at the hospital and thinks he is immune to it! Wrongo!!!

I am sorry for the losses and sicknesses in extended family and friends. It is so hard but part of life's journey.

I hope you have a good day and are feeling revitalized this morning. xo Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like you may have been trying to come down with something but the day of rest for you proved to be good. Glad you have not caught this flu and Louis Dean is better. How nice to be able to do yard work. I would if I could. Years ago I had a close friend once like yousr and miss her so much to this day. Spending time with her when I could made a difference for me and for her. Hope you continue your good health and that Louis Dean is over that cough and can once again spend the night with you too.

Vee said...

My stress level has gone down just finding you here today. I admit that I was fretting over that nasty flu bug. I imagine that you were feeling blah because of the same thing. It is not easy seeing your Beloved be under the weather. A man who has his appetite back and wants to sleep with his wife is recovering very nicely I’d say. 🙂 What a funny story!

You pack a lot into a post and have left me with things to ponder. I love that you told the aides some of the fun things about your friend....her red jeep and her yellow bikini. You are a good friend.

Tina said...

So glad that Louis Dean looks SO much better and is up and about! I had to laugh at the story of him coming into the bedroom and waking you up, that sounds exactly like something my husband would do! I agree with everyone here who said you were worn out from the stress of worrying about Louis Dean, and rightly so! The best thing you could've done is rest and take care of yourself so you don't get sick as well. You are a good friend to Reaoma and I know that it brings her comfort to have someone visit her who knows her so well! You do have a way with a story for sure, it is your gift! So happy things are getting back to normal for both of you! Have a wonderful day!

Debbie said...

sounds like things are looking up for ld, the flu has been horrible this winter!!

i LOVE that aunty acid cartoon, so true. especially of you!!

Deanna Rabe said...

I’m so glad you are not sick and that Louis Dean is better!

You are a good friend. We’ve all let people down at some point in our lives. Grace, my sweet friend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's no wonder you were exhausted! You took a big trip and then came home and had all the stress of hubby being sick. I'm glad he is better and eating again. Take care of yourself...both of you! Hugs!