Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's a Tuesday Tradition! ART, Movies and Popcorn!

Maddie just cannot understand WHY she can't go outside for a stroll every now and then!

She sits and gazes yearningly out the door!
She would be cotton candy to some of the critters that lurk out there - hawks, coyotes, snakes, dogs, owls, bob cats, lynx and possible mountain lions as well as HOGS!
We are in the COUNTRY, folks!!!!
My step son says we are on the edge of East Texas so there's the chance of bears, alligators and wolves. 
After writing this I am pretty sure we will not be having many visitors down to our camping spot any time soon!

We were up at 8:00 this morning after sleeping with our windows open and listening to the night sounds morphing into birdsong along about 5:30. I loved looking out the window and seeing the soft light of dawn pushing the darkness away. I am not a morning person but this was an amazing thing for me to see and makes me want to wake up early tomorrow.......of course, then I will go back to sleep!!

Anyway!!! I did not bring SWEETS with us so I made up this Scone mix to have with our coffee.

It was cloudy and raining and this just smelled so good!
Cozy Coffee Comfort!

After we did our reading I sent Louis Dean back to bed because he hadn't rested well in the night.
First our air mattress had TOO much air. Then he let it out until it was too SOFT and then he added more air and it was too firm.......that's when I went to the girl bunk for the rest of the night.

While he slept, I went on a little nature walk.
This is the new tank and it's overflowing......

LOVE it here!!

It has rained every day we have been here..... not ALL day every day but still, every day!

All the rain makes for beautiful wildflowers!

I love the sounds!!!

Tuesday means ART day - no matter where I am!!
I packed my art box and, while I want to paint some scenes 'en plein air' - like the sunsets over the lake - since it was chilly and rainy - I worked inside on the Santa I had  in progress!
Listen! ART is ART!!

I popped a pan of popcorn - the old fashioned way on top of the stove! 
Louis Dean went down to the big tank to fish with his son and I settled down with a movie!

Then I went on to a second feature!
It was a wonderful afternoon - just painting and watching movies and listening to the rain.

I decided to go down and check on Louis Dean since I could see him from the camper window and it WAS raining!

Rain is a BIG deal down here!!!
This is the overflow from the little tank...
I met Louis Dean on his way back and even though he had been walking through the rain, he was not all that wet. His heavy overalls and denim shirt repelled the water fairly well.

I went on down to the bath house for a HOT shower which felt good on this unusually chilly May day! My step son calls it FREE A/C!! I finally met the resident peacock!!!

This was the view from our camper door this evening as I cooked dinner.

Steak cooked on our little ceramic grill and foil packaged potatoes sliced with onions and dry onion soup mix + cooked crumbled bacon slices served up with grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream.
Add a salad and it was a FEAST!

This is exactly where WE are in OUR life!
That's why we are HERE!!!


Wanda said...

What a perfect Tuesday. Your adventures are so fun to live with you. Your view is unbelievable. Maddie is just too cute peering out the window. Molly loves looking out our window in the apartment. She had to be on a leash when we out...we take her for a walk in the morning and evening and it's a lovely shady walk around the complex.
Your dinner looks so could, and I now I'm in the mood for scones. Better make some tomorrow morning with our coffee.

Thanks for sharing your life.... it's a good one.

Wanda said...

Forgive my spelling...........

Penny said...

Beautiful colours Linda, I can almost smell that long grass and all the flowers! X

HoundDogMom said...

Even with all them critters around I would still come visit. This place looks amazing and nothing like living in a camper in such a beautiful place. Maybe Maddie would like something like this to use outside while you are camping.


Have an awesome day!

Vee said...

Read this to John this morning. He thinks you might be doing a reenactment of Goldilocks there! Too hard, too soft, and that's when I left for the Girl Bunk! Ha! Well, free AC might be nice, but some sun would be, too. Love that wisdom shared..."go out and do it."

Kathy said...

I love spending time at the ranch with you. Sometimes it sounds like that around here in the evening. Sometimes it sounds like traffic and radios. Oh well, you take what you can get!

Glad you and LD are getting so much rest!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a wonderful place to relax and unwind.


Sandra said...

I can not sleep well on an air mattress, for this very reason. such a beautiful place to stay for a while... hope the bears stay away.. love the shot of the boots.

Estelle's said...

What a lovely, lovely day Linda! Y'all enjoy!!!

Arlene said...

Sounds like a great vacay...I bet the grands are missing yall though!!

Stacey said...

Are you not just in awe of all this rain? I think we are so blessed. Yes, the tanks and creeks are overflowing at this point but we'll take it. Hopefully we will all stay safe in the next few days though.

You amaze me with your cooking and art int he travel trailer. Have I asked you where your ranch is? We have land at Centerville, TX and it looks similar to yours.

Linda said...

Great post, Linda, and Maddie is delightful!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

And it looks like a lovely place to be!!! Enjoy!

I chatted with my sister in south texas the other day and she was saying how much rain they have had this year...and that Texas is green. Unusual.

Ginny said...

You are amazing, Linda! You manage to cook mouth watering, gourmet meals even in the camper! They look so good! That is such a sweet picture of Maddie! Wonder what her reaction would be to the peacock? We saw Scissorhands when it first came to the theater years ago. We loved it! Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, you cannot beat that combination.

Nita said...

Sounds like a very relaxing day ! So glad you're having a little down time.

Susie said...

Linda, That sounds like a wild life symphony. I like all the crazy noises. :):) You mean you can't hang LD on hook to sleep? LOL I thought men could sleep anywhere. Glad you are enjoying your ranch vacation. The saying at the end of your post is so true.. We better grab that joy. Blessings dear friends, xoxo,Susie

Cranberry Morning said...

Love that first paragraph (and kitty pic!) Clever way to keep away the riffraff. LOL It does sound a bit wild there. That dinner looks really good! Last night I popped popcorn on the stove too. I like it so much better than air popped or microwave popcorn. And it's so much fun to watch a movie while eating popcorn. I do try to stay from the Mike & Ike, though. LOL Have a wonderful evening.

Debbie said...

You ARE in an awesome place, and it's just so fun to read about it. To see that everywhere you go, you make it home!! There are so many things I love about this entry but what always stands out the most is your appreciation for everything!! Now, when are you cooking dinner for me?!?!

Carla said...

i hope I can be like you in the RV but I'm not sure I will be.