Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tuesday.....A Haircut and a Visit to Quadville!

You know that feeling when you simply can't do ANYTHING to make your hair look good?
I woke up this morning knowing I needed to go see my stylist as soon as possible!
She knew I was bringing her some Easter Bread but I sent her a message that I also needed her magic!

Yulisa did it again!
She made my hair look good again!
Thank you so much!!!

I felt like a new woman as I drove over to Dallas. This morning when I called Ruth Ann, she sounded rather hoarse and said she wasn't sure if she had allergies or a virus and opted to stay in and rest today. Normally, she would have gone with me as there are some good Goodwills in Dallas! Although that wasn't the reason for my going. Louis Dean had left around noon to pick Amber up and take her to her appointment to have a procedure done on her knees. H would drive her there and back while I would do the school pickup for her and we would all meet back at the house!

The kids know their routine! 
They unloaded and put up their back packs, had a snack and played a little bit before it was time for me to go back home. I promised them a short walk before I left.
On the drive through their neighborhood, someone was having some work down and a big pile of gravel appeared to be blocking the street. All four kids started yelling, "STOP!!! MeeMaw, STOP!!!"
They thought I was going to drive straight into that pile! I pulled the vehicle to the opposite curb and drove on to  Quadville, making a mental note that a walk would be an interesting thing to do.

It WAS!!!

Everything is interesting when you are nearly 5 years old!!

Harrison was captivated by the machinery but Logan was interested in picking a weed flower!

The flowers won out over the construction as far as the girls were concerned!

Sweet things!!
I kind of shuddered as they blew the dandelion seeds and they scattered all over - thus perpetuating the appearance of more dandelions in the cultivated yards all around the neighborhood!
Most people think of them as weeds, but dandelions do have some surprising benefits!

Granddad got lots of hugs before he left!!

I came home just ahead of the traffic and headed to Goodwill.
I hit the Mother Lode of DEBRIS!!!

I don't know where it was from but apparently a floral supply place donated a ton of dried and faux garland, wreaths and such! I loaded up!!!

Let me tell you, Louis Dean was so excited!!!
A whole truck full of DEBRIS!!!

I packed a big black bag full for fall and stowed it in the storage building.
I have 10 garlands (each about 3 feet long) to string up on the front porch and several yellow ones to put in the gazebo PLUS several spring wreaths!
While I missed doing art - I DID hit the jackpot at Goodwill!!

In news from the ranch.....

Dean shared they now have 15 new baby ducks.....and counting!!
I am itching to get down there soon. 
The blackberries are beginning to get ripe and they have had a lot of rain so I'm sure the wild flowers will be glorious! 


Carol Slater said...

Your hair looks great! I can't believe how big the quads are getting.

Susie said...

Linda I like your hair. You and LD do so much good for your loved ones. They will always remember. Sounds like a fun time with the kiddos. Can't wait to see your new stuff , come fall. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

You do look like a new woman...a happy, cute new woman! Fabulous cut!! And the blog has had a redo as well...the background is so pretty and springy. So those grands do not quite trust you, Linda? Ha! That really made me laugh. I mean really, how many piles of dirt have you plowed into lately? Hahahahahaha...

Sandra said...

baby ducks and blackberries would excite me even more than the gravel pile. LOL... good idea to walk down to view it.. love your hair, and she is good with her magic.. did you leave any debri for the next shopper at GW? LOL LOL

Ginny Hartzler said...

I L.O.V.E. the picture of Louis Dean and the Quads on the steps!! It is so full of love and fun! I have never, ever seen you with a bad hair day!! You always look so put together. Now, what did Amber have done to her knees? I love dandelions and get so excited to see the first ones pop up each spring. To me, they are not weeds. They are wildflowers. That gravel truck must have been there just for you and Harrison!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Linda! I'm HERE! I made it!! AND YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY SMASHING! That is the perkiest hairdo and adorable on you! I am so lazy that I just pile mine behead. I fine that the easiest. Aren't families wonderful?? Yours is adorable, just like their grandmother. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My GOSH, but they are getting big! Seems just yesterday they were brand new!!

Deanna Rabe said...

You look fabulous! I know what you mean by having a stylist who knows what to do with your hair! Mine is named Julie! She's great!

Those quads make me laugh! So cute!

Dandelion greens are as good as spinach!

Debbie said...

your hair looks GREAT and i just love your southern accent!!! those children are just adorable - they are getting soon big!!!