Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quad Wednesday and Thursday Doings.....

We were sitting in the gazebo Wednesday morning waiting for the quads to arrive! Maddie had sauntered out there with us so I picked her up and loved on her for a little while.

We heard the bell ringing at the front door so Granddad went to let the kids in and I held on to Maddie so the kids could see her. She does a fast disappearing act whenever they come over!

I don't know WHY because they adore her and would pet her all day long!
When Amber was a little girl, she would dress her cats up in baby doll clothes!

The tent was a huge success!! They all loved it!!!

Two entrances made it easy for all four of them to go in and out.

Kailey is back there bound and determined to keep that door fastened!

We play outside while we can. The deck stays in the shade until 1:30 or so.

I had plenty of help with my watering!
They are so good at taking turns. 

Everything has grown up around the pond and to a child it seems like a secret garden back there.

They had a lot of fun traipsing through the greenery and behind the gazebo to come around and do it again and again!!

Granddad was glad to see 'the babies'......although they are quick to remind us they are NOT babies!
"We're BIG KIDS now!!"

Now that the kitchen door is fixed, I was able to prepare and set out lunch while Granddad and the kids played in the gazebo and sandbox. I decided to do only finger foods and put it all on one big platter thus allowing the kids to help their own plates. This worked like a charm!

At first Trystan got only Cheetos and the shoestring potato stix.
I didn't say a word. I let them get as much or as little of whatever they wanted.

Louis Dean and I ate our lunch and just watched them,

I think they had fun doing it themselves!
Pretty soon Trystan was making trip after trip to the platter and getting ONE piece of lunch meat at a time. When the meal was over there were only some Ritz crackers left on the tray!

Naps in the den followed and ALL of us went sound asleep!
That 2 hours+ makes all the difference in the world!

Once the kids wake up, they have a little routine they do.
Logan started it by wanting 'pink lips' before we have the tea party - and having a tea party after naps is an absolute MUST! We comb our hair and fix up first! They used to wear fancy tea dresses but they have slowly but surely taken them all to their house!

They primp and then I get the tea together.

All four dearly love the TastyKake Strawberry Donuts!
I served Green Pomegranate tea and they drank every drop with me filling their small cups up to the top!

After the tea was cleared away, it was time to color!

I found some papers I used long long ago when Amber and Ben were small.
I made copies and we talked about how God makes the sun to shine and the green grass to grow.
Although on one paper the grass is purple!

While they were at the table they could see Granddad loading some furniture on the truck and they were totally fascinated and watched his every move!

At long last it was time to play in the front yard - a favorite place!

Yup! Best $5 I've spent in awhile!

Just look at Logan looking at Granddad. 
His heart stays in a puddle when they're here!

To make a good day even better, Stephanie came over from next door to sit with us and enjoy a glass of wine together! She said she heard 'The Wednesday Happy Sounds!'

Supper was simple! I just heated up the pinto beans and added rice to them and made some quesadillas! After they ate, they were wanting to go right back outside!

We did shower baths in the yard and by the time Amber and Mike got here, they were all fed, bathed, teeth brushed and in their pajamas.

The evening ended with all of sitting out on the driveway visiting and watching the kids play.
A wonderful summer memory to be cherished!

We slept in - WAY in - this morning!!!
When the kids are here, that's all we can do - take care of the kids.
I have no clue how Amber ever gets anything done. She runs her home,does laundry, has projects, designs and makes jewelry for her Etsy shop, plus she is a freelance writer.....she wears many hats!

Louis Dean bought a small window A/C for the guest room while we were engaged when the A/C in the house went out. While we waited for it to be repaired, my son, Benjamin, and I slept in the cool guest room. That was 10 years ago and that $100 A/C unit served us long and well.
However, it finally bit the dust and he hauled it to the curb!
This afternoon he bought a new one and installed it!

While he worked on the A/C, I worked on the room!
We took one piece of furniture out and rearranged the bed and dresser.

I'm looking to get bunk beds for in here. Double bed on the bottom and twin on top.

Trystan told me this room was 'ALL MESSED UP!!!' when she was here yesterday!

Not any more!!

I cleaned all the drawers out and they now hold pull ups, tiny pairs of underwear and small pieces of children's clothing. Harrison has his own drawer and he has Spider Man underwear! When he saw them, he said, "THANK you, MeeMaw!!!"

Louis Dean wore himself out today and I'm not far behind.
I just opened a couple cans of chicken noodle soup and that's supper!
After we eat, we'll go out and water. It's still HOT outside but bearable at night.
We will go to bed tonight feeling good about what we accomplished today!

The third letter in my collection is 6 pages long. It is dated August 14, 1935.
Things didn't go as planned for the vacation and Polly is disappointed.
I will work on typing that one up and publish it in a separate post once I do - which will most likely NOT be tonight!


Deb said...

I love hearing about your Quad days!!! Love x4

Wanda said...

Oh what a great day. Wonderful pictures, and love visiting your home day after day. The quads are so cute and I love their out door picnics and the new pup tent. What fun.

Dee said...

Yeah for quad day! I always enjoy when the little ones come to visit you. I used to have a tent for my girls and those were such fun times for them. Have a lovely weekend, Linda.

Linda said...

Adorable photos, Linda, and I absolutely love the photo of you and Maddie!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Wonderful day. Sleep is GOOD. Such sweethearts. Hugs for you and LD.

Blondie's Journal said...

I need to copy your posts in a folder under ideas to do with my grands!! You are great---the lunch buffet and group naps!! Love ya, Linda!!

Jane x

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad the children behave for you. They keep you guys hopping even at that. It's nice you let them serve themselves and learn. I like that they still love their tea parties. You and LD are forever busy. Bless your hearts. Love you, Susie

Sandra said...

I knew that tent would be a big hit and it was! so cute. we did the same thing you did 5 years ago when our AC went out and it was in the 90's and they had to order a part. put that little 100.00 Walmart AC in the bedroom window and had a place to sleep and a place to cool down in the daytime.

Arlene said...

How you and LD manage four all day amazes me Linda. I have my three coming for the weekend...ages 5, 4 and 1 and it takes me and my husband to keep up with them. Of course our Baylor is on the Autistic Spectrum so that makes it even harder! I love to see your tea party and I love how you have a routine that they enjoy. You all inspire me!!

Cheryl said...

You two are such wonderful grandparents!! I know from experience how totally fun and totally exhausting a day with little ones can be...and ours are not all four years old at the same time! The quads will look back on these days with such fond memories...

Loved the self-serve lunch and the $5 fun and the tea party and the pink lips! Delightful!

Vee said...

How I love the happy sounds of Wednesday! I try to imagine what it is like at your home from a three-year-old's perspective...magical comes to mind. What good days they have! I knew that the tent would be a big hit!

As for that transcribing...what a lot of work, but I do thank you in advance. Just so fascinating to me and I love that you gave us a little teaser.

Nonnie said...

Love all your photos, as usual. Especially the garden pics and Grandad with Logan. I'm with you. When the kids are here, that is all Jay and I do. Everything stops for them! And I don't see how their moms manage everything.

Penny said...

Looks like the pop-up tent was a big success Linda! You had a busy day with the quads, they are so sweet and must just adore coming over to your house for the day x