Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday in Fort Worth!

Louis Dean and I have spent this entire Friday in Fort Worth and we are spending the night as well!!

It was wonderful to see Lonnie who was visiting with Deanie when we arrived.

A good time for a family pic!
I know you may be thinking I have only one set of clothes lately!
I have just worn them for a few hours each day so they were good to go for this entire Friday!

The purpose of my visit was to see Mother and then go do some shopping for her.
She may not be able to speak clearly, but we DID communicate well enough for me to make a list of the items of clothing she wanted. I told her I would shop all afternoon and then spend the night with Nita and return Saturday with the purchases!

Louis Dean and I took off but our first stop was NOT a clothing store!

Nope! He wanted Golden Corral and that's just what he got!

He takes his food seriously!

THEN I hit the stores and Louis Dean has the patience of Job!
He patiently waited in the car as I went in and out of several stores!

This was part of my haul!
Mother was specific about what she wanted!

She's lost so much weight that she is now in a size 10 and Medium with an occasional Small!
I didn't finish but I did get worn out so I will go back out in the morning to complete my task.
We drove over to Nita and Mike's and she had dinner in the oven and was putting together a peach cobbler with the most delicious crust! We talked and ate and laughed and had some wine and did some research on my siblings family tree and made a few discoveries.
Nita noticed that in the 1930 US Census, that Lloyd Ewing had a whole list of siblings. Apparently his birth father was listed as William Goggin of Chicago, Illinois. The Goggins and the Ewings are listed on the same page of the census. We have some leads to follow as I remember that Lloyd's Ewing brothers were listed as half brothers somewhere. I just can't remember where I saw that.
Research gives me a neck ache so I used one of the back massage things Nita has and then she and I sat on her back patio with a bottle of sparkling peach wine.

It was such a nice day and a truly lovely evening.
Everyone is in bed now and I will be shortly.
Nita's guest room is designed for a good night's sleep.
She has a sleep number bed and black out curtains AND a fan!!
I really needed today and time with my siblings.

I have been feeling my age lately but to Nita, Deanie and Lonnie, I look wonderful.
Bless their hearts! Not one of them can see well! But the point is that, as siblings, we only notice the good things about each other and none of us can see what the world sees.
I love that about us!


Vee said...

Where's my tissues? *sniff* You have a way of doing that to me, in the nicest possible way. You found your mother some lovely things. I hope that she is most pleased.

Kathy said...

Yes, always feed the man first! So glad you got to get together with your siblings. That's always nice. You got some pretty things for your mom. I hope she isn't losing weight because she is sick. Take care of yourself. Glad you were staying over rather than trying to drive all over the place in one day.

Susie said...

Linda, This seems like a fun time. I know you love for LD to have some good country foods. He's a hard working man...even if it's tagging along to shop. That is killer at times. I loved the pictures of you and your siblings. The little quote at the true. Pray your mom is doing well. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad you had some quality time with the siblings!! I love genealogy so I get excited any time I can sit down and look at Ancestry. I have done a lot of my family but we have a few branches that just disappeared it seems. Good luck with your research.

Sandra said...

I am the world and you all look wonderful to me... ha ha on the trip to GC.. always a great place to start. I love what you got for your mother and wish those sizes would fit me. but I was never that size even when young.

jamarson1 said...

You always up to something. I love keeping up with your adventures. Do you want to also shop for me lol😃

Ginny Hartzler said...

I just adore your quote about siblings. I always wanted one. Linda, I am thinking more and more that you may have an under active thyroid. I hope you ask the doctor about this. Your new blouse is gorgeous! Your mom is looking good, and you are the best daughter for doing such extensive shopping for her while you are so low in energy. We have a Sleep Number and love it. Louis dean needs a lot of fuel, considering all the hard work he does! I had a dream about you and the Quads last night. You all came to visit me, it was such a good dream!

Bluebird49 said...

Mostly, it seems pretty normal for the elderly to get small er as they age--don't know why. Sometimes they just aren't as hungry. Your mama seems tall, too.
A sleep number bed! That's one of my wishes.
I wish I had had several sisters to share a closeness of family, and hopefully help someone in the family I'm looking for, (My dad's great grandfather!) I come here every night just to red about a loving family, your doings for the day, and see pics of the quads!

Enjoy your weekend--what's left of it. LD's so cute when he's eating something he enjoys! (Don't we all!)

Katie Mansfield said...

Sweet post. A fan, black out curtains and a Sleep Number Bed is heaven indeed.

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoyed catching up. I pray you get some answers to what that fatigue is all about.