Sunday, July 12, 2015

Redeeming the Time and Louis Dean is BETTER!!!

While this hasn't been our typical Sunday, it WAS a GOOD day!

Although Louis Dean didn't get dressed as he did yesterday, he DID turn a corner on his illness and has only taken a couple of small naps today!

The antibiotics must have kicked in and he is improving despite continued coughing/gagging/choking spells which were helped by a hot buttered rum.
I only made it and haven't tasted one but he said the butter was like magic to his throat.

We didn't go to church but we watched Winning Walk with Ed Young, Sr. and FELT like we had been in church!

After lunch Louis Dean took a nice nap and I got busy!

I have LOTS (as in 24+) little 'candle lights' scattered throughout the house.

The clear bulbs are nice but the silicone covered ones are even NICER!

I have been stocking up buying some each time I see them so I had a whole tray of them to dip this afternoon! I use Silicone Sealant that is NOT flammable and one that dries CLEAR!

I have been making these for years and years but today I had some extra silicone left in the cup and decided to dip some of the mini light strands I use.

They were already plugged in and I just stuck a few of the bulbs into the sealant and they dried pretty fast! I LIKE them!!!! One more cozy little touch!

They turn out so pretty! Now I have a basket full which should last me into the holidays!

After that I turned around to the sewing machine!

I have decided to make pajamas for all the grands this Christmas!
I may add some things to the bags as my budget allows but PJ's are always needed and I dearly love to give handmade gifts whenever possible.

I got these four pajama pants out of scraps I had on hand!
One pair DID end up SHORT!!!

For my oldest grand daughter, I may make one of these Sassy Girl tops!
They are so HER!!

Perhaps hats for the daughters???

I bought the patterns to use last Christmas and that didn't happen!
I find that if I give handmade gifts - I need to start in JULY!

While everyone doesn't wear an apron these days, I will at least make one for my sisters and myself!

I love this vintage pattern and will be making all three designs!

My 'Pajama Basket!'

I caught up on all the mending I could find to do.
Harrison is so tall and lean that his shorts/pants/swim trunks must all be tightened at the waist.

As I rummaged through my sewing drawers I found all sorts of treasures!!!

I have been looking for these plastic needles since my oldest grand kids were small!!!

Wednesday when the quads come we are going to have a sewing day!!!
They all dearly love tape measures for some reason and I found THREE! Amber has one so I hope to borrow it and they will ALL have one! Now to pick up some Cheerios or Fruit Loops to string necklaces! These needles are 25 years old and many a child in my Sunday School classes have used them back in the day. I even found an old Shakley Vitamin container to make a kit of it all.
Brings back memories of when I bought vitamins from my friend, Melba!

Now just LOOK at this PRIZE of a vintage apron my sister, Nita, gave me!!!
All it needed was a buttonhole and a button!
It has been a LONG time since I sewed a buttonhole but my Bernia had not forgotten how to do it! 

Another treasure I found was a bookmark handmade by my youngest son.

I remember teaching Ben and Amber how to use the sewing machine.
This long one makes a good marker for a cookbook.
I will keep it forever!!!

Now look who felt like coming out and helping with the watering?????
Note his smiling face!!!
I am SO happy to see him feeling better again!!!

I filled the bird feeders while he watered.......

and then we did what we do best -

some serious driveway sitting!!!
Welcome BACK, dear husband of mine!!!
I have MISSED you!!!


bj said...

Just reading your posts makes me feel good all over. I so love your positive attitude about everything. I am so thankful your sweet LD is better and seeing him smile.
I, too, love little light all around...I have them every where..nothing I hate more than to get up at night and everything is solid black. Besides, I love the cozy feeling little tiny lights give out. :)

Linda said...

Linda, I love what you are making for your grandchildren, and I am so happy to hear that Louis Dean is doing better!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

So GOOD to see LD up and about. Don't overdo. Hope that cough settles down too. REST lots, its important. Love your sewing projects Linda. PJ's from Grandma are the best.

Cheapchick said...

So happy to see your hubby upright with a smile on his face!

Wanda said...

Hip Hip Hoorah....Louis Dean looks so good. And you my dear, what a busy bee. I love the fabric and homemade pj's are the best ever. I use to make all our kids pj, and the girls liked gowns. Always made a robe to match and a pillow and some doll clothes. You bring back happy sewing memories. I hadn't used my sewing machine for a while so loaned it to my DIL. Such a happy your bare feet on the drive fun.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Glad he is better...and back to sitting on the driveway with you! I'm looking at your last photo...and seeing the green grass...and thinking there is something wrong with that picture. You live in Texas and have green lawns. We live in the Pacific Northwest...and have totally brown lawns that haven't seen any rain for two months while the temp's have soared. We are praying for rain!

Love the silicone dipped lights.

Nita said...

What a great productive day ! So happy LD is feeling better, which makes you feel better too. I loved seeing the pictures of dress patterns, I want a waistline like that ! (: Thankful good health is returning to the Chapman home.


Oh I am THRILLED to pieces reading this post!! To have him next to you, smiling and watering...drinking hot buttered rum [yes, the butter would coat the raw throat and soothe it, I'm sure!!] --- elation is surrounding me as I read your post

I am so happy. As I know you are.

Arlene said...

I am glad LD is better...that toddy for the body did help!!:) I used to sew but my machine broke and I never replaced it! You are right, if you are making homemade gifts for Christmas, now is the time to start those projects. Christmas in July as they say!! I love those hats in the pattern..they look so cute! I am hoping to start a knitting class in the fall. I know how to knit and purl but I would love to make something like a vest or sweater!!

Vee said...

Praise the Lord! You must be smiling a lot, too. The minute he starts to feel puny, he needs a prescription! I wonder if a spoonful of coconut oil would be soothing for his throat...tastes good and has health benefits. I use it for sore throats, dry mouth, etc. I sometimes brush my teeth with it, too. John gets a daily massage with coconut oil with lemongrass added.

Oh my favorite childhood activity was those old-fashioned childhood sewing cards. Cereal sounds even more fun! You have the best activities for the quads.

Happy sewing!

Cheryl said...

Thank the Lord for this good, good news this morning!! I know that it is a great relief to have your dear hubby feeling so much better!

And there you go, getting a ton of stuff done...go you!! :) I love the idea of jammies for the grandchildren as well as the other homemade gifts you are planning. I need so soak up some of your ambition...and energy!

Sandra said...

you are just so very talented and creative. i did not even know there is a silicone you can dip things in... they do look good and so glad LD is better. mother used to make aprons for herself and my aunt and for gifts. she would love to help you dip those lights...

Linda said...

I am so glad for both of you that LD feels better! You are one ambitious lady....if I give you my address can you send me some???? :-) It is rainy today so hopefully that will make me stay inside and get some work done here.

Changes in the wind said...

Love, love, love this post. So glad hubby is feeling better.

Donna said...

SO glad your hubby feels better!

Susie said...

Linda, I was so happy to read this post. To know that your sweet LD was feeling better. I loved all the PJ's...the short ones could be for Harrison. You are right about those homemade Christmas has to start really early....I do not know if we are making any gifts of wood for the family this year. We have make foot stools, trays, salt and pepper grinders, cutting boards, little lap desks, trivets, and pen/pencil sets. We gave those out to my sisters and our children as gifts thru the years. Also they have been wedding gifts. Blessings to you and LD...please stay well. Love you guys, Susie

Nonnie said...

Oh so happy to read your good news about LD. The pajama patterns and the hats all look adorable. How nice that you are so creative!

Beth said...

So glad your husband is doing better, Linda. You are such a creative soul! You also seem to have boundless energy! :)

Penny said...

So lovely to see LD with a twinkle in his eye again! He will take a while to convalesce but with your loving care he will get there. I love that you are starting your Christmas gift making in July! You are one organised lady and I love that! Sending hugs and a big 'glad you are feeling better' kiss to LD. X

Carole said...

I need to find an apron with really good coverage - my new stove spits fat at the slightest provocation! Glad LD is getting better. Cheers from Carole's chatter

Carla said...

So nice to see a smile on that face of LD. Now is there anything you can't do? You sew clothes too. You are a very crafty lady.