Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Three Movie Sunday!

It came a torrential rain last night. Again.
 We were in bed and asleep by 11:00 and did not get up until after 10:00 this morning! We slept over ten hours!!! Glorious!!
We slept undisturbed during the stormy sounds of the lightning and thunder!
This morning over coffee we decided to enjoy our last day and pack up the truck in preparation of an early Monday morning departure for home.

It is a little walk from the camper to the truck parked on higher drier ground!

Louis Dean used a sturdy metal wagon of his son's to transport a few loads.
We pack our trash up and take it with us since there is no garbage pick up here.

The rains have produced an abundant crop of wildflowers!
I gathered some today to press and identify once I get home.

After our morning coffee, reading, packing and loading - 
I popped in the first movie of the day and one I had not seen before.
I did not know this 2003 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie was one of a ten part series.
We really enjoyed it.

We stretched our legs and did a few things before settling  down to our second feature.

We don't get TV reception here but our set has a built in DVD player!
That's all we need!

This is my all time favorite movie EVER!!!
From 1972 I believe I have watched it at least once a year which would mean I have seen it 43 times!
I know it has been more like 50+ times!!!
It is based on the book by Vardis Fisher - a book I have read often and always feel like I have been transported back in time and am THERE!!!!

I took a break and walked down to feed Buddy some leftover hot dog buns!

I said good bye to the ducks.....

and I admit, I will not miss the mud!

I WILL miss all the critters here!

I took a hot shower and then stood out under the beautiful Texas sky!
I lifted my camera straight up and this is what I saw.

I turned to the east.......

and towards the north......

the north......

the west.......

and back east.

I came back to the camper and Louis Dean was waiting outside with our glasses of wine.
We never tire of looking at the birds here. This scissor-tailed fly catcher made a beautiful flight through the air!

I tried to catch it but couldn't!

Then there was this red bird sitting on a fence post!

I should have recorded his song.....

We came in after our wine. 
Our last sit outside for awhile here.

Our third feature is playing now as I write. Somewhere in Time has been one of my favorite movies since it came out in 1980!
It's a perfect ending to a delightful last day on the Ranch!
All our thanks and appreciation to Dean and Sherry for their wonderful hospitality and for allowing us to park our camper here!

We will be BACK!!!


Deb said...

what a wonderful travels back...hope it doesn't rain on you...

Ginny said...

Somewhere In Time is one of my favorites, too! I LOVED the music in it, too. So much that I bought the soundtrack C.D. But when I played it, they had changed the music to something not near as good! I love your goat pictures! I think Maddie will be plenty glad to be back home. And the Quads will be beside themselves to see you!!

Kathy said...

Somewhere in time is my sister's all time favorite too. She showed it to me and I like it. Never saw the other two. Sounds like a wonderful last day at the ranch. Be safe going home.

Say What? said...

Be safe traveling hope. I know you have 4 littles waiting on you.

Vee said...

A happy, uneventful journey home. Good thing that truck went to higher ground or you'd be there yet! =D

We tried movie watching last night. It didn't fly for either of us. I finally read a spoiler for it which was this: if a movie is set in Germany between 1939 and 1943, it can not have a happy ending. (The Book Thief) Perhaps we need to return to the oldies, but goodies.

Linda said...

Have a safe trip home. I was going to say something about the mud, but I won't, so many places are dry and need the rain. Now it's back to the 'real world' eh?

Sandra said...

great idea to take your favorite movies with you when there is no TV.. we would be stuck because we don't own any movies or a DVD player. we have to wait for our favorites to show up on TV and DVR them... hope you don't have to drive home through WACO if so stay far away... biker wars there and Waco is on lockdown. i know you will not miss all that rain.

Susie said...

Linda, I know why you watch that Redford handsome . LOL. I love the skies shots. The Somewhere In Time movie, I love too. Are you leaving the camper there? I hope your trip home is safe and enjoyable. I bet the Quads have missed you. Love you, Susie

Debby said...

Great movies and what fun being forced to stay inside and watch movies. We do that often on the week-ends. Will you leave your camper there> I can't imagine how you will get it our with all the mud. It is raining a lot here to. So glad we are high on a hill. Have a good week my friend.


love the music 'theme' from Somewhere in Time. And Jeremiah Johnson...BUD's favorite too.

An the cardinal coming in to allow you to get a photo of it....a perfect day all the way around.

Have a safe trip back.

Wanda said...

You have had such a lovely and quite interesting saga on the ranch. It's so nice to know you and LD are so flexible with life and roll with the winds of circumstance. A final day with three movies and wine...what a perfect ending. Praying for a safe and uneventful trip home....Don't go near Waco!!!

Carole said...

I've never heard of Jeremiah Johnson - I'll keep an eye out for it now. Cheers