Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Working on Plan D!

Louis Dean woke up this morning saying, "I can't DO this! I just can't DO this!!"
Three cups of coffee later, he asks, "Ready to go back out there and see where we stand?"
It was bad. The camper is old just like we are and it doesn't glide like it should or as it used to!
We discovered we had pulled in the slide out and it hung up on the carpet. That was problem #1.
As we fixed that, we pulled it in to discover it had a stray piece of 2 X 4 hung up under the extra room. Problem #2. Fixed that and is it any WONDER that the black rubber material that the room is supposed to slide IN on was all cattywampus under there! Problem #3! We finally got it to slide in NEARLY all the way except it was too high in the middle this making it slide in all the way at the bottom but the top was not flush. That was Problem #4 and we didn't know how to fix it because we didn't know what caused it!

That's when we did a little driveway sitting and watched the geckos.

Cheap entertainment!

A bit of rest and distraction helped Louis Dean focus on solving the problem and I can't even begin to tell you what it was or how he fixed it but two crow bars and a hammer was involved. AND a jack!!

We celebrated with burgers at our favorite burger place!! Buffalo Wings and Burgers at the corner of Senter and Shady Grove in Irving.

We came home and I went straight to bed. It was 3:30 and I slept for two blissful hours!

I THOUGHT Louis Dean was resting in the guest room! Instead he was out there hooking the truck up to the trailer and getting it ready to roll in the morning.

See? The slide OUT is now IN! MOSTLY in!!!

LD went to bed at 5:30 and I am pretty sure we will be getting an early start in the morning!
Light rain is falling as I close this journal post. Rain is in the forecast both here and down at the ranch for the next WEEK! Our plan is to get the camper in before it's too muddy to do so. We're thinking the ranch may well be where the camper needs to live out the rest of her days. 
I can't think of a more perfect place!!!


  1. I love your descriptions of your nap, Linda. Y'all be careful in the morning when you take off. :)

  2. I always try to remember when things don't go as planned...there is a reason for the delay...we don't usually know what it was or is...but I think it just might have saved us from something bad happening...I think the country sounds like a wonderful place for your camper to live...be safe in your travels...

  3. Oh a little home away from home that you can more easily travel to. Much better than hauling to and fro. Personally, I've always wanted a Vardo. Glad that you got the kinks worked out of that slide even if it did take crowbars and hammers. That'll teach it! Still hoping that you don't have to strike off too early. Enjoy the journey...a week of rain? How dare it on your vacation?!

  4. Glad he got it all fixed -or done enough to travel. Safe travels to you . I am sorry it is going to rain for the time you are there though. But- it might be a perfect "forever" spot! xo Diana

  5. Delays are God's way of protecting us ~ at least that's my thought pattern. :) I hope you have safe travels and get some rest! I can imagine how truly exhausted you both are. I don't know a slide from a hammer regarding a camper so I'll just take your word for it! :) I'm not a camper so I'm really not educated about them.


  6. Safe travels and enjoy your time at the ranch!

  7. I wish you a safe uneventful journey there and back and an extremely wonderful stay at the ranch!!!

  8. You are both really clever to have fixed up all the problems. I ADORE your beautiful header! A wire fence, cactus, and Bluebonnets! But I guess I will only really see them in my dreams.

  9. Louis Dean is a star, what a guy! Safe trip Linda and take care driving in the wet X

  10. Do be careful....this has been a lot of work for y'all! Hope you have a ball and get some needed rest!

  11. Bob and I are avid lizard watchers... we talk to them and name them. and i have dozens of photos of them. love the 2nd video.. hope you are on the way by now and that the slide in stays in and wishing you a safe trip

  12. Sounds like your hubby is a keeper Linda! One of the pre-requisites of being an RV/trailer owner is having a handy hubby ;). Our RV doesn't have any slide outs. When we were looking I thought we needed them but with this particular model we don't feel cramped because there's lots of windows. We haven't taken it out yet...will do so Memorial weekend. Wish us luck! lol

    Enjoy your trip, despite the rain.


  13. Leaving the camper at the ranch may be the answer but you will need to go often to keep up with it:)

  14. Linda, Tell LD he needs a bigger hammer. LOL. That's what Ted says when he's pounding on stuff. I always say, I have cut it off twice and it's still too short. LOL. Those are old work jokes. The true saying is, measure twice , cut once. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.. LD will understand that. I hope and pray you have a wonderful trip to the ranch and enjoy all of it and NO problems. Blessings, take care of each other, Love you, Susie

  15. Linda, I love how you embrace life with the good, bad and the ugly. You and your darling, never give up Louis Dean is an inspiration to all. What a couple you are. I think the plan to give your dearly loved camper a final resting place is great. You can still enjoy it without the hassle of the trip.
    Your header painting is so lovely and so Texas. Have a great trip. Hugs

  16. LD can fix anything! I know how much you enjoy those trips to the ranch. Hope it will be a good one.

  17. Has been 40 days and nights of rain now? Geez I need a few extra days of sun. Crazy. Everything is so soggy