Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday....Doctor Visit, Tree trimmers, BUSY Day!!

I had my alarm set for 7:00 am.....and I pushed 'Snooze' 3 times before I finally got up!
Today was the day for my annual checkup! You know the one - where they weigh you and ask you all sorts of funny questions! As - 'Do you feel safe in your home?' The questions changed after I turned 65. We received a bill Monday from Louis Dean's primary care doctor for failure to keep an appointment. PLUS the co pay! I gave it to him to deal with as I was busy! I heard him talk to the billing department and he explained that his doctor said Medicare would pay for an appointment about aging. He told her then that he would not go! He further explained that he is old and he KNOWS he is old - but went on to say that he lives an active life and told about shoveling 3,00 pounds of sand and wheel barreling it to the back yard to the  HUGE sand box! The billing department told him to disregard the bill!

I love my doctor! Doctor Suma Abraham and I have been seeing her for the 19 years she has been in practice! She told me she still remembers my first visit and has kept up with my life over the years as I have hers.

I absolutely LOVE that last sentence!!!

I gave her a tin of my Angel Graham Bars and then took a tin to my urologist, Dr. Bloom.
He called me later this afternoon to thank me for the goodies!
I have said it before and I say it again, it is so good to have doctors who treat you as real people.
That may mean that WE need to treat THEM the same way!

From my doctor appointment I drove straight over to Quadville because I left my iPad there yesterday! Amber had a great salad lunch all made and ready and we ate as we settled down to watch a TV program. THEN the school called to say that Harrison was on the playground during recess and a pebble had accidentally been kicked and landed in his right nostril! Amber immediately blew out the candle, turned off the TV and we arrived at the school before recess was over. No worries! Harrison said that he BLEW the pebble out!! We drove back to Quadville, aborted our program and she went back to work and I drove home!

Look what I saw in my back yard!!!

Baker Tree Service had arrived to take care of the diseased branches that Louis Dean was so afraid would fall and hurt someone!

This guy was a graceful dancer in the limbs of that tree!


WHAT a great company this is!
 Local. Reliable. trustworthy. Reasonably priced. Friendly.

As they left, James asked me, "Do y'all ever stop working??"
Not often! I told him the only time I stop is when we are down at my stepson's ranch. 
But Louis Dean often works down there, too!!

By the time they left, Louis Dean was loading windows into his truck to take to the ranch for the closing in of the 31 foot deck!

He knows how to do things!!

My friend, Dee, sent me some cool packing things that will help our windows arrive in good condition! Thank you, Dee, if you are reading this!!

After the crew left and we finished our chores, we celebrated with a glass of wine in the gazebo!
LD was waxing eloquent!!

Hello, Baby!! This is the Big Bopper speaking!
That's how he would answer the phone when I would call him back in our dating days!

While they were all working in the back yard, I worked on the front porch!
I took down some 'dead' strands of lights and replaced them and then added 10 garlands of 'debris.'

Little lights and pretty things make me happy.
I hope to live among fairy lights and sparkles for the rest of my days!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your front door is beautiful!! The story about Louis Dean's bill just tickled me pink! And today you had TWO worries averted! The tree limbs removed, and Harrison fixed himself! As you would say Win Win! And you NEVER let anyone dull your sparkle!

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you have drs. that care. Wish we had some here. Ted and I don't even have a GP now. We have a shortage of drs. in our town ...Due to IU Med. taking over almost all the hospitals. I love watching LD sing to you. He has a great wit. Can't wait to see your new enclosed deck. I love all your twinkling lights. And no one could ever dull your sparkle girl. Blessings, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

did you tell James if you run out of work at home about all the work at the ranch? can't wait to see what they do with those windows and the deck... be sure to document it for us. I love projects as long as they are not mine.... good for LD getting out of that bill.... we get the silly questions to, I think the GOVT makes them ask

Deanna Rabe said...

I adore your porch with all the sparkle! And I love that quote!

They do ask the craziest questions these days. They asked my dad where he got his news from!

I'm sensing a trip to the ranch coming up!

Kathy said...

I don't think you will ever lose your sparkle. So glad the tree is safe now. Are you enclosing your deck? Well, I guess that would make it more useful in the cooler weather.

Changes in the wind said...

Love your front porch...

Linda said...

Wonderful story of Harrison and the pebble in his nose. Yes, I'd say LD can postpone the doctor visit about aging. Keep improving the property in the country and the flow of visitors will increase. Can't believe LD's taking on the task of closing in that 31' porch. Neither of you ever stop.

Carla said...

I'm not sure the amount of wine I had on our trip was totally healthy but it was fun. LOL

Debbie said...

i don't think you have to worry about the sparkle part - you spare fabulously!! those questions are required by medicare, i think they are good for some people and the staff is required to ask each patient!!

i think those tree cutting guys are super hero's!!!!

Debbie said...

* sparkle *

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Can I steal that last bit about Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle? I love it!
Love that LD told them his 'thoughts' on Good for him.
I have a female dr that I adore and finally got my husband to go to her (a female dr? he said!!!)...and HE now loves her, too.
Have a great Thursday- xo Diana

Carole said...

that's a big glass of wine - so glad your doc says it's healthy. Not sure all of them would agree. Cheers from Carole's chatter

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Sounds like the doctor is pleased with what you are doing to stay healthy. I wish I could visit your doctor! heehee! We could celebrate with a glass of wine! Hugs, Diane