Thursday, April 6, 2017

'Summer and Rayne Time" and an Update.....

Yesterday I met Summer and Sabrina for lunch at Valentinos in Rowlett.

The food was amazing and we lingered long at the table!
I will certainly come again as this place really made an impression on me!
As we left, long after the lunch crunch was over, I noticed the servers were all enjoying their lunches.
Apparently meals are included and it made me feel good to see them eating the very dishes they were recommending to us.

It was so good to see Summer and get to visit with Sabrina as well.
In keeping it real here, folks, I must say that Summer was smiling here and looking like she's feeling great. That's not really true. The piriformis was literally kicking her but!

Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis irritates the sciatic nerve, which comes into the gluteal region beneath the muscle, causing pain in the buttocks and referred pain along the sciatic nerve.[2] This referred pain is known as sciatica. Seventeen percent of the population has their sciatic nerve coursing through the piriformis muscle. This subgroup of the population is predisposed to developing sciatica. Sciatica can be described by pain, tingling, or numbness deep in the buttocks and along the sciatic nerve. Sitting down, stretching, climbing stairs, and performing squats usually increases pain. Diagnosing the syndrome is usually based on symptoms and on the physical exam. More testing, including MRIs, X-rays, and nerve conduction tests can be administered to exclude other possible diseases.[2] If diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, the first treatment involves progressive stretching exercises, massage therapy (including neuromuscular therapy) and physical treatment. Corticosteroids can be injected into the piriformis muscle if pain continues. Findings suggest the possibility that Botulinum toxin type B may be of potential benefit in the treatment of pain attributed to piriformis syndrome.[3] A more invasive, but sometimes necessary treatment involves surgical exploration; however, the side effects of the surgery could be much worse than alternative treatments such as physical therapy. Surgery should always be a last resort. [2]

Summer is such a trouper that she gritted her teeth as the spasms came and continued to function as best as she could.

As her mom, it's hard to see my daughter continue in such pain even after an extensive back surgery.
However, without that surgery, she would be in even MORE pain so I am counting the blessings and praying for more!

After lunch, Summer and I went over to their house in Rowlett.
It WAS their home.
Now it is a lovely house that went live on the market today.

It was a bit melancholy to see it all clean and impersonal after having known it so robust and full of life! I would post the photos of a Christmas a few years past when I took pictures from the backyard with the house all lit up and in party mode. They hosted so many parties in this house!
Friends and family were ALWAYS welcome and in frequent attendance!
Their guest room was beautiful and I spent quite a few nights in it myself.
However, PEOPLE make a house a home and now that the people are gone - it is a house just waiting to become a home again.

Summer and I visited at the dining room table - which was the only place available to sit - until it was time for Rayne to get out of school.

I finally had some Rayne time!!
I gave her an option of Dairy Queen, Yogurt or Snow cones at Bahama Buck's.....

Bahama Buck's won hands down!

I admit to feasting my eyes on Rayne as the knowledge that she will be so far away is becoming quite real now.

I will be visiting her wherever she goes - on a regular basis - and in truth, I will be seeing her every bit as much in the future as I have these past years with them living in Rowlett and life being what it is. Still! My son, Benjamin, lived in California for a few years and I seldom saw him. But when he lived local, I seldom saw him. It was just knowing how far away California was that made it hard. Now he is back in Texas and in the DFW area. I still see him just as much as I did when he was in California. For some reason, this gives me comfort that they will only be 4 hours away.

Bella Time! Made my day!

I so admire and love my Summer Dee!
She gives all she has until it's gone and that's what she did yesterday.
She gave time to me and to Rayne and by day's end she was in great pain.

I left Rowlett and drove to Quadville - which is halfway from my house to Summer's - to spend the night and help Amber with the quads while Mike was away on business.
I'm afraid I wasn't very much help - not near as much as she needed.
My energizer bunny ran totally our of juice!
After several busy days in a row and not enough rest in between - I was just holding on until I got to Amber's and could get to bed. She and the girls were making the guest room up as I arrived and as soon as they had it ready - I slid under the covers and napped for an hour an a half.
When Mike called Amber and asked if her mom had come to help........she said, "Yes, and she is asleep in the guest room." I am coming to grips with the fact that I will be 69 years old in September and I can't 'push through' like I used to - just a year ago! It seemed fitting that, as I rocked Kailey a few minutes before bed, she talked to me about being so old and how much she would miss me. I assured her that, while I am old, I am a YOUNG old and will be her for a long, long time! Hopefully, she will be her mother's age before it is time for me to leave.
Still.....I am reevaluating what I can and cannot do and trying my very best to grow old gracefully.

I woke up in Quadville with Logan saying, "MeeMaw! It's time to get up!"
After breakfast and a cup of coffee, I headed off to Irving....

Which brings me to this photo.....
My sweet friend, Debbie from Ladybug From Texas, is a gifted photographer.
She GIFTED a photo shoot for all her friends last year and I scheduled my gift for this morning.
I love how Debbie has embraced me in her group of treasured life long friends. 
I'm afraid I didn't do her skills justice since I was so tired I could barely smile.
 I found comfort in our visit as she snapped away on her camera.
I have learned so much about being a grandmother from Debbie.
She has inspired me - probably more than she realizes.

Thank you, Debbie, for capturing me in my reality.....and loving me and being such a blessing and encouragement.

I came home and went straight to bed and stayed there all day.
I do have an appointment for my annual physical on the 19th.
That will be good to know if there is a reason for this sudden fatigue.
It may well be age related. Or the fact that my blood pressure readings are high in spite of medication.
Growing old is not easy!
That being said, I am closing now so I can have a glass of wine with Louis Dean before we go to bed.
Tomorrow will be a Fort Worth Day and I will be spending some quality time with both my mother and my sisters.



Nancy Chan said...

Indeed a wonderful day to be out and enjoy good food. Your lunch looks delicious. Summer is a very brave and strong girl and I hope she will recover soon and be totally free from the pain.

Linda said...

Busy lady. Isn't it funny how young children think their grandparents are old and about to die. That's disheartening that Summer is still in so much pain. Susan told me tonight that I have to go again to the zoo with herr when she comes later this month. Tomorrow I've got to get back to walking or I'll never make it. It's rained so much my walking has fallen by the wayside. I hate doing any kind of exercise.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh poor Summer! She just cannot catch a break. But you have thought of such a neat way to deal with it! You always have a way of being able to turn things around to make them better. The food at this place looks so delicious!! Getting old for me has been a process of not being able to do what I want to do. Both of my shoulders are torn, and my knee is in pieces. I have to use a scooter in grocery stores. And that is only part of it. You look absolutely beautiful in this picture!!! Just gorgeous. About your sudden tiredness, well, it may just be getting older and having such a busy life. BUT several years ago I got an awful attack of ongoing fatigue. It was so bad that I had to cancel all my activities and could not get out of bed. It turned out to be low thyroid!! This is real common in older ladies. One thyroid hormone pill a day and I was like new!

Kathy said...

I was just going to say what Ginny did. Be sure to have your thyroid checked. That's what it was with me. So glad you got to spend time with Summer, Sabrina a d Rayne. You are right that people make a house a home.

NanaDiana said...

It is awful to have your daughter in pain and not be able to 'fix' it for them. Physical or emotional pain- we always just feel helpless if we can't help them.

Kind of sad to see the house go--same here with this one. There has been so many 'firsts' in this house but, in the end, it is only a house and "home" comes from the people in it.

God bless you. Please have your thyroid checked and your blood tested. I am borderline anemic (even the dr says "you don't look anemic to me")...but it is worth having the check done, Linda.

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend- xo Diana

Vee said...

You inspire me as one who goes and goes and gives and gives. I think your knowing that Summer is in pain takes a lot out of you. When all we can do is to pray a person through, it makes us feel powerless. We may be, but we know The One Who is all powerful. Praying for all in the family.

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so sorry about Summer's pain ~ just horrible after all she's been through. I will keep her in my prayers. I know there is power in collective prayer and it's obvious that so many friends here are praying too.

Lady, it's a sad realization when you begin to realize that you can't do what you've always done! The mind still is on fast forward but the flesh is not. Please have the Dr check your thyroid, hormones and Vit D levels. I just had a check-up for clearance for the surgery and even though I've been on thyroid meds for eons, the levels were low and the dosage increased. My prayers for you include good health and stamina!

Thank you for your sweet message on FB ~ I really appreciate it!


Sandra said...

so glad you had your time with Summer and Rayne. sorry she was in so much pain, and you are right, can't tell by looking at her smiling face. the house does look sad, but then all do when minus things and people. you do an a lot, so I hope that is why you are tired. did the doc say anything about therapy excercises to help with the sciatica? mine hurt so bad I could not even shop at Walmart without coming home and laying down before I put the grocreis up. my excercises the therapist taught me have helped but it did take months go get where I am. hope she can get some relief, that pain is horrible.

Carla said...

Dang what do you expect Little Energizer Bunny. You go go go. When you started talking about Summer being in pain I was like wait she just had surgery. I sure hope they find something that works for Summer so she can have some relief.