Thursday, May 7, 2015

We Are HERE!!!

 And it is everything we remembered it to be!!

It wasn't easy but we made it!!
The rain in the night made it a bit more interesting.
Mud on the ranch is NOT something to take for granted. It makes all the difference in the world in getting our camper in!

Louis Dean was awake, dressed and ready to go at 4:00 this morning.
He had just woke me up when we got a text from his son saying to WAIT!
It had rained HARD in the night and to hold off until he could determine our chances of getting in.
We waited for it to dry up - the sun had come out and the wind was blowing - so we left about 1:00.

Blue skies were a very GOOD sign!!

Louis Dean was hungry for something besides hamburgers!

Chicken Express filled the bill!

I was excited to be following a HEB truck for awhile!!!

That is my favorite grocery store and we stopped at the one in Waco.
I loaded up with all sorts of good things from wine to chicken to pork loin to flavored water to more wine to rib eye steaks to beer to.......
I LOVE that place!!
Louis Dean stayed with the truck and walked Lucy while I shopped.

We have ARRIVED!!! 

I have loved this area from the very first time we came down here.

It is our safe haven.

A place for a father and son to be together and a place for me to rest and just BE!

The road had dried up and Louis Dean easily backed the camper in.

While he was doing the manly things of hooking into the electricity and leveling the camper....

I walked around and visited my favorite spots.

I met the new baby goats....

and wished we had been here earlier this spring when they were born!

Visions of hours of reading and watching the flora and fauna of the ranch!

The horses came to greet me......

Ah.....I do so love it here!

Louis Dean got us all hooked up and we are SO ready to enjoy our time down here with his son!

My pictures aren't loading up on blogger as I wanted so I am going to take what I can get and call it a night! Actually it is early morning here on the ranch but down here we really don't think about time the way we do at home!!

We are HERE and I am GRATEFUL!!


  1. Great news!! It looks lovely out there. Do make the most of it all! Hugs!

  2. Oh my! What an amazing spot! You are now in 'Ranch Time' Linda, normal times and rules and duties don't apply! Relax and enjoy! X

  3. Looks like the perfect place for rest and reflection!! How long will you be staying?

  4. so glad you made it there and i would be sooooooo happy there. all those critters and wide open spaces and i am ROFL over the shot of food in the truck. at least we know you did not starve.

  5. Glad you made it, Linda! Have a wonderful time. The horses are beautiful. :)

  6. Finally!! I hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. Breathe, rest, enjoy...ahhhhhhhh...

  8. Enjoy! What a wonderful place to relax!


  9. Wonderful! Now you will have nothing but rest and good visiting and adventures! I have never seen a HEB! It must be a Texas specialty store

  10. Enjoy your relaxation time there - you deserve it!

  11. Linda, Glad you made it and are safely parked. Now girl , you and LD enjoy every moment there. I'll be thinking of you. xoxo,Susie

  12. So glad your final Plan worked out. Don and I work on the A, B, C Plan and the G Plan which is God's plan. I love the looks of the ranch and the darling animals. Beautiful horses. I'm so glad Louis Dean can visit with his son and you can get some needed Linda Time and rest. Sending love and hugs.