Saturday, April 29, 2017

T-Ball Game and Our Cousins Gathering!

Louis Dean is so excited about his coming building project that he woke up at 6:00 this morning and was at Home Depot by 7:00 to get the materials that he forgot to order yesterday.
He's serious about closing in the deck down at the ranch and he means to do it soon!

We had a busy morning!
Since he was already up - Granddad made it to watch the quads play T-Ball!

When we walked up, Kailey ran right past me to get to Granddad!

He's pretty popular!

Only Logan singled me out first!
That's my girl!

Look how cute Trystan is with her pretty pink shoes to match her helmet!

They were so much fun to watch!

Thanks to Amber for our CUBS shirts!!!

We went home to make tea and light the candles in time to welcome my siblings and cousins for an afternoon of eating, laughing and visiting!

Six ate in the dining room.....

and four of us in the den.
Yesterday Louis Dean baked a nice ham and everyone brought salads today and Gay brought a delicious chocolate cake! When I went to the dining room to see if they were ready for dessert, I discovered they had already HAD dessert!!

 So Nita, Charlie, Mike and I joined them in the dining room where we all scrunched up around the table dragging in extra chairs and a stool so we could visit all together!
We got to talking about our Granny and I pulled out some old photos.
Michele (Lonnie's wife) hadn't really seen photos of her before.

Let's just say that our Granny was not attractive and on that every single one of us agree!

Granddad, on the other hand, was an extremely handsome man!

Gay was telling us the family story about how Granddad never learned to drive a car.
Linton Anthony Whitfield met Myrtle Mae Hancock when they were both 17 years old.
They were married in 1912 and Granddad was devoted to Granny.
You should have heard Lonnie say, "If Granddad had just learned to drive, he might have found someone more attractive further down the road!"
I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!!!
Granny was partial to her one and only son, Truman, and to his children and grandchildren, and that's the cousins we have become so close to these last few years.
Granny wasn't nearly as fond of her two daughters!

It was a great afternoon!!!

These are some of the photos we were looking at!

And these are some of Granny.

See what I'm talking about?

All too soon, our afternoon together was over!

Hard to get a good photo of everyone smiling!
Lonnie is not really frowning!
He just looks like he is!

A smile is getting closer!


Yup!! I think this just might be his version of a SMILE!!
Thanks to Louis Dean for taking the pictures!
We all know how he dislikes doing that!

After everyone was gone, Louis Dean and I went out to the gazebo and put our feet up.
The day had been in the upper 80's and in a matter of an hour or two, the temps had dropped 20 degrees!!! 

I think we made some good memories today!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What fun! You really know how to host a party! shared memories of a lifetime to last a lifetime. I always loved watching T-Ball! And it is so good for the kids, too. Teamwork! Love the shirts! Oh my, Granny does look stern! Even holding flowers!

jamarson1 said...

I loved your story about Granny. Cracked me up! Glad you had a fab gathering:)

Linda said...

Looks like it was a good day. As usual you managed to squeeze in as much as possible. How soon are you headed to the camper?

Susie said...

Linda, Old pictures are sure fun. That dress your granny was wearing looked like what my mom's cousin's wore all the time...I bet she was also wearing those hard black shoes too. It looked like a fun gathering and I know you all enjoyed the time. Even the kids ball game sounded fun. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, love,Susie
p.s. that was funny what Lonnie said. :):)

Arlene Grimm said...

I love it...well at least none of y'all take after your Granny!! In my family my Grandmother T loved her girls and their children the most it seemed. I think the Daughter in Laws were not her favorites. But it taught me a lesson about being a mother in law. So glad you all can laugh about things that shaped you as people. I know from your blog that your early life was hard but look at how well all of you turned out!!

Nita said...

Thank you to Arlene for your kind words and reassurance that none of took after our Granny. Linda, it was a fun gathering. Just being in your home is entertaining !

Sandra said...

so much fun, I can feel the joy coming off the post. love the granny joke and seeing the old photos.. my favorite pic is your red toes and I like all the photos of the cousins at the end.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Well, everyone took after granddad, looks-wise, so that is a good thing! I think she is stern looking and maybe that is what makes her a little she would skin your hide off if you disobeyed. lol

We have a friend and he is very handsome and his wife is very very plain. One time our friend (he's a counselor) said there is only room for one peacock in the family. lol I thought that was right on the money!

Hope LD doesn't kill himself trying to get that thing done too fast...but I can't wait to see it! xo Diana

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Laughing here at your observations about your grandmother. How fun to have all the cousins together...reminiscing. So good that you can cheer on your quads at their t-ball games!

Vee said...

Now, just imagine with me that your grandmother was a bit thinner, dressed in current fashion, and wearing a smile...she would be a very attractive person. You all didn't get to be so good looking with a clunker in the family tree. 😉

Loved seeing the ballgame, and the gathering, and the feet up at day's end. Yay for happy times! It's food to know that they can be created. We can actually plan for happy times. Bless God!

Carol Slater said...

Let me start by saying the sunflowers on your page are absolutely the best page I have seen today! Of course, they are my favorite flowers. It looks as though you had a nice day all the way around.