Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wind! The WIND!!!

We woke up to WIND this morning and what I THOUGHT was rain! It was really ALL wind!!
It was blowing when we woke up and it is blowing now as we are about to go to bed!
That made a HUGE difference in our day!
I opened the camper door and was trying to go down the steps when I was whipped OFF my feet and landed in a pile of white trash bags by the door!! At least it was a soft landing!

We decided to go into 'town' since it was too cold and WINDY to do anything else!
Robert - Louis Dean's beloved GRAND son likes Chinese food so he and I found a Pei Wei in Waco!
(Notice they both have the same body language?)

YUM! YUM!!! We had a good meal and then headed to Home Depot to get supplies for our projects tomorrow - when we HOPE the wind has died down!!

I can't TELL you how it feels with all that blowing around us here in the camper!
At times we are rocking! LITERALLY!!!
We don't have heat in here (but we will someday! LD is going to make sure of that!) so we wore our coats or sweaters and covered up with blankets. WARM and COZY!!!

I brought a tub of denim to whack up into projects!
Thank you, my friend Jutta!!! I love this 'Denim Book' chock full of projects!
Right now I am preparing pieces for a LARGE tablecloth for the vintage table (a gift from my DIL!) in my sewing room. It will be embellished with white lace doilies.
I have enjoyed this evening with Louis Dean on the couch and I in the rocking chair cutting out the jeans.

I lit all the candles in the camper and it is really  not so very cold in here!
Candles - even small ones - give off more warmth than you think!

We are ending this day with a glass of wine while our electric blanket is heating up!!
It's always the LITTLE things that make life so wonderful!!


  1. stay warm...hope the wind dies down soon....

  2. I was just going to say you needed an electric blanket - can't live without mine :)

  3. LD looks a bit chilled. Goodness, Linda! Thank heavens the garbage bags hadn't blown away. Nothing like wind to suck all the heat out of a home. We notice that even with the house. Well, cuddle down and stay cozy. Hope the wind ends so that LD can get back to fishing, though eating out sounds great, too. (One of the happiest weeks of my life was spent in Waco ages and ages ago. Another lifetime.)

  4. Oh my, I hope you were not hurt being blown off of your feet. It could have been so much worse than landing in a pile of trash bags. I hope the wind dies down for tomorrow. I would be scared with the camper rocking. But the way things are weatherwise anymore tomorrow may be in the 90s and no wind at all. Take care!

  5. Oh Linda..what a day! Makes me think of the Winnie the Pooh book "A Blustery Day".
    I was thinking your denim would make one of those large bibs with a towel on the back side. Don's fastens with Velcro.
    Watching a little TV, visiting some blog friends, and making my To Do list for Monday. Have several is more rosemary salt...I'm out, and I love it.

  6. I hope you are not hurt from your fall! Seems like that happened another time as well:( it was very windy here in FW today & cold! Be safe:)

  7. You are right, candles to warm the air. Hope you don't have any twists from your fall. That is a strong wind. Keep safe, enjoy.

  8. Oh Linda... I'm behind in ready posts...but you must be on a trip...that chinese looks yummy!! We had bad wind yesterday....

  9. Love Pei Wei! There aren't any in Kentucky so I only have it if we are traveling. Hope the weather settles down today.

  10. each morning when i take my first sip of coffee, i almost always say to bob, it is the little things that make me happy. like fresh coffee ready when i open my eyes. that body language has to be a man thing. i have a photo of my husband, my uncle and 3 of my male first cousins. they are watching the kids ride new bikes on Christmas day....everyone of them is standing just like your guys are sitting arms folded, all looking down, all looking bored to tears...

  11. That Texas sized wind!!! Linda, I love the photos of your projects. LD and Robert do look the same sitting there. Here's an old saying for LD," wind out of the West, fishing is the best" Wind out of the East, fishing is the least. There may be more to that saying, I don't remember.Hope it lays down , so you can do your nature walk. Blessings for a great St. Patty's Day, xoxo,Susie

  12. Indeed the little things are what it is all about but only a few seem to find them as you do:)

  13. Wind in a camper is a wild feeling isn't it? On our vacation last year in Gulf Shores AL, we got caught in a wind storm in our pop up camper. It was really wild feeling! You and LD stay safe and warm!!

  14. Looks like the ultimate cozy - perfect day inside! Wind, whacking denim, wine by candlelight! Life is good on the ranch!

  15. If you need denim come July let me know. I might be in your area and can give it to you personally. ;o)