Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Night on the Ranch! Our Second One......

Good news!!!! NO rain today!
 We had some sunshine and winds to help dry us out!

Louis Dean and I were up early having our first cup of coffee at 7:30 this morning.
After doing our reading and prayers, I went back to bed for another two hours leaving Louis Dean to sit outside the camper and man the fly swatter.

Yup! Still stuck!
The green grass rug is beyond wet! It will dry out and fluff back up but it is SO squishy right now!!!

Dean and Sherry made another Good Samaritan run into the little town of Mart to get lunch for all of us. Super delicious Sub Sandwiches from a little shop on the main street. 

After lunch we took our minds off the mud by playing some good old fashioned Dominoes!!

My Super HUNK of a Husband!!!

After our game, Dean and Sherry had work to do so Louis Dean and I took naps and did some reading. 

I felt like exploring so I went down to the big tank.
Blue was in there getting a drink!

The ducks were entertaining!

Sherry handed me some food to feed the fish and said the ducks like to eat it, too!

A peaceful spot to just sit a spell on this Saturday afternoon.

I sure do love this sweet couple and I enjoy seeing how much they love each other, this amazing place and all their many critters!!!

This is a good spot to think and pray and just sit still and enjoy.

Can you see our camper in the distance?

Lucy has had a ball.......but she may be getting tired and a little homesick. She followed me back from the tank all the way to our camper - something she has not done since we arrived.
Mainly, she has just acted like she doesn't even know us!

Blue skies encouraged our hearts today as we were hoping and praying the mud would dry up enough to get our truck out!

STILL stuck!!!

There was talk of straps and pulling and various methods of dragging a big heavy duty truck out of a muddy prison! I left them to it and went in the camper to make some iced tea when I heard the diesel engine roaring again!!!

I was a little late to get to see this momentous occasion but I could see the muddy tracks leading up to the ROAD!!!!

Dean did it!!! He pulled his daddy's truck out of the mud!!!
Sherry drove our Dodge and Dean hauled it free.

Louis Dean was singing their praises!!

His son is one really cool guy!!

NOW we get to enjoy that tea!!!

We sat outside visiting and the dogs rolled around in their favorite spot by our camper.

We could see the truck parked safely up on firm ground!

Cause for celebration!!

I poured the wine and cut up the veggies to grill next to the pork chops.
Once again, Dean and Sherry manned the grill, did the cooking and even built us another campfire.
They are amazing!

Our Saturday Night Dinner - the pork chops were still on the grill.

Now that we CAN get out, all the tension is gone and we will sleep so well tonight!
Thank you to the best step son EVER and to Sherry who is GOLDEN!!!!
We promise not to be this much trouble EVERY time we come down to visit!!

I believe it!!!


Pondside said...

What an adventure this trip turned out to be! You two are such good sports!

Ginny said...

YEAH, you are FREE! And your dinner looks delicious!! I guess you will be leaving in the morning. Do you only visit once a year? Those empty muddy tracks look awful, no wonder you were stuck!!

Blondie's Journal said...

How fun!!!!! We used to camp a long time ago, this makes me miss all of it! Fun, fun!

Jane x

Sandra said...

i love every single photo today, all of them.. the dogs are so pretty and i like Blue in the pond and the tree in the grass and Lucy giving you The Look.. great shots of the family. so glad you CAN get out and hope you get out before more rain comes. how long before you will come back to this little piece of heaven ranch.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- What a fun time in spite of any little glitches along the way, Linda. You have some wonderful photos there...and "son" looks just as laid-back and sweet as Louis Dean does xo Diana

Debbie said...

awwww, you are so right...this was a "go with the flow" kinda' visit (pun intended!!!) and you did so well you must feel like a duck!!!

and oh my goodness, you sound like a texan ;)

Changes in the wind said...

It is a special thing to have those relationships...they are the best.

Susie said...

Linda, I think you like the slow life style of camping. That's too much wetness for me . You all are good cooks. LD and his son seem easy going. That late quote..."hey watch this" is usually followed by a trip to E.R. hahaha. That's a guy thing. Blessings for a safe trip home. xoxo, Susie

Cheapchick said...

Trapped in paradise lol. So glad they were able to get you out.

Linda said...

Oh what a beautiful place to spend some time! So glad Dean was able to get you out. Even if I don't have plans to go somewhere I need to have the option to do so. Send us some of that sun.

Wanda said...

Oh Linda what an adventure you've had.

My dearest want to drive to Texas and go with you next time. Wouldn't that be a blast...opps one problem, we don't have a RV. HaHa...but in our dreams that would be fun.

Loved the pictures and the videos...a little corner of heave right here on earth. Dinner looks so good...yumm.

Vee said...

As you might imagine, we've been praying after the news out of Waco. Hope that no trouble came nigh you, but a bunch of that Texas mud. How good to have the truck on high ground.

Penny said...

Maybe you were meant to stay another few days to take that walk down by the water Linda X

Carla said...

So what kind of RV trailer do y'all have? That pond looked so serene. And well Lucy may be homesick but she sure looked content just laying there. We haven't taken Lilley to the farm yet. Not sure how that will go.
Something else I need to get is some rain boots. I guess I better hit the thrift stores. They may be sold out now with all this rain. LOL Hugs