Thursday, July 9, 2015

A New Camera and Other Thursday Things.....

Our normal Wednesday didn't happen. Poor Louis Dean woke up even sicker than the day before.
I called Amber and let her know. He stayed in bed as he has been more or less for the past month!
I spent the day doing 'therapy' - that means cleaning house and other homemaking activities.
I showered and drove over to Quadville late that afternoon to give Amber some extra help and spend the night. 

I love it that the quads still love to have tea parties with me!
Even my Handsome Harrison enjoys his tea!

Logan loves to craft! A grand daughter after my own heart!

You simply CANNOT look at Trystan and not SMILE!!!

It's always a joy to be around the quads and as worried as I am about Louis Dean, they managed to cheer me up!

As a mom I ALWAYS enjoy being with my children - even GROWN ones!!!
Amber and I continue to make memories in our every day lives together.
Last night after the kids were sound asleep, we stayed up to watch a movie!

My Grand cat - Bandit! He sat on my chest through the entire movie!

I appreciated that since we BOTH enjoy movies so much! However, she has been sick - yet again - with terrible allergies and STILL stayed up to spend time together! That is really special.

Waking up in Quadville is TOTALLY different from waking up at home!!!
Normally, I ease into the process and it's an hour or more before I get out of bed from the time I open my eyes! Not so in QV! I lurch out of bed and immediately start to get dressed even BEFORE I stumble into the kitchen for a Keurig cup of coffee!!!

I snapped this shot as we were taking the quads into school!
HOW did they get THIS BIG????

I made a Sam's run for Louis Dean's prescriptions on my way home and it just so happened they had this one last camera on sale......just ONE!

I am really tough on cameras but I take a million pictures (or so!)  every single day and the Canon one I have loved so much has a cracked screen - although that doesn't affect the photos - AND the shutter doesn't open all the way - a small foot stepped on it way back in September last year - AND I had a cash back check to use....SO.....I bought it!!!

THIS was the very first photo I took!!

Back home I went to unload all this and make lunch for us before taking Louis Dean to get his ONE stitch out!!
He HAD two but the other one came out on its own.
If I had only known this, I could have snipped that little stitch myself and saved us some time and trouble!

From there we drove BACK to Quadville!
I had left the charging cords to both my phone and iPad there.
I thought it would be good for Louis Dean to get out and see the quads.

Bless his heart - and Logan's - AND Amber's!!!
Amber had gone to the doctor this afternoon and then got a call from school that Logan was sick!
This is Kailey comforting her sister.
It would squeeze your heart to see how sweet the kids are to each other.......

Granddad DID cheer up - but we didn't stay very long. He needed to go back to bed.

But not before he comforted Logan some more.

Keeping it real - while the kids play so well together most of the time - occasionally we see a scene like THIS one. It doesn't last very long, though!

 NOW they are all smiles!!!

I have been playing Hide and Seek with the quads and the ball bath is a favorite place for Harrison to hide!

We came home,  put Louis Dean back to bed and went about my homemaking chores before going outside to do some gardening.

Late in the evening before it grows dark is a great time to work in the yard.

I mulched and burned trash and watered just about everything!

I'm loving my new camera! I will continue to use BOTH my cameras but I will need to buy another memory card because switching the one I have between the two cameras just about drove me crazy!
Apparently you MUST date your camera or it saves your pictures to random years on the computer!

 Louis Dean came out to sit in the gazebo with me for a few minutes this evening. 
He didn't last long but I enjoyed the few minutes we had.
I am missing him and hoping and praying he gets well soon.
I am taking him to the doctor at 9:00 in the morning.

Going out now to water the front yard and then to bed!
I have already set the alarm for 7:30 AM!
Waking up that early will be a SHOCK, I'm sure!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hugs LD and hope you get some relief from your allergies SOON. This is NOT fun. Thanks Linda for sharing your family today. Hugs for you too.

Kathy said...

As I said to you on fb I can hardly believe how old the kids look. When did that happen? Hoping and praying that LD feels better each day.


Oh my goodness...I do hope L D will be much better...and real soon!! I'm sure he's very tired...and you are very worried!!!

Take it easy you two. Keep us posted.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope LD feels better soon, he has had a tough time lately. Hope you find out what he is allergic to. :)

Arlene said...

I am glad LD has a doctor's appointment..hoping he feels better soon. I had to chuckle at your description of waking up at home vs waking up at the Quads.The grands do not stop for anything do they?? Your back yard looks so pretty!!

Linda said...

I hope LD feels better really soon! I am sure you are both sick of it.....sounds like you do take good care of him. I can't believe the quads are 'kids' now...seems like they were babies just yesterday. Have a great weekend!!!

Vee said...

Praying for a good report and some good meds. I could prescribe some meds, but I am sure that Geritol is highly overrated. =D I take it, though, when I need an extra boost.

A calm, quiet day to you both. Those quads are something else! I love seeing them grow and interact.

Sandra said...

LD does look ill to me... i can tell he feels bad in the photos. what a fun wake up. sorry everyone is sick. poor Amber. i used a Coolpix like this for 4 years and loved it.. i liked it better than my new red camera that replaced it. it took better close ups than the canon does.

Wanda said...

Your life, my dear Linda....does not have a "PAUSE" button does it?? I had a little Nikon camera...and with my arms full, dropped it and it was a bad fall. I have a little Cannon Power Shot that takes great pictures, but is held together with packaging and duck tape. I need to look for one on sale. I got this one at Costco years ago.

I'm concerned about Louis Dean....he usually snaps back quicker after his health issues. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

The quads just keep getting bigger and cuter...My goodness what darlings and that they still love your tea parties.

Just saw on the news where a couple had quints...5 little girls. And they had a older daughter...think of the weddings...HaHaHa

Stacey said...

Girl you must have a lot of energy!! You do so much in a day's time.

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry hubby is feeling bad and hope the trip to the Dr. will bring some sunshine.

Penny said...

Poor Louis Dean, he doesn't look too good in these photographs Linda. I am catching up with all my blog reading after being on holiday, so I hope to read better news of him in later posts from you. Sending hugs X

Carla said...

Poor LD he's and you have had a rough year and so has Quadville. I think Mike is the only one who has faired okay.
Love the picture of the off moment between Harrison and Trystan. And you're right Trystan just makes me smile. I notice in this latest picture of Harrison there's a red tint to his hair...