Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bags Are Packed! I'm Ready to GO!!!!

I am packed up and ready to go!!
Basket with wine, glasses, corkscrew, crackers, cheese - check!
Lightweight jacket (since rain is in the forecast) - check!
Laptop -Duh!! - check!
Suitcase packed tighter than a drum - check!!
Purse with essentials AND a small strapped wallet to carry when I leave the purse in the car - check!
Bronze bag holding makeup and toiletry bag and books and hairbrushes - check!
Large tin full of Texas Trash (every last bit I have left!) by request from Deanie - check!
By the way, all the bags, basket, and tin  came from Goodwill!

It took all afternoon to pack since I was giving such careful thought to what I'm taking since I didn't want to forget anything!

We left Irving by 3:30 stopping at the post office to drop off the package for my DNA testing.
I'm not sure what I hope to find from this but I decided I wanted to at least know a little about where I came from - which may be a surprise since I have no idea who my father was.

We shopped Trader Joe's on Hulen and Half Price Books before going to Nita's and Mike's to spend the night.

Louis Dean needed a book and found two!

Paul Harvey will be a read aloud book and Cheaper by the Dozen is one of his favorites and will be his night time before bed book.

Talk about perfect timing - we arrived at Nita's just as she was pulling into the garage!
I brought salad and Brownie Bites and Lemon Bars (Trader Joe's) and Nita had Cousins BBQ Baked Potatoes for dinner! Plus wine! Nita and I are both wine drinkers! We will also be room mates on our Siblings Trip!! Wine drinkers stick together!!

Nita and Mike have THE most interesting home full of treasures!!
What a treat we had this evening!

Nita was gifted a Victrola from the 1920's and we wound it up and played Perry Como singing 'Till the End of Time.'

It's always an adventure when we come visit them!

We have had a nice relaxing evening.
Dinner and visiting.
Tai Chi for Nita and me followed by wine sitting out on her back porch in the cool of the night.
This has been the warmest February since 1957! 
Not one freeze this month so far!
Still, we had light blankets around us as we sat and sipped.

Deanie and Lonnie will be here in the morning and we will drive down to San Antonio for a few days. We are all so excited!!
I think they will be here by 9:00 so I best say good night now since I'm not normally up that early!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

The title of your post reminds me of that John Denver song. A crank Victrola, what a treasure!! Perry Como was my Mom's favorite singer. Now, off to your next adventure!!

Vee said...

And the adventure begins! I have my grandfather's Victrola in the garage having no room in this house for it. Now you're making me want to crank it up.

Take good care of each other and be blessed on this journey.

Susie said...

Linda, I remember Perry mom loved hearing him sing. I hope you and your siblings have a great time. Be safe. Get photos. Blessings, love all of you,xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

enjoy your siblings and the fun in San Antonio, although I know you would all have fun anywhere at anytime. I called bob to come see and hear the Victrola because 2 days ago he said do you remember the Victrola's? they had one and he was describing it to me. have a safe and joyful trip

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You fill your lives with fun adventures! I love it! Have a wonderful trip..have FUN!!! Hugs, Diane

Kathy said...

We had a victrola growing up. It sat in our front room and was a real treat when we could play it. My grandparents had tons of 78 records for it. I love Perry Como and actually had some of his records when I was a kid. I'm older than dirt, you know. Have fun on your trip. I know you will.

Amber B. said...

Have a great time you crazy party animals!!! ;)

Nonnie said...

Cheaper by the Dozen was one of my favorite books and movies. Clifton Webb was so good in that and also Life with Father. Have a wonderful trip! I got a victrola for Christmas this year to play my old records.

Gypsy Heart said...

Good for you! This adventure should be full of fun, laughter and memories.


NanaDiana said...

I am so glad you are having fun and it looks like even more fun in your future. Enjoy every moment of the trip. We had an old Victrola like that when I was a kid. xo Diana

Carole said...

Linda, wishing you a lovely trip. You are so organised - I usually forget things! Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoy your trip!!

Penny said...

Gosh you are organised!! Having had the privilege of tasting your scrumptious Texas Trash, I can imagine how delicious that will ne woth a lovely glass of chilled white wine! X