Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quad Monday and my Hooter's Cap!

It was shortly after noon today (Monday) when Amber brought the quads over. I was so glad to see them. When I'm at home I am usually working. Our place is high maintenance and this morning I decided to take down a lot of the debris in the foyer. I trashed some, stored some away for Christmas and dumped the rest in the bathtub and cleaned it with a bath in Pine Sol! I may be growing up at last.
I no longer feel this compulsion to cover things up as much as I used to. I felt good about loading up a HUGE industrial strength black trash bag with copper pots and pieces that I have had on the shelves in the foyer since 1983. GONE! Two of the shelves are totally bare and I'm okay with that. For now. 
I did add some debris garlands of faux ivy and some white lights - just because it's my house and I love them! Still, by the time Amber arrived I was hot and sweaty from all my work and was looking forward to dialing it down to be with the kids.

 And they have arrived!!!
Notice they did NOT scream for me! Only for Granddad!!!
I knew it wouldn't last. They are growing up and rightly so.

In anticipation of their coming, I had set out several new things that would be of interest to them.
One of Kailey's MOST favorite things is the cash register and MONEY!

They LOVED the money teaching kit Uncle Dean and Aunt Sherry and Aunt Ruth Ann got them!

The kids spent a long time over the money cards.
The kit came with lesson plans which I will start next Monday.

We are learning the 21 Rules of the House just as I taught them to Amber and Benjamin when they were little.


 The collage above is Amber's done at 5 years old.

The kids used their mama's as their inspiration.

The quads did a fine job of illustrating theirs!
I was impressed with how colorful Harrison's was!

Between the currency kit and the Rules of the House - we had a pretty good time around the table!

Lunch and naps followed. Naps for ALL of us!
Since it was pretty weather today we all wanted to go outside!

We made a project of cleaning out the toy box.....which is really a patio storage piece from Sam's.
Kailey really 'got into it!' They ALL did!!

We sorted and put like things together. Some things they have outgrown and decided to give away.

It's safe to safe that nearly everything was played with this afternoon.

When Amber brought the kids this morning, she commented on my cap.
It was a bad hair day for me so I opted to cover it up,
She noticed that the cap is from Hooter's!!

I only knew it was cute!

But sure enough - it says Hooter's on the back and has the trademark owl on it.
You KNOW I got it at Goodwill and never noticed that!
Amber said she was pretty sure this would be the funniest thing she would see today!

We are just now dealing with lots of leaves from the pecan trees. 

Harrison helped me blow them to the side and I filled a huge black bag with leaves, pecans and other debris.

Everyone wanted a turn and they all got one. I only got Trystan's pic along with Harrison's.
Granddad entertained them - or I should say - WATCHED them play while I prepared dinner and strung up those lights in the foyer.

The kids pronounced dinner as GOOD!!
Spinach Tortellini in sauce and green pasta salad from Ms Stephanie next door and a slice of cheese at every plate courtesy of Logan. She used a stool to get in the fridge drawers and found only three pieces of string cheese. After some deliberations, she thought it better to give everyone a slice of Colby Jack so we would all have the same thing. Chicken Tenders from Trader Joe's rounded out the easy peasy meal and Sugarplums (I still have a batch in the freezer) served as dessert.

I am so impressed with Harrison!!!

Louis Dean held court with the kids in the den while I did the dishes and prepared for baths.

One by one, as they came fresh from their bath, Granddad engaged them with the chalk/dry erase board that my friend and sister homeschooler from the past, Debbie, found for us a week or two ago at a thrift store. It was a HUGE hit and we were all so impressed with all that Louis Dean taught them in a short period of time. 

Of course, he WAS a second grade school teacher for 25 years!

We had one of the best Quad Mondays EVER!!!

Who loves you, Granddad???

BYE!!!! I love you!!!!

And so ended Quad Monday with our hearts full!
Louis Dean has started writing a children's book and he went back to his writing and I went back to mine. It is late now and time for us to have our 'Boston Legal Moment' and go to bed.
That's what we watched when we were down at the ranch. 
Louis Dean LOVES that show - which is remarkable as it is so 'suggestive' in many ways.
However, we do tend to end our days with a drink and a visit to recap our day.


Arlene Grimm said...

Well you are a Hoot so a Hooters hat is appropriate. :) I love seeing the children so busy and engaged without an iPad!!!

Sandra said...

now we have two writers in your family.. I think the Hooters hat is funny and even more funny is the fact you bought it and did not know it was hooters. ROFL.. I got this picture of you soaking things in the tub and that gave me a smile to and I almost did of shock when you said you have empty shelves. LOL

jamarson1 said...

I always get a kick out of you calling your stuff "debris". I'm in San Fran on a work trip this week. I know you love this place:)

Kathy said...

Good for you getting things out of your house. My friend Deb and I are trying to do that at our houses too. I loved all the videos and I am so impressed with Harrison. The cutest was when Trystan had to tell you she had crumbs in her water and had to throw it out. Ha, ha! I'd love to see LD's book when he is finished. Working in the Children's section of the library for so many years has given me a great love of children's books.

Susie said...

Linda, You do have busy Mondays. I just love the films of the children...that is how I feel so close to all of you...I hear your voices and the things you teach the little ones. Love it. What a special granddad....still teaching. :):) Life is one big learning lesson isn't it? Hug all the children for me. I can't wait to read you book and LD's too. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love, Susie

peggy said...

This was so much fun, just like being there with you all. I still use Harrison's bookmark, if you will tell him and I loved his colorful page. Your hat too!!

Pamela Mikel said...

You are fantastic Linda, I'm amazed at all you do. xxoo

Linda said...

I've never spent a lot of time thinking about the argument over climate change but Texas weather is giving me pause for thought. You had a busy day and it appears you got a lot done. I've got one string of small lights and can't figure out how to use them. Faux greenery must be the answer.

Jill said...

Looks like a busy day! That hat is too funny, lol. Have a wonderful afternoon!


Ginny Hartzler said...

We LOVED Boston Legal and watched every single episode. It was touching and funny. James Spader is one of my favorite actors. You are a Hooters Girl!! Ha ha! Harrison is so focused! And their drawings are soo good. Trystan even made many little hearts. YOU have empty shelves!! Heavens to Betsy!! I bet they won't stay empty for long. Soon you will get some inspiration, and then start working on them. I got our youngest grandchild a Barbie cash register for her birthday this month, I bet she will love it! The question of the day is...will you KEEP the cap?

Vee said...

I can just imagine the story that Amber is going to tell about you in years to come...the day she found her mother wearing THAT hat. LOL! The children are all so smart...thinking all the time! How wonderful that Louis Dean is writing a children's book. The quads will love it, Are they the stars?

NanaDiana said...

LOL-Well...WHOOOOOOOOO knew you were a Hooter's girl? lol Not me! I love the thing you are doing with the kids...and that you promote a love for the Lord as a part of their lives and learning.
I love how much fun you and LD have with those kiddos. xo Diana

Deanna Rabe said...

I love that LD is writing a children's book! So exciting!

You all are such a special family. Those quads are so darling.