Friday, May 29, 2015

Quad Therapy, An Evening With Neil Diamond and MORE FLOODING!!!

Amber surprised us with a visit Thursday afternoon!!
She knew we were in survival mode around here and thought we could benefit from a dose of 'Quad Therapy!'

Yes!!! This was just what we needed!
Little Kailey being such a good 'mama' to her baby!

Where did the big lizard go?

Harrison settled in with a book.

Trystan cheers us up just by looking at her!

Harrison is one COOL guy and the girls are all PRETTY!!!
I love hearing their little voices!

The kids are showing how big and STRONG they are!!!
Logan was the smallest at birth - a mere 2 lbs 6 oz.
She holds a special place in my heart and I am so thrilled to see how big and strong she really IS now!!!

I love how the quads love to visit us!!
They make themselves right at home!
Amber kept telling them they would be leaving soon and their response?
"YOU go, Mama! WE stay here with MeeMaw and Granddad!!!"

Even they noticed there was not as much sand as usual in the sand box!

They had such a good time watching the shadow of the gecko on the top of the gazebo as he chased down his lunch! FREE entertainment that they will remember of their childhood days at MeeMaw and Granddad's house!

It was good to see Louis Dean relax a little.

Amber worked her magic on the roses she sent me and I now have two beautiful arrangements plus a bud vase of these fragrant roses to enjoy!

Amber loaded up the quads and headed home but not before talking to the Ford dealership on our behalf. It is sad how big companies take advantage of older people. They wanted over $2,000 just to do maintenance and STILL didn't know what was wrong with our car!
Amber took care of that! We still don't have our car back but it IS being worked on!
They deal directly with HER now and we are seeing progress!

Yesterday was indeed a very special day and one I had been looking forward to since LAST year!!!
My dear friend, Lynn, and I rode the train to the American Airlines Center in Dallas last night to the Neil Diamond Concert! We were shocked to see the Trinity River from the windows of the train on our way into town! SO scary how high the water is around the DFW area!

I DO love the sound of a train!!

We met Summer at the station!

It was BLUE skies and yet we were rained on! HOW does THAT even happen???

We arrived EARLY!! Got sandwiches at the Chop Block and then.....

Half Yard Margaritas!!!!

My sweet friend!!!

My beloved first born daughter!!

It was a packed crowd and YES! Most of us were of the geriatric generation!
But from a distance - they all look young!

We had so much FUN!!!

"Makes me feel like I'm 70 again!"
Old age isn't what it used to be!!

We ALWAYS take a 'selfie' to remember our good times!

Red, Red Wine!!!!

I told Summer I was happy because I had a 70+ guy of my own who plays the guitar and sings love songs to me!!!

A Beautiful Noise!

This next song was one I was hoping he would sing!
It has a special and deep meaning to my friend who did, indeed, come to America and an immigrant along with her husband. They have a profound appreciation for America and never take their citizenship for granted as so many of us do. We would do well to look at America through their eyes.

Coming to America!

It was a GREAT night!!! I felt as if I had truly stepped out of my reality and into a special SPECIAL time!!! I know there has been a lot of ridicule and mockery at how all the elderly people with handicapped parking passes attended this concert. To me, it was a celebration of LIFE!!
We may be old but we continue to enjoy all the blessings that come with age and the memories we have of our younger years. Young people as well as those middle aged people who make snide remarks about the geriatric crowd enjoying the rock music of their youths would do well to remember that someday - and that will happen in the blink of their eye - THEY will be where WE are today.
Youth does not last. Memories DO!

Sadly, Neil Diamond did not sing my all time very favorite song - September Morn.
 I had a wonderful time and treasure this evening with Summer and Lynn!

Just as I arrived home, Louis Dean told me T-storms were approaching and sure enough, it began to rain and storm. We watched from the windows and looked at the radar and thought we would be able to dodge the bullet. Our sand bags were in place and the den and sewing were all but dry.
We went to bed.

I woke up and lazed in bed for a half hour before coming out of the bedroom.
I smiled as I opened the door and smelled that coffee shop fragrance I love so well.
My joy was short lived as I found Louis Dean in the den sucking up water that had come in as we slept. We never even heard the storms and rain during the night. He didn't want to wake me so he had brought the vacs in through the sewing room and we manned them all day long.
He also picked up the real sand bags I ordered online and bought four fans to help in the drying process. I must admit, I have been a bit blue all day. It all seems so much - until I watched the news and saw all the devastation others are experiencing. We are not in danger. We're just trying to protect our home and keep all the water from getting out of hand. My sister, Nita, is having a struggle with water coming in their house while my other sister, Deanie, has been without power all day and into this evening. I am not alone in trying to cope with all this excess WATER in Texas!!!

Even as the vacs were sucking - all day long - and the fans were blowing - all day long -
I have tried to do 'normal' things.
I did laundry and ran the dishwasher - even though the thought of all that WATER made me nervous!
It was as if I were afraid it would come back into the house like the rain water is doing!
I DID get up this morning and I DID brush my teeth and comb my hair and wash my face and take my medicine and prepare meals and do laundry and feed the animals and do the dishes.
I did NOT get dressed or put on make up or even a pair of earrings.
I sit here writing in the same sleeping dress I wore when I went to bed last night.

I was still wearing that dress earlier when Louis Dean and I took a much needed break and sat out on the driveway for a bit. We both laughed as we drained that wine box bladder!
We may have a long night ahead of us.

You HAVE to keep a sense of humor!!!
Thanks to one of my Facebook friends for posting this to my wall today!!!


Kathy said...

I know seeing the quads was just what you needed. I love how Harrison is cool and the girls are pretty. That made me laugh.

Great Neil Diamond concert! I felt as if I were there. Too bad he didn't sing September Morn though.

Sorry about more water. Hope the sandbags help. The people in Texas have really gotten hit hard. Try not to wear yourselves out with it. Still praying for you.

Luann said...

You feel "70" again? I had to laugh as I am sure with all you have been threw this past two weeks your typo is more of a reality than you would like. I recently read an article that asked where is God threw the trials? and it replied the Teacher is always silent during the TEST. I would say this one has been a difficult test and you are going to get an A+ when it's over. Hang in there.

Sandra said...

so glad the sun shone on your quad visit and you all had such a great day, including the train ride and concert BEFORE it flooded you again. so sorry to hear this and I pray now that God will stop all this rain on TEXAS..

Arlene said...

Oh Linda, I hate it that you all are having such a time!! Hopefully the new sandbags will put an end to water getting inside. Loved your Neil Diamond concert photos!! We have been to a few geriatric concerts!! Hope today is a better one for you!!

Vee said...

Linda, you live more life in a day than I do in a year and I am not complaining and neither are you. "Do the next thing" is how you are getting through this deplorable water situation. Hope that those added sandbags help a lot. Praying that it stops once this latest system moves through. Everyone must be bone weary.

Neil Diamond is a fav of mine. You lucky dogs! Stop dreamin' about September, though! It's landing here when the temps drop thirty degrees for the next three days starting tonight. At least, we'll sleep well.

Debbie said...

oh my goodness you have sure had more then your fair share of trials recently that's for sure, but I LOVE that it was tempered with a visit from the quads and the concert and time spent enjoying yourself! SURELY the rain will end soon and things can get back to the meantime i love that your attitude is good and you continue to look for the blessings. Hope and pray you have a good week-end!

Shirley said...

Good Morning Linda, I know how grandchildren can make us feel so much better regardless of what is happening around us. I have been praying that the rains let up soon for all of those in flooded areas. With the rain coming fast and furious you get water whether you want it or not. Neil Diamond concert awesome. At least we could understand the lyrics some of today leaves a lot to be desired or is that my age showing. Two days of relaxation and visiting with hubby. Then time spend with the oldest two grandsons. Grandma is enjoying it. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Susie said...

Lnda, I thought as I started reading this post, well so thankful things are returning to normal...I am crazy for Neil Diamond. My sisters and I were talking about the concerts we had gone to in our life time, just a few days ago... We saw Neil Diamond twice and loved it. We were thankful we got to see Elvis, at least once. We had even taken our mother to see Donna Summer, the disco queen. LOL. Then I see sweet LD with that heart sank for you. I know you want to count your blessings, as some have lost their loved ones and homes. ... it is still tiring to struggle with all that rain. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you both. love you, Susie

Estelle's said...

I SO thank you for sharing Neil's concert with us. We saw him a few years ago and he puts on a fabulous show! Yes, we are the "oldies", but oh honey...he can still sing and perform....glad you enjoyed the concert! Y'all stay safe and dry...nothing like more thunder and rain rolling in.....incredible! The quads are so darling....big hugs!

Jan said...

Glad you got to enjoy the concert! I was worried about you both when I heard how much rain the Dallas area got Thursday night. Just one more rainy day and then they say we're in for a week of sunshine!

Linda said...

I'm glad you got your dose of happy with the quads, they do cheer a person up. :-) I'm also glad you had fun with your friend at the concert. It's good to enjoys our friends. So sorry about all the flooding, scary for sure. I will not complain about the rain we are getting....we have a day or 2 of sun, then more rain, but no flooding. Thankful!

Vee said...

Returned to watch the videos on the glad I did because even more than the "I feel 70 again," I loved the sound of your laugh. You needed that night out!

The Bells are sounding so sweet and strong!

Cheapchick said...

I am so sorry to hear of all your water troubles. So hard to keep your chin up when it keeps happening. I will pray for sunshine for you!

NanaDiana said...

I absolutely LOVE how much fun you have in life, Linda. You have sweet friends and a sweet hubby and those quads are amazing. Love Neil Diamond. I saw him live about 100 years ago and I still think he is impressive today! Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

Carole said...

wishing you some sunshine, my friend!

Penny said...

So sorry to hear you are still having trouble with the floodwater. Delighted you got to see Neil Diamond. Derek and I saw him in concert in Glasgow about 10 years ago, and he was FANTASTIC! It was open air, it rained solidly, but he put on a superb show, and Derek and I loved every minute. He will be in Glasgow again this summer, but we are on holiday at that time, or we would have bought tickets. The audience when we saw him was very mixed, not all 'golden oldies'! I still hope to be attending love music events for many decades to come. Age is just a number!! And you are proof of that Linda, with your amazing energy and zest for life! X

Carla said...

Neil Diamond concert sounds fun and it looks like you had plenty. Half yard margarita...mmm so were you half drunk? LOL
Sorry about the water again.