Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Still, Quiet Day.....

I wish I could tell you that Louis Dean is so much better - but he's really not! Probably SOME better simply because he has two days of antibiotics in his system - but he is still choking, gagging and coughing in the guest room as I write ......

He DID manage to stay out of bed for several hours and he DID get dressed.
We sat together in the den watching old Alfred Hitchock movies, which in afterthought might not have been our best choice. Perhaps tomorrow I will find us some more uplifting or at least cheerful ones to see! We have  3 days at home without leaving to rest before any scheduled activities come up and if he's STILL not well, we will continue to rest! It's easy to get scared when a loved one is ill and I admit to that thin trickle of fear that this may be our 'new normal.' In my heart I really do NOT believe that! I still get a little scared.

My sister, Nita, gave me a big box of Reader's Digest Condensed Books last week!
I already had several and have gathered them all up and put them on the shelves in the foyer by the front door.
I used to be a faithful book club member and discovered many of my favorite authors this way.

As I have been rearranging books I discovered so many I had forgot about!
The Art of Living is a 1958 book featuring a collection of stories from Reader's Digest.
I am on a mission to read books I already HAVE and not purchase new ones - at least for awhile!
In addition to The Art of Living I am reading:

Robin Pilcher in A Risk Worth Taking - I have a feeling I have already read this one but it's a good second read!
It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It by Robert Fulghum - WHY have I not read this entire book before now???
Fortune's Hand by Belva Plain
and I am knee deep in Janet Dailey's This Calder Range!

As I finish each book, I am sending the ones I really like on to dear close friends who I think would enjoy them and the others will go to the Goodwill!

I have enough reading material right here in my home to last me the rest of my life!!

Louis Dean is in bed and I just poured a glass of wine to take out to the gazebo where I will spend some time - you guessed it - READING!

Thank you for being such a source of encouragement to us!
We really do appreciate you all!


  1. Am so sorry that LD is still not feeling well. Sometimes it takes awhile for antibiotics to work and I am hoping that is the case here. I need to do what you are doing and get some books out of my house. I have so many!

  2. Prayers going up for dear Louis Dean. Bronchitis is a BEAR. If those antibiotics do not kick in soon, I would ask the doc to change them to something stronger. Maybe you both need a hot toddy for the body!!

  3. I'm praying for LD---I hope he keeps up with his doctor if he's not getting well.

    I remember my mom having these books---if only they made them now with current books.

    Love and hugs during this stressful


  4. I feel your concern for Louis Dean and will keep him in my prayers and thoughts. Our balcony is our version of your gazebo. A great place to read. I do the same with books, read, share or give to goodwill.
    Hoping tomorrow will be the day Louis Dean takes a big turn towards complete recovery from that old Broncitus. Hugs

  5. I'm just catching up on blogs. Praying for you, sweet lady and your man.

  6. Don'tcha just LOVE old books? I know I do. There is something about holding a book in hand, turning the pages and know you're reading a classic piece of work that's been around for decades....maybe even a century!!!

    It's a bit of good news to read that L D was out of bed for a while. I do hope soon he'll improve and your 'old' lifestyle returns. But, take heart...even if it doesn't you still have him beside you!! That is most important in life.

  7. Thank you for keeping us informed of what's going on in your world. I hope and pray for a good recovery for Louis Dean. His being ill has made you have to slow down too. So take a deep breath and you rest too. Love you both.

  8. so sorry he is still feeling bad.. i would be worried to, when bob gets sick i get a little freaked out... if he isn't better in a couple of days back to the doc is my suggestion. i am still wondering why no steriods

  9. Oh thank you for the reminder of Reader's Digest parents had such a collection of those! Marvelous! I know how worried you must be about your dear LD....I'll bet some homemade chicken soup might make him feel better....poor darling...will think of you both in prayer!

  10. Oh I am sorry that LD is still not feeling good....glad that he is on the mend. How can you read so many books at once?? Well.....I have one book started and have read several I guess I shouldn't question. I love picked up books at the thrift store and then passing them on as I finish them.

  11. Prayers for you both! The first house we ever bought back in 1977 had a big built-in book shelf in the living room that was filled with book club books the previous owners had left behind. I think I read almost everyone of them and some are favorites that I still re-read from time to time.

  12. Such days are so needed for all of us (minus the coughing and hacking of course). I hear you about that trickle of fear...I am sure that it is common to us all. I know that I have felt that way. Keep resting! Hope that you find some great movies.

  13. Oh Linda, I so hear your heart on the fear thing when your beloved is not doing well. Praying for you both, healing for LD and peace for you.

  14. Sometimes it takes a while for antibiotics to kick in, especially when he was unwell for quite a while before he was diagnosed. He is a strong man, and is well loved, and wonderfully cared for by you, all of which will help him recover X