Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saturday and Sunday........

We dressed our gazebo for spring yesterday!
Friday I got all the spring decorations down from the storage building attic.
I decided to go green with lots of faux ivy and such.

It was such a warm day - 86 degrees - so we opened up the curtains and even turned on the big shop fan to cool us off. 

I dressed the chandelier with lots of greenery.

I have been saving these LED globe lights for some special place and the gazebo is pretty special to us!

I like it!

The birds have been singing their hearts out here in Texas!

We spent the whole evening out here last night.
I even cooked our steaks in there on the ceramic grill.

Louis Dean made us a fire and I decided to burn some of my debris - like old baskets and some shabby pieces that were just not pretty anymore.

We use the gazebo as an extra room and we finished the night up out there with wine and conversation.

This is our third gazebo.
Our second one was destroyed last spring when part of the elm tree fell on it.

This was our first one!
I took this photo on February 11, 2010......

and this photo later that same day.
The snow was so heavy that the entire roof collapsed.
Every gazebo has been just a little better and bigger than the last.

I love Sundays!
After being out of town for two weekends in a row, it was good to be back in church today.
We saved Amber and Mike seats since we usually get there before they do.
After services we all ate lunch at Dickie's BBQ.
I took a photo but I played around with some edits and lost the original.

This was not one of my better edits!

However, I DO like this one!
It reminds me of the song Louis Dean is always singing.......
"If I could bottle this up - I'd make a million!!"
Harrison came home with us and is spending the night so we had all afternoon and evening together!
The quads are on a soccer team now so he brought his ball and did some practice in the front yard.

While we were out there, our sweet neighbor girls came over to show me the painting that Anjelina painted from a paint by number kit I gave her for her birthday. 
She did a really good job of it!

Harrison brought his bike with him so we took a couple of turns around the block.

He's growing up so fast! I just want to freeze time!

It's really special to have this one on one time together.

When we have all four - they are ALL talking at the same time.
With ONE, you can really listen to what they are saying.
He kept us entertained the entire time!
When we did Facetime so he could see 'his girls' - Logan got up really close to the camera and Harrison said he could see her 'nozzles!'
He MEANT nostrils!!!

This little boy has his MeeMaw wrapped around his little finger!
For dinner he said he really liked hashbrowns so hashbrowns it was with bacon and biscuits!
Then he told his Granddad that he really liked learning so he and Louis Dean worked on some spelling words at the chalkboard.

It's nearly midnight now and I had told him he could stay up until he was ready to go to bed since he had taken a good nap this afternoon. Granddad already cried uncle and went to sleep.
Harrison is waiting for me to come in there so he can go to sleep.
It's a wonderful thing to be loved by a little boy!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Harrison is such a sweet, kind cutie! Now I want a gazebo! But I could never decorate it as artfully as you do, so it would remain bare and un-pretty. You have made your gazebo into a beautiful fairyland garden. I have the same bird guide!

Bluebird49 said...

Harrison has the most precious little smile and bright eyes. He's lovable from your computer to mine...and his "girls", too.

You are all so blessed to have one another, and they'll remember and talk about these special times with you and LD all their lives. I hope you live long enough to dance at all their names!

My son and his wife, and David and Katherine came down and had lunch with us today, went to a friend's son's Eagle Scout awards, took David fishing and came back and visited a couple of hours more. What a nice day for their Pop and me. There's just nothing any better, is it!

I love your gazebo--it looks bigger than the first. Do you walk right out of the French doors into it? What an adorable, cozy "extra room"!

Kathy said...

I love the look of your gazebo. Wish I had room in my yard to have one. How great to have Harrison all by himself for awhile.

Susie said...

Linda, The picture of Harrison, that you have him in a bottle...reminds me of Jim Croce's song, "Time In A Bottle" When you left your comment on my post about our Emma...I know you understand the same love for our grandkids, cause you have it too. Our babies are growing up. Harrison is a wonderful child. All my little boys are grown , except for my great grandson Max. Oh by the way Max's will have a baby brother around the first of May.:):) Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love you, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Your gazebo is beautiful and that little guy is going to be a great man.

Vee said...

Sweetness... 💕

Sandra said...

it looks wonderful, and I love the ceiling lights. I forgot to tell you I have 40 lights not 20 in the nook, 2 strands of the 20... I share your love of white lights.

Arlene Grimm said...

One on one time is so important to little ones. I know Harrison was glad to have y'all to himself. It is warm here as well. I will take down my Valentines things but I may wait until March 1st to get out my spring things. I need to go to Dollar Tree to see what they have for Easter.

Linda said...

Harrison just gets better every day. I'd say he gets sweeter but he might not like that. Great LD is encouraging his interest in reading.

Diana Ferguson said...

I love your gazebo! Where did you get this one?

Linda said...


BeachGypsy said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! the gazebo looks absolutely gorgeous--- love it! I would surely like to spend all my time out there

Debbie said...

i really do love the creative pictures you have been taking!! the gazebo looks amazing, i adore the soft, cozy feeling it provides!!

around here, it's either too hot, too cold, too windy or there are too many bugs to sit outside. it saddens me as i have a lovely yard and a beautiful view of my river!!! (ooooh and i forgot about the pollen in spring!!)!!

Decor To Adore said...

What a charming way to spend the day. Happy Valentine's Day! May love and joy always be yours.

Weekend-Windup said...

All looks good. have a nice time:)

Gypsy Heart said...

Little boys seem to do that so easily don't they? :) The gazebo looks great! I do love the globe lights.


Penny said...

Lovely to get that special bonding time with Harrison. He is such a handsome little chap x