Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday at Home.....

I went to bed on Friday night at 10:30 and did not get up until 11:30 Saturday morning!
Of COURSE, I felt so much better today!

My sweet Louis Dean brought me coffee in bed - a PERFECT way to start a great day!

While HE went off to do a couple of errands, I watered and tended the back yard.
If I water the back in the mornings - or around noon since it's in dappled shade - that means I only have to water the front at night.

Since I enjoyed hanging laundry so much yesterday, I did that again today!
While Louis Dean is a tall big man, he loves flimsy thin towels - and even wants to keep the ones with holes in them!

Being outside - even in the shade - is sweaty business!
I make up fresh infused water each and every morning......
today was thin slices of cucumber and lemon balm.
The Crazy Water no.1 is from Mineral Wells and tastes extra good - plus it is so good FOR you!

I was out there next to the gazebo taking this pic of the wall - with the addition of that cute plaque under the welcome sign that I got at Goodwill this week - when I had visitors come through the French door!

Amber and Logan came to call!
Just the two of them!

When I asked Logan what she wanted for lunch, she said, "How 'bout some grilled cheese?"

It was fun having one on one time! 
I with Logan and I with Amber and Amber with Logan and Amber with me.

I think Amber is wise to do this.

I know I certainly enjoyed their visit!!

Logan is probably the easiest of the quads in many ways.

After lunch I tucked them both into my bed, turned on the window A/C, sound machine and ceiling fan, then shut the door so they could both get a much needed nap!!

Louis Dean came back from his errands ( feed store and grocery store) and he was totally exhausted!
SO I put HIM in bed in the guest room.

With everyone else asleep, I went back to work in the den on my new secretary.
First I used Bri Wax and shined it all up, then I decided what I wanted to put where.

Bibles and hymnals are on the top shelf.
The other two are stuffed tightly with my journals.

I'm filling the desk part with vintage things like the ephemera I've collected over the years.
I have letters from the 1800's and one from the 1700's as well as a whole series from the 30's and 40's. There's one special group of letters I collected all to and from Miss Kathryn Krueger.
She was a school teacher, unmarried, and the letters are the correspondence between her and her aunt.

I'm loving the way it looks!

I intend to gather other antique books from around the house and display them here.

It was fun to pull these letters from a box and out to where I can see them!

This is dated 1882 and is from a farmer/minister to his 'girl.'

It's late and I need to get to bed.
I like to journal at night, at the end of my day.
It helps me to set it all in order - in my mind and in my photos and with my words.
Words are important.
I think of this when I read these old, old letters.
These people have been gone a very long time and yet here are their words, still living on.


Arlene said...

I love the old letters!! I use my cubby holes to store notes and cards that I receive. When the cubbies are full, I take out my cards, store them in a big hat box on my armoire and start over!! On days when I am feeling down, I take down my hatboxes which hold correspondence from about 40 years now and I read the notes, letters etc. I think Amber is a good mom to take a quad one on one every now and then. I am sure Logan felt very special getting lunch at your home and taking a nap with Mama.

Susie said...

linda, What a sweet mommy you are...taking care of Amber . Lord knows young moms need a nap, almost unheard of in mommyworld. Love the things hanging on the line. Tell LD , he is not the only one...I like thin wash cloths and towels too. There was never any fluff on towels we had growing up. My girlfriend used to say I like wash cloths that only had one side.LOL. Your entry looks so welcoming. Glad you got some rest also. Hope LD is getting along with his knee recovery. Blessings to all, love, Susie

Vee said...

It looks wonderful! You primped it perfectly. I did not know that you collected old letters. That's quite a unique collection and I love that you have them on display now.

How fun to visit you and get popped into bed for a nap. Amber certainly needs her rest. Mothering the mama is a very good thing. Logan is just a doll baby and I'm sure that she enjoyed her time with you and having a cozy nap time with her mommy.

I smiled to read about thin towels. Our household is divided on that so we have some of everything. I like thin facecloths and thick towels.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...

Nonnie said...

Thin towels! That is funny how we all have our little quirky things about towels and washcloths. I love a small washcloth for my face, so I bought baby washcloths. They are perfect.
Love the pic of Amber and Logan at nap time. So sweet. We are finding that one on one is a wonderful thing to do.
Your secretary is so beautiful. Your comment about the words in the letter living on reminds me of the verses in Revelation about our prayers as incense in the bowls before God. They are always there. They live on before Him.

Changes in the wind said...

You would love my book:) The secretary looks great.

Sandra said...

that desk is really beautiful and a super addition to your home. i love the pic of Amber and Logan taking their nap and I imagine it is really hard to find alone time with one quad.

Sandra said...

forgot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your painting in your header. you have a mazing talent

Linda said...

The heat seems very tiring. Here I've just switched the central heating on to take the chill off!
What a lovely granddaughter visit!

Wanda said...

First of all I love your new header. How adorable. You entire blog looks so cute. Second, the picture of Amber and Logan in your bed is priceless.
I like thin towels, my dearest likes the thick ones. I get my thin ones at the thrift store after some one has worn the new off, but they still look nice.
The letters, what a treasure. We have my mom and dad's love letters. They corresponded after a first date for a year, and then got married. Their entire courtship was through letters. After mom passed away, Donna and I sat down and read them out loud, and cried, and laughed and saw a side of our parents we never knew.

Jeannie Marie said...

I'm a thin towel person as well! I have three I keep in constant rotation as I'm alone now. The thick and thirsty towels are folded and ready for company! So nice to have new friends!

Beth said...

Love the secretary! Beautiful! Your old letters are precious. The handwriting is beautiful, isn't it? Kids today don't learn cursive anymore. We have been cleaning out my mom's house (she moved to assisted living) and found letters from my stepfather to his parents when he was in the service in Korea. Hope Amber and LD get to feeling better real soon. They are both in my prayers.
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Jutta said...

Love love LOVE your header!!! The look in the eyes of the racoon, the watermelon eaten, the idea - right, I simply love that painting! Priceless and adorable!

Penny said...

Your new painting is adorable. I am so heartened to hear that LD is up and about and getting a bit busy again, please give him love from Scotland. Amber must have loved having a nap during the day, what luxury! Your new desk is looking wonderful xx

Ruth W said...

Love your header! So cute! And the secretary is beautiful! What a lovely family. How nice that they are close for visiting! Thanks for your visit and nice to meet you. I don't think I'd survive in Texas...not at all used to heat and humidity!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks for visiting my pie bird that is not common now at all. Just check antique stores

Your precious little girl quad is adorable. and that cheese sandwich sounds good also.

love your desk and what all you have in it.