Friday, March 14, 2014

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch!!!!

We got up early this morning and after one cup of coffee started the last minute loading of the truck for our trip down to the country! We had planned ahead and had most of it done by the time we went to bed last night. The only thing we HADN'T planned on was Maggie (our cat) hiding when it was time to leave! It took 45 EXTRA minutes just to find her - under the dining room chair cover! THEN when we were ready to load Lucy - she hit a mental block and could NOT jump up in the back of the truck!!! FINALLY she gave it a try - and MISSED!!! Louis Dean had to pick her UP and put her IN!!! We called the beauty shop and told them we were running a little late. Donna said she gave Mother a cup of coffee and told her to sit there and look pretty while she waited for us! And so she did!

At Louis Dean's INSISTENCE  - we ate ONCE AGAIN - at IHOP!!

Since Mother is using a walker now - and we were in the big truck - she opted to walk into IHOP with Louis Dean helping her WITHOUT the walker!!
We all ate a delicious breakfast, took Mother home and headed south on I35!

Our first stop was in Hillsboro where I shopped two stores in the Outlet Center - Bath and Body Works being one! Then we drove to the other side of the Interstate to the Tractor Supply for some 'Sunday' overalls for Louis Dean!! 

On to Waco and the HEB grocery store where we loaded up on enough food to last a MONTH even though we're only going to be here a few days!

Waco has a Collin Street Bakery! TWO pies! One Tennessee Apple for Robert (LD's grandson) and an apricot for the rest of us!!

On to the ranch!
It was so good to see our camper again!! 

Shortly after unloading LD turned the water on and we had a pipe loose in the bathroom!!!
He fixed that and a few minutes later I tried the kitchen sink! Apparently the water filter cracked from the cold of the winter and water flooded out over the kitchen! Thankfully it had a turn off valve so Louis Dean had that fixed in record time - he simply turned the valve!! TWO seconds!!

Soon the camper was back in ship shape!

Our bedroom was dry - NO water leaks! We have had more than one in there and it's good to know it is finally FIXED!!!

My special blogging spot!

The bathroom all tidy and dry once more!!

While I was cleaning up Louis Dean was drinking coffee and watching Robert build us a fire pit!
Can you guess what he used for a fire ring???
An old dryer drum!!!
Clever recycle idea!!
I didn't get a pic of the grate LD fashioned over it from old oven racks!

We put hot dogs in one of the fire baskets and buns in the other one!
Nothing taste as good as food cooked and eaten out of doors!!!

So here we are - all tucked into our camper for the night!
Robert is heading for the top boy bunk and we are ready to get into our very own bed!
I am loving our home away from home!!!


Deanie W said...

Sounds cozy:) Enjoy your time there!

Deb said...

Have fun in the country!

Susie said...

Linda, The camper seems like vacation....but knowing'll clean it just like the house. LOL Sounds like Robert is a chip off the old LD block. What a good fire ring. Hope your time away from home is totally relaxing. Hope LD gets some fishing in. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

sounds like a fun and very full day.... silly kittie... bob had to put baby in the truck when we went to the vet 2 weeks ago, she will be 13 next month and we were shocked she could not get in...

Wanda said...

Linda your life is like reading a great Novel...thanks for this chapter this morning..I'm ready for the day.

Sending love and I' have to get busy and clean my house.

Have fun in the country.

Vee said...

Oh it is fun to see your home away from home again. I can just imagine how it makes you grin, especially when you know that it is a temporary home away from home. IHOP is growing on LD. Your mother always looks so pretty. Hope that the pets are doing well this weekend after all the excitement.

Kelly said...

You had an adventurous first day! Too funny that the cat didn't want to go. That doesn't surprise me. I grew up with cats and they did not make good car riders. Glad that y'all made it safely and were able to fix the water leaks. Enjoy your weekend at the ranch!

Miss Dishywoo said...

Now that's my kind of camping. Good food and a comfy bed. Sounds wonderful.

Sweet Tea said...

I'm not a camper, but I'd say you have the pioneer spirit and are up for challenge. You Love Birds enjoy the outing. Adventures ahead.

Cheapchick said...

Sounds like fun - have a great time. I completely agree, nothing tastes better than a hotdog done over the fire. Although those pies look pretty tasty too!

Debbie said...

it's such a sweet "little" place (pun intendended) and you have made it soooo cozy!! that ld comes in handy!!

Stacey said...

I just love to read about your busy busy days, Linda. :)

I don't blame you one bit for the shopping you did going down the road. It's hard to pass up an HEB and I always stop at Collin Street for a chicken salad sandwich. Enjoy your time!!

Thanks for your comment on my kitchen and the tea towels. I have some towels that are for decoration only. Luckily the men in my house understand that I mean it!!

Linda said...

Sounds like a really enjoyable day!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Ahhhh this is where I left off! I am sooo late!
It's fun for me to be back at the camper again, too!
It's such a cozy and welcoming space!